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Computing and Combinatorics

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Thepapersinthisvolumewereselectedforpresentationatthe10thInternational Computing and Combinatorics Conference (COCOON 2004), held ... Weiterlesen
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Thepapersinthisvolumewereselectedforpresentationatthe10thInternational Computing and Combinatorics Conference (COCOON 2004), held on August 1720, 2004 in Jeju Island, Korea. Previous meetings were held in Xi'an (1995), HongKong(1996),Shanghai(1997),Taipei(1998),Tokyo(1999),Sydney(2000), Guilin (2001), Singapore (2002), and Big Sky (2003). In response to the call for papers, 109 extended abstracts were submitted from 23 countries, of which 46 were accepted. The submitted papers were from Belgium (1), Canada (5), China (6), France (1), Germany (6), Hong Kong (8), India (6), Iran (1), Ireland (1), Israel (4), Italy (2), Japan (17), Korea (23), Mexico (3), New Zealand (1), Poland(1), Russia (1), Singapore (5), Sweden (2), Switzerland (3), Taiwan (2), the UK (1), and the USA (9). Each paper was evaluated by at least three program committee members, with the assistance of referees, as indicated by the referee list found in these proceedings. There were many more acceptable papers than there was space available in the conference schedule, and the program committee's task was extremely di?cult. In addition to selected papers, the conference also included threeinvitedpresentationsbyLarsArge,JeongHanKim,andKokichiSugihara. We thank all program committee members and their referees for their - cellent work, especially given the demanding time constraints; they gave the conference its distinctive character. We thank all who submitted papers for c- sideration: they all contributed to the high quality of the conference. Finally,wethankallthepeoplewhoworkedhardtoputinplacethelogistical arrangements of the conference our colleagues and our graduate students. It is their hard work that made the conference possible and enjoyable.

Invited Presentations.- External Geometric Data Structures.- The Poisson Cloning Model for Random Graphs, Random Directed Graphs and Random k-SAT Problems.- Robust Geometric Computation Based on Digital Topology.- Data Structures and Algorithms I.- Adjacency of Optimal Regions for Huffman Trees.- A Construction Method for Optimally Universal Hash Families and Its Consequences for the Existence of RBIBDs.- Towards Constructing Optimal Strip Move Sequences.- Computational Geometry I.- Large Triangles in the d-Dimensional Unit-Cube.- Progress on Maximum Weight Triangulation.- Coloring Octrees.- Games and Combinatorics.- Some Open Problems in Decidability of Brick (Labelled Polyomino) Codes.- Q-Ary Ulam-Rényi Game with Weighted Constrained Lies.- Necessary and Sufficient Numbers of Cards for the Transformation Protocol.- Combinatorial Optimization I.- On the Selection and Assignment with Minimum Quantity Commitments.- Approximation Algorithms for Multicommodity Flow and Normalized Cut Problems: Implementations and Experimental Study.- Transshipment Through Crossdocks with Inventory and Time Windows.- Graph Algorithms.- Approximated Vertex Cover for Graphs with Perfect Matchings.- An Approximation Algorithm for Weighted Weak Vertex Cover Problem in Undirected Graphs.- On the Arrangement of Cliques in Chordal Graphs with Respect to the Cuts.- The Worst-Case Time Complexity for Generating All Maximal Cliques.- Automata and Learning Theory.- Regular Expressions for Languages over Infinite Alphabets.- On the Power of One-Sided Error Quantum Pushdown Automata with Classical Stack Operations.- Learning DNFs and Circuits Using Teaching Assistants.- On the Complexity of Samples for Learning.- Scheduling.- New Results on On-Demand Broadcasting with Deadline via Job Scheduling with Cancellation.- Maximization of the Size and the Weight of Schedules of Degradable Intervals.- Minimizing Maximum Lateness on Identical Parallel Batch Processing Machines.- Computational Geometry II.- Efficient Algorithms for Approximating a Multi-dimensional Voxel Terrain by a Unimodal Terrain.- Algorithms for Point Set Matching with k-Differences.- Approximation Algorithms for Inscribing or Circumscribing an Axially Symmetric Polygon to a Convex Polygon.- Data Structures and Algorithms II.- The Traveling Salesman Problem with Few Inner Points.- A Faster Algorithm for the All-Pairs Shortest Path Problem and Its Application.- Algorithms for the On-Line Quota Traveling Salesman Problem.- Graph Drawing.- On the Orthogonal Drawing of Outerplanar Graphs.- Canonical Decomposition, Realizer, Schnyder Labeling and Orderly Spanning Trees of Plane Graphs.- New Bounds on the Number of Edges in a k-Map Graph.- Combinatorial Optimization II.- Dynamic Storage Allocation and On-Line Colouring Interval Graphs.- New Approximation Algorithms for Some Dynamic Storage Allocation Problems.- k-Center Problems with Minimum Coverage.- Complexity Theory.- On the Extensions of Solovay-Reducibility.- The Complexity of Counting Solutions to Systems of Equations over Finite Semigroups.- Computational Complexity Classification of Partition under Compaction and Retraction.- Parallel and Distributed Architectures.- One-to-Many Disjoint Path Covers in a Graph with Faulty Elements.- Fault-Tolerant Meshes with Constant Degree.- Fault Hamiltonicity of Meshes with Two Wraparound Edges.- On the Expected Time for Herman's Probabilistic Self-stabilizing Algorithm.- Computational Biology.- An Efficient Online Algorithm for Square Detection.- An Efficient Local Alignment Algorithm for Masked Sequences.- Computing Phylogenetic Roots with Bounded Degrees and Errors Is Hard.- Inferring a Level-1 Phylogenetic Network from a Dense Set of Rooted Triplets.


Titel: Computing and Combinatorics
Untertitel: 10th Annual International Conference, COCOON 2004, Jeju Island, Korea, August 17-20, 2004, Proceedings
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ISBN: 354022856X
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Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
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Jahr: 2004
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2004

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