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Dynamics of Quiescent Prominences

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For some time to come, this book should be the main source for research in prominences. It surveys the results of the past years, ... Weiterlesen
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For some time to come, this book should be the main source for research in prominences. It surveys the results of the past years, including the "Hvar Reference Atmosphere", which was developed by a panel as a model for quiescent prominences. The reader will find papers on the formation of and physical conditions in prominences, on magnetic fields, on mass motion and energy flow, and on the prominence-corona interface.

Conditions for the formation of prominences as inferred from optical observations.- Prominence magnetic field observations.- Radio observations of prominences.- Mass motion in and around prominences.- The prominence-corona Interface.- Mass and energy flow in prominences.- Support of quiescent prominences.- Magnetic structure of prominences.- Physical conditions in prominences.- Diagnostic of prominence magnetic fields.- Formation of a filament around a magnetic region.- Vector magnetic field and currents at the footpoint of a loop prominence.- Photospheric field gradient in the neighbourhood of quiescent prominences.- Evolution of fine structures in a filament.- Magnetic 'pole-antipole' configuration as an alternative model for solar plasma loops and sunspots' nature.- On the spatial distribution of prominence threads.- Micro- and macroinhomogeneities of density in a quiescent prominence.- High resolution analysis of quiescent prominences at NSO / Sacramento Peak observatory.- A movie of small-scale Doppler velocities in a quiescent prominence.- Fibril structure of solar prominences.- Estimation of the line of sight amplitude of the magnetic field on threads of an active region prominence.- High resolution observations of motions and structure of prominence threads.- Observational aspects of a prominence from HeI 10830 data analysis.- Some observations of the coronal environment of prominences.- Corona-prominence interface as seen in H-alpha.- Diagnostic study of prominence- corona interface.- The prominence-corona transition region analyzed from SL-2 HRTS.- Radio emission from quiescent filaments.- Dynamical structure of a quiescent prominence.- Dynamics of solar prominence on December 7, 1978.- Post - flare loops on August 15 16, 1989.- Doppler velocity oscillations in quiescent prominences.- Oscillatory relaxation of an eruptive prominence.- On oscillations in prominences.- Matter flow velocities in active region emission loop observed in H- alpha.- Quantitative research on the velocity field of a loop prominence system.- On the probable double-loop structure of the flare-like disc object.- An analysis or surges triggered by a small flare.- Vertical flows in a quiescent filament.- Distribution of velocities in the pre-eruptive phase of a quiescent prominence.- Mass motions in a quiescent prominence and an active one.- Radial velocities of active and quiescent prominences.- Spectral lines structural features of the active prominence.- An automated procedure for measurement of prominence transverse velocities.- A three-dimensional model for solar prominences.- How to form a dip in a magnetic field before the formation of a solar prominence.- MHD stability of line-tied prominence magnetic fields.- A model for quiescent solar prominences with normal polarity.- The nonlinear evolution of magnetized filaments.- Thermal equilibrium of coronal loops and prominence formation.- Thermal instability in planar solar coronal structures.- TO The problem of instability of the solar atmosphere caused by absorption of radiation energy.- Radiative transfer in cylindrical prominence threads.- HYdrogen line formation in filamentary prominences.- Toward hydrogen emission in structurally inhomogeneous prominences.- Linear polarization of hydrogen H? line in filaments: Method and results of computation.- Multithread structure as a possible solution for the L? problem in solar prominences.- On the Balmer and Paschen energy decrements in different brightness prominences.- Semi-empirical models at different heights of a quiescent prominence.- Analysis of HeI 10830 a line in a quiescent prominence.- Quiescent filament appearances and disappearances.- Numerical simulation of a catastrophe model for prominence eruptions.- Laws of evolution and destruction of solar prominences.- Proto-elements of dark solar filaments.- On the behaviour of the long-living solar filaments.- On some statistical and morphological characteristics of the quiescent prominences of solar activity cycle N 21.- Motion of high latitude solar microwave sources and comparison with polar prominences.- Polar crown filaments and solar differential rotation at high latitudes.- Hvar reference atmosphere of quiescent prominences.- Plasma parameters in quiescent prominences.- Summary of IAU colloquium 117, dynamics of prominences.


Titel: Dynamics of Quiescent Prominences
Untertitel: Proceedings of the No. 117 Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union, Hvar, SR Croatia, Yugoslavia 1989
EAN: 9783662144992
ISBN: 978-3-662-14499-2
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Physik & Astronomie
Anzahl Seiten: 304
Größe: H15mm x B246mm x T170mm
Jahr: 2014
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1990

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