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Computational Science - ICCS 2007

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Part of a four-volume set, this book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computational Sci... Weiterlesen
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Part of a four-volume set, this book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2007, held in Beijing, China in May 2007. The papers cover a large volume of topics in computational science and related areas, from multiscale physics to wireless networks, and from graph theory to tools for program development.

Roadmapping and i-Systems.- Exploring Computational Scheme of Complex Problem Solving Based on Meta-Synthesis Approach.- ICT and Special Educational Needs: Using Meta-synthesis for Bridging the Multifaceted Divide.- Discovering Latent Structures: Experience with the CoIL Challenge 2000 Data Set.- Exploration of TCM Masters Knowledge Mining.- A Numerical Trip to Social Psychology: Long-Living States of Cognitive Dissonance.- A Hidden Pattern Discovery and Meta-synthesis of Preference Adjustment in Group Decision-Making.- Discussion on the Spike Train Recognition Mechanisms in Neural Circuits.- Extended Clustering Coefficients of Small-World Networks.- Detecting Invisible Relevant Persons in a Homogeneous Social Network.- The Study of Size Distribution and Spatial Distribution of Urban Systems in Guangdong, China.- Emergence of Social Rumor: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulations.- Emergence of Specialization from Global Optimizing Evolution in a Multi-agent System.- A Hybrid Econometric-AI Ensemble Learning Model for Chinese Foreign Trade Prediction.- The Origin of Volatility Cascade of the Financial Market.- Tactical Battlefield Entities Simulation Model Based on Multi-agent Interactions.- Extensive Epidemic Spreading Model Based on Multi-agent System Framework.- Simulation of Employee Behavior Based on Cellular Automata Model.- Modeling, Learning and Simulating Biological Cells with Entity Grammar.- Chance Discovery in Credit Risk Management: Estimation of Chain Reaction Bankruptcy Structure by Directed KeyGraph.- Text Classification with Support Vector Machine and Back Propagation Neural Network.- Construction and Application of PSO-SVM Model for Personal Credit Scoring.- Feature Description Systems for Clusters by Using Logical Rule Generations Based on the Genetic Programming and Its Applications to Data Mining.- Artificial Immunity-Based Discovery for Popular Information in WEB Pages.- Network Structure and Knowledge Transfer.- Information Relationship Identification in Team Innovation.- Agile Knowledge Supply Chain for Emergency Decision-Making Support.- Interactive Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach for Optimization of Extended Hub-and-Spoke Regional Port Transportation Networks.- A Pseudo-Boolean Optimization for Multiple Criteria Decision Making in Complex Systems.- The Study of Mission Reliability of QRMS Based on the Multistage Markov Process.- Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Digital Connection Oriented Internet Service Systems.- A Knowledge-Based Model Representation and On-Line Solution Method for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem.- Numerical Simulation of Static Noise Margin for a Six-Transistor Static Random Access Memory Cell with 32nm Fin-Typed Field Effect Transistors.- Numerical Solution to Maxwell's Equations in Singular Waveguides.- Quantum-Inspired Genetic Algorithm Based Time-Frequency Atom Decomposition.- Latency Estimation of the Asynchronous Pipeline Using the Max-Plus Algebra.- A Simulation-Based Hybrid Optimization Technique for Low Noise Amplifier Design Automation.- Spectral Collocation Technique for Absorbing Boundary Conditions with Increasingly High Order Approximation.- Shockwave Detection for Electronic Vehicle Detectors.- Contour Extraction Algorithm Using a Robust Neural Network.- A Discrete Parameter-Driven Time Series Model for Traffic Flow in ITS.- Peer-Based Efficient Content Distribution in Ad Hoc Networks.- Session Key Reuse Scheme to Improve Routing Efficiency in AnonDSR.- Clustering in Ad Hoc Personal Network Formation.