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Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns

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It was an honor and a pleasure to organizethe 13th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP 2009... Weiterlesen
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It was an honor and a pleasure to organizethe 13th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP 2009) in Mu ¨nster, Germany. CAIP has been held biennially since 1985: Berlin (1985), Wismar (1987), Leipzig (1989), Dresden (1991), Budapest (1993), Prague (1995), Kiel (1997), Ljubljana (1999), Warsaw (2001), Groningen (2003), Paris (2005), and Vienna (2007). Initially, this conference series served as a forum for getting together s- entistsfromEastandWestEurope.Nowadays,CAIPenjoysahighinternational visibility and attracts participants from all over the world. For CAIP 2009 we received a record number of 405 submissions. All papers were reviewed by two, and in most cases, three reviewers. Finally, 148 papers were selected for presentation at the conference, resulting in an acceptance rate of 36%. All Program Committee members and additional reviewers listed here deserve a great thanks for their timely and competent reviews. The accepted papers were presented either as oral presentations or posters in a single-track program.In addition, wewereveryhappyto haveAljoscha Smolicand David G. Storkasourinvitedspeakerstopresenttheirworkintwofascinatingareas.With this scienti?c program we hope to continue the tradition of CAIP in providing a forum for scienti?c exchange at a high quality level. A successful conference like CAIP 2009 would not be possible without the support of many institutions and people. First of all, we like to thank all the authors of submitted papers and the invited speakers for their contributions. The Steering Committee members were always there when advice was needed.

Invited Talks.- An Overview of 3D Video and Free Viewpoint Video.- Computer Vision and Computer Graphics Analysis of Paintings and Drawings: An Introduction to the Literature.- Biometrics.- Head Pose Estimation by a Stepwise Nonlinear Regression.- Model-Based Illumination Correction for Face Images in Uncontrolled Scenarios.- A New Gabor Phase Difference Pattern for Face and Ear Recognition.- Is White Light the Best Illumination for Palmprint Recognition?.- Second-Level Partition for Estimating FAR Confidence Intervals in Biometric Systems.- Smooth Multi-Manifold Embedding for Robust Identity-Independent Head Pose Estimation.- Retracted: Human Age Estimation by Metric Learning for Regression Problems.- Face Detection Using GPU-Based Convolutional Neural Networks.- Gaussian Weak Classifiers Based on Haar-Like Features with Four Rectangles for Real-time Face Detection.- Model Based Analysis of Face Images for Facial Feature Extraction.- Dynamics Analysis of Facial Expressions for Person Identification.- Regression Based Non-frontal Face Synthesis for Improved Identity Verification.- Differential Feature Analysis for Palmprint Authentication.- Combining Facial Appearance and Dynamics for Face Recognition.- Finger-Knuckle-Print Verification Based on Band-Limited Phase-Only Correlation.- Calibration.- Calibration of Radially Symmetric Distortion by Fitting Principal Component.- Calibration of Rotating Sensors.- Document Analysis.- A New Approach for Segmentation and Recognition of Arabic Handwritten Touching Numeral Pairs.- Ridges Based Curled Textline Region Detection from Grayscale Camera-Captured Document Images.- Kernel PCA for HMM-Based Cursive Handwriting Recognition.- Improved Handwriting Recognition by Combining Two Forms of Hidden Markov Models and a Recurrent Neural Network.- Embedded Bernoulli Mixture HMMs for Continuous Handwritten Text Recognition.- Recognition-Based Segmentation of Nom Characters from Body Text Regions of Stele Images Using Area Voronoi Diagram.- A Novel Approach for Word Spotting Using Merge-Split Edit Distance.- Hierarchical Decomposition of Handwritten Manuscripts Layouts.- Camera-Based Online Signature Verification with Sequential Marginal Likelihood Change Detector.- Separation of Overlapping and Touching Lines within Handwritten Arabic Documents.- Combining Contour Based Orientation and Curvature Features for Writer Recognition.- Features.- A Novel Approach to Estimate Fractal Dimension from Closed Curves.- Saliency Based on Decorrelation and Distinctiveness of Local Responses.- Incorporating Shape Features in an Appearance-Based Object Detection System.- Symmetry Detection for Multi-object Using Local Polar Coordinate.