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Engineering Systems with Intelligence

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This book contains a selection of papers presented at the "European Robotics and Intelligent Systems Conference" (EURISCON '91) he... Weiterlesen
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This book contains a selection of papers presented at the "European Robotics and Intelligent Systems Conference" (EURISCON '91) held in Corfu. Greece (June 23-28. 1991). It is devoted to the analysis. design and applications of technological systems with built-in intelligence achieved through appropriate blending of mathematical, symbolic. sensing. computer processing. and feedback control concepts. methods and software / hardware tools. System intelligence includes human-like capabilities such as learning. observation. perception. interpretation. reasoning. planning. decision making. and action. Integrated intelligent decision and control systems obey Saridis' prinCiple of Increasing Precision with Decreasing Intelligence (IPDI). and have a hierarchical structure with three basic levels. namely Organization. Coordination. and Execution Levels. As we proceed from the organization to the execution level. the precision about the jobs to be completed increases and accordingly the intelligence reqUired for these jobs decreases. As an example. it is mentioned here that in an intelligent robotic system the organization tasks can be realized using a neural net. the coordination tasks by a Petri net. and the execution tasks by local sensors and actuators. The field of intelligent systems is a new interdisciplinary field with continuously increasing interest and expansion. It is actually the outcome of the synergetic interaction and cooperation of classical fields such as system theory. control theory. artificial intelligence. operational research. information theory. electronics. communications. and others.

1 High Autonomy Systems.- Model-Based Architecture for High Autonomy Systems.- 2 Knowledge Based Systems.- Real Time Knowledge Based System: The Next Step.- Expert System Shell Flexibility: BEST Case Study.- The PHOS Conceptual Language for Knowledge Representation.- A Meta Translator of a Logic Grammar that Handles Missing Constituents.- A Truly Declarative Prolog-like Language.- Predicate Logic and Inexact Reasoning.- Diagram Understanding Using Graphics Constraint Grammars.- Knowledge Management in Process Modelling.- The Complementary Roles of Expert Systems and Optimization Tools in Dynamic System Identification.- Intelligent Task Planning and Execution on Assembly Robotics.- Multi-Agent Cooperation for Assembly Robotics.- Experiments With a Rule-Based Robot Palletiser.- Modelling of Complex Systems for Control and fault Diagnostics: A Knowledge Based Approach.- A Consulting System for ECG Diagnosis.- Blood Pressure Signal Diagnosis - An Expert System Approach.- On the Use of Expert Systems for Speaker Verification.- Modelling Production Management Problems by Knowledge-Based Approximations.- Managing Project Start-Up: An expert System Application.- The Theory of Legal Ontology for the Representation of Law.- 3 Neural Network Systems.- On the Use of Transputers to Implement Neural Networks.- Robot Identification Using Dynamical Neural Networks.- Neuromorphic Control for Robotic Manipulator: Hierarchical Hybrid Neuromorphic Control System.- An Iterative Learning Control for Noisy Systems by Using Linear Neural Networks.- Automatic Generation of 3-D Curved Object Models by using the Learning Mechanism of Neural Networks.- EEG Signal Classification Using Neural Networks.- A Neural Network Cluster for the Control of a Speech Synthesizer.- 4 Sensory And Observation Systems.- A Fusion Centre for Intelligent Robotic Systems.- Integrating Force, Tactile and Proximity Sensing for a Flexible Robotic System Through a Modular Design.- Tactile Sensing For Stable Grasp.- Position-Sensitive Detector Applications Based on Active Illumination of a Cooperative Target.- Small Angle Measurement in a Turbulent Environment Using Position-Sensitive Detectors.- Overview of the MVP Sensor Planning System for Robotic Vision Tasks.- Visual observation of a Moving Agent.- Collision-Detection Based on a Fast Distance Computation Technique.- 5 Image Analysis And Machine Vision Systems.- Accessibility Analysis for Polyhedral Objects.- Synthesis of All Topologically Different Views of 3-D Objects.- A 3D-Object Reconstruction System Integrating Range-Image Processing and Rapid Prototyping.- Stereovision for Real-Time Measurement of the Depth of Non-Contrastive 3-D Space by Projecting Random Patterns.- A Method for Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects in an Industrial Environment using Stereo Vision.- MAP Database Construction and Scene Prediction for Visual Navigation.- Local Navigation System in Panorama Project.- An On-Line Quality Inspection System for Composite Material Manufacturing.- Vision Assisted Robotics in the Decoration and Assembly of Scale Models.- Object Detection with Machine Vision in Outdoor Complex Scenes: The Case of Robotic Harvest of Apples.- 6 Control Systems.- Intelligent Process Control: The CONEX Architecture.- Fuzzy Internal Model Control.- Rule-Based Controller Using Fuzzy Logic.- Selection of Controller Parameters using Genetic Algorithms.- COMPEND - A General Purpose Control and Measurement System.- Multiple Manoeuvering Target Tracking: A Memory-constrained Minimum Risk Approach..- Direct-Drive Force Feedback Control for the Dataglove.- Duality in Model Reference Adaptive Control.- A New Method for Optimal Step Computation in Gradient Algorithms.- Applications of Robust Controller Designs in Automated Manufacturing.- 7 Information And Cim Systems.- Benefits from Knowledge-Based Engineering Assistance for the Integration of CIM and OIS.- CIM - OIS Integration Based on the FMS-FOS Analogy: Some Aspects.- The CMSO EDI Architecture for Interorganisational Operations.- Manufacturing System and Process Execution Planning Toolbox.- Information System and Quality Assurance in a Flexible Manufacturing Cell.- Simulation of the Introduction of Computer Integrated Manufacturing.- Enterprise-Wide Data Modelling - The Basis for Integration.- Project Management and Production Planning:Study for an Integrated Solution.- An Object-Oriented Approach to Software Configuration Management.- Traffic Data Synthesis and Topological Network Design with PC-Based Expert System Shells.- 8 Applications.- Modelling of Robotized Lay Up of CFC Panels in Aerospace Industry: Technological and Economical Aspects.- An Approach for Autonomous Navigation of Earthwork Equipment in the Sanitary Landfill Environment.- Flexible Petri Net Modelling Environment for Intelligent Robot Cells.- Hydraulic Power Systems: Performance Analysis Oriented to Manufacturing Automation.- Low Cost in CIM for the Furniture Industry.- Rip Up and Reroute in a Global Routing Visualization System.- Study and Realization of a B-Spline Based Trajectography Module.- Computer and Expert System Aided 3D Design of Power Switchgear Arrangements.- Function Transformation: A first Step Towards Ill-Defined System Modelling.- A Two Stage Real Time Fault Monitoring System.- DDLMU: A Software Tool for the Management of Degrees of Freedom in Numerical Modelization.- Estimation of Statistical Parameters of a Population from Very Noisy Samples.- Designing of Intelligent measuring systems of nonelectric quantities.- Author Index.


Titel: Engineering Systems with Intelligence
Untertitel: Concepts, Tools and Applications
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