- Message Complexity Analysis of MANET Address Autoconfiguration Algorithms in Group Merging Case.- A Robust Route Maintenance Scheme for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks.- Route Optimization with MAP-Based Enhancement in Mobile Networks.- Performance Enhancement Schemes of OFDMA System for Broadband Wireless Access.- Performance Analysis of Digital Wireless Networks with ARQ Schemes.- A Novel Frequency Offset Estimation Algorithm Using Differential Combining for OFDM-Based WLAN Systems.- Design and Performance Evaluation of High Efficient TCP for HBDP Networks.- A Reliable Transmission Strategy in Unreliable Wireless Sensor Networks.- Genetic Algorithmic Topology Control for Two-Tiered Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Delay Sensitive Feedback Control Data Aggregation Approach in Wireless Sensor Network.- A Low Power Real-Time Scheduling Scheme for the Wireless Sensor Network.- Analysis of an Adaptive Key Selection Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Unusual Event Recognition for Mobile Alarm System.- Information Exchange for Controlling Internet Robots.- A Privacy-Aware Identity Design for Exploring Ubiquitous Collaborative Wisdom.- Performance Comparison of Sleep Mode Operations in IEEE 802.16e Terminals.- Performance Evaluation of the Optimal Hierarchy for Cellular Networks.- Channel Time Allocation and Routing Algorithm for Multi-hop Communications in IEEE 802.15.3 High-Rate WPAN Mesh Networks.- Nonlinear Optimization of IEEE 802.11 Mesh Networks.- Securely Deliver Data by Multi-path Routing Scheme in Wireless Mesh Networks.- Cross-Layer Enhancement of IEEE 802.11 MAC for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- An Incremental Topology Control Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Networks.- TCP Adaptation for Vertical Handoff Using Network Monitoring.- Optimization of Mobile IPv6 Handover Performance Using E-HCF Method.- HMIPv6 Applying User's Mobility Pattern in IP-Based Cellular Networks.- Performance Analysis and Comparison of the MIPv6 and mSCTP Based Vertical Handoff.- Reliability of Wireless Sensor Network with Sleeping Nodes.- Energy Efficient Forwarding Scheme for Secure Wireless Ad Hoc Routing Protocols.- Sender-Based TCP Scheme for Improving Performance in Wireless Environment.- Design and Implementation of DLNA DMS Through IEEE1394.- Efficient Measurement of the Eye Blinking by Using Decision Function for Intelligent Vehicles.- Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm Based on Two-Phase Cycle for Efficient Channel Utilization on Ethernet PON.- Performance Evaluation of Binary Negative-Exponential Backoff Algorithm in Presence of a Channel Bit Error Rate.- A Rough Set Based Anomaly Detection Scheme Considering the Age of User Profiles.- Space-Time Coded MB-OFDM UWB System with Multi-channel Estimation for Wireless Personal Area Networks.- Performance Enhancement of Multimedia Data Transmission by Adjusting Compression Rate.- A Feasible Approach to Assigning System Components to Hybrid Task Sets in Real-Time Sensor Networking Platforms.- Efficient Routing Scheme Using Pivot Node in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Encoding-Based Tamper-Resistant Algorithm for Mobile Device Security.- Adaptive Vertical Handoff Management Architecture.- Performance Evaluation of the Route Optimization Scheme in Mobile IPv6.- An ID-Based Random Key Pre-distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.- An Adaptive Mobile System to Solve Large-Scale Problems in Wireless Networks.- Answer Extracting Based on Passage Retrieval in Chinese Question Answering System.- Performance Evaluation of Fully Adaptive Routing for the Torus Interconnect Networks.- A Study on Phonemic Analysis for the Recognition of Korean Speech.- Media Synchronization Framework for SVC Video Transport over IP Networks.- Developing Value Framework of Ubiquitous Computing.- An Enhanced Positioning Scheme Based on Optimal Diversity for Mobile Nodes in Ubiquitous Networks.- TOMOON: A Novel Approach for Topology-Aware Overlay Multicasting.- Fuzzy-Timing Petri Nets with Choice Probabilities for Response Time Analysis.- A Telematics Service System Based on the Linux Cluster.- Unequal Error Recovery Scheme for Multimedia Streaming in Application-Level