- Detection of Non-convex Objects by Dynamic Programming.- Finding Intrinsic and Extrinsic Viewing Parameters from a Single Realist Painting.- A Model for Saliency Detection Using NMFsc Algorithm.- Directional Force Field-Based Maps: Implementation and Application.- A Spatio-Temporal Isotropic Operator for the Attention-Point Extraction.- Homological Tree-Based Strategies for Image Analysis.- Affine Moment Invariants of Color Images.- Graph Representations.- Graph-Based k-Means Clustering: A Comparison of the Set Median versus the Generalized Median Graph.- Algorithms for the Sample Mean of Graphs.- A Hypergraph-Based Model for Graph Clustering: Application to Image Indexing.- Hypergraphs, Characteristic Polynomials and the Ihara Zeta Function.- Feature Ranking Algorithms for Improving Classification of Vector Space Embedded Graphs.- Graph-Based Object Class Discovery.- Image Processing.- The Clifford-Hodge Flow: An Extension of the Beltrami Flow.- Speedup of Color Palette Indexing in SelfOrganization of Kohonen Feature Map.- Probabilistic Satellite Image Fusion.- A Riemannian Scalar Measure for Diffusion Tensor Images.- Structure-Preserving Smoothing of Biomedical Images.- Fast Block Clustering Based Optimized Adaptive Mediod Shift.- Color Me RightSeamless Image Compositing.- Transform Invariant Video Fingerprinting by NMF.- A Model Based Method for Overall Well Focused Catadioptric Image Acquisition with Multi-focal Images.- Colorization Using Segmentation with Random Walk.- Edge-Based Image Compression with Homogeneous Diffusion.- Color Quantization Based on PCA and Kohonen SOFM.- On Adapting the Tensor Voting Framework to Robust Color Image Denoising.- Two-Dimensional Windowing in the Structural Similarity Index for the Colour Image Quality Assessment.- Reduced Inverse Distance Weighting Interpolation for Painterly Rendering.- Nonlinear Diffusion Filters without Parameters for Image Segmentation.- Color Quantization by Multiresolution Analysis.- Total Variation Processing of Images with Poisson Statistics.- Fast Trilateral Filtering.- Image Registration.- Joint Affine and Radiometric Registration Using Kernel Operators.- MCMC-Based Algorithm to Adjust Scale Bias in Large Series of Electron Microscopical Ultrathin Sections.- Image and Video Retrieval.- Accelerating Image Retrieval Using Factorial Correspondence Analysis on GPU.- Color Based Bags-of-Emotions.- Measuring the Influence of Concept Detection on Video Retrieval.- Medical Imaging.- SEM Image Analysis for Quality Control of Nanoparticles.- Extraction of Cardiac Motion Using Scale-Space Features Points and Gauged Reconstruction.- A Non-Local Fuzzy Segmentation Method: Application to Brain MRI.- Development of a High Resolution 3D Infant Stomach Model for Surgical Planning.- Improved Arterial Inner Wall Detection Using Generalized Median Computation.- Parcellation of the Auditory Cortex into LandmarkRelated Regions of Interest.- Automatic Fontanel Extraction from Newborns' CT Images Using Variational Level Set.- Modeling and Measurement of 3D Deformation of Scoliotic Spine Using 2D X-ray Images.- A Comparative Study on Feature Selection for Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using FABC.- Directional Multi-scale Modeling of High-Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) Lung Images for Diffuse Lung Disease Classification.- Statistical Deformable Model-Based Reconstruction of a Patient-Specific Surface Model from Single Standard X-ray Radiograph.- Object and Scene Recognition.- Plant Species Identification Using Multi-scale Fractal Dimension Applied to Images of Adaxial Surface Epidermis.- Fast Invariant Contour-Based Classification of Hand Symbols for HCI.- Recognition of Simple 3D Geometrical Objects under Partial Occlusion.- Shape Classification Using a Flexible Graph Kernel.- Bio-inspired Approach for the Recognition of Goal-Directed Hand Actions.- Wide-Baseline Visible Features for Highly Dynamic Scene Recognition.- Jumping Emerging Substrings in Image Classification.- Human Action Recognition Using LBP-TOP as Sparse Spatio-Temporal Feature Descriptor.- Contextual-Guided Bag-of-Visual-Words Model for Multi-class Object Categorization.- Isometric Deformation Modelling for Object Recognition.- Image Categorization Based on a Hierarchical Spatial Markov Model.- Soft Measure of Visual Token Occurrences for Object Categorization.- Indexing Large Visual Vocabulary by Randomized Dimensions Hashing for High Quantization Accuracy: Improving the Object Retrieval Quality.- Pattern Recognition.- Design of Clinical Support Systems Using Integrated Genetic Algorithm and Support Vector Machine.- Decision Trees Using the Minimum Entropy-of-Error Principle.- k/K-Nearest Neighborhood Criterion for Improvement of Locally Linear Embedding.- A Parameter Free Approach for Clustering Analysis.- Fitting Product of HMM to Human Motions.- Reworking Bridging for Use within the Image Domain.- Detection of Ambiguous Patterns Using SVMs: Application to Handwritten Numeral Recognition.- Shape Recovery.- Accurate 3D Modelling by Fusion of Potentially Reliable Active Range and Passive Stereo Data.- Rapid Classification of Surface Reflectance from Image Velocities.- Structure-Preserving Regularisation Constraints for Shape-from-Shading.- 3D Object Reconstruction Using Full Pixel Matching.- Rapid Inference of Object Rigidity and Reflectance Using Optic Flow.- On the Recovery of Depth from a Single Defocused Image.- Segmentation.- Modelling Human Segmentation Trough Color and Space Analysis.- A Metric and Multiscale Color Segmentation Using the Color Monogenic Signal.- An Interactive Level Set Approach to Semi-automatic Detection of Features in Food Micrographs.- Shape Detection from Line Drawings by Hierarchical Matching.- A Fast Level Set-Like Algorithm with Topology Preserving Constraint.- Significance Tests and Statistical Inequalities for Segmentation by Region Growing on Graph.- Scale Space Hierarchy of Segments.- Point Cloud Segmentation Based on Radial Reflection.- Locally Adaptive Speed Functions for Level Sets in Image Segmentation.- Improving User Control with Minimum Involvement in User-Guided Segmentation by Image Foresting Transform.- 3D Image Segmentation Using the Bounded Irregular Pyramid.- The Gabor-Based Tensor Level Set Method for Multiregional Image Segmentation.- Embedded Geometric Active Contour with Shape Constraint for Mass Segmentation.- An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Graph-Based Image Segmentation.- Stereo and Video Analysis.- Coarse-to-Fine Tracking of Articulated Objects Using a Hierarchical Spring System.- Cooperative Stereo Matching with Color-Based Adaptive Local Support.- Iterative Camera Motion and Depth Estimation in a Video Sequence.- Performance Prediction for Unsupervised Video Indexing.- New Lane Model and Distance Transform for Lane Detection and Tracking.- Real-Time Volumetric Reconstruction and Tracking of Hands in a Desktop Environment.- Stereo Localization Using Dual PTZ Cameras.- Object Tracking in Video Sequences by Unsupervised Learning.- A Third Eye for Performance Evaluation in Stereo Sequence Analysis.- OIF - An Online Inferential Framework for Multi-object Tracking with Kalman Filter.- Real-Time Stereo Vision: Making More Out of Dynamic Programming.- Optic Flow Using Multi-scale Anchor Points.- A Methodology for Evaluating Illumination Artifact Removal for Corresponding Images.- Nonlinear Motion Detection.- Texture Analysis.- Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Using Binary Filter Response Pattern (BFRP).- Near-Regular Texture Synthesis.- Texture Editing Using Frequency Swap Strategy.- A Quantitative Evaluation of Texture Feature Robustness and Interpolation Behaviour.- Applications.- Nonlinear Dimension Reduction and Visualization of Labeled Data.- Performance Evaluation of Airport Lighting Using Mobile Camera Techniques.- Intelligent Video Surveillance for Detecting Snow and Ice Coverage on Electrical Insulators of Power Transmission Lines.- Size from Specular Highlights for Analyzing Droplet Size Distributions.- Capturing Physiology of Emotion along Facial Muscles: A Method of Distinguishing Feigned from Involuntary Expressions.- Atmospheric Visibility Monitoring Using Digital Image Analysis Techniques.- Minimized Database of Unit Selection in Visual Speech Synthesis without Loss of Naturalness.- Analysis of Speed Sign Classification Algorithms Using Shape Based Segmentation of Binary Images.- Using CCD Moiré Pattern Analysis to Implement Pressure-Sensitive Touch Surfaces.- Enhanced Landmine Detection from Low Resolution IR Image Sequences.- Erratum.- Erratum to: Cooperative Stereo Matching with Color-Based Adaptive Local Support.- Erratum to: Human Age Estimation by Metric Learning for Regression Problems.


Titel: Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns
Untertitel: 13th International Conference, CAIP 2009, Münster, Germany, September 2-4, 2009, Proceedings
EAN: 9783642037665
ISBN: 978-3-642-03766-5
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1251
Größe: H41mm x B236mm x T157mm
Jahr: 2009
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2009. 2009

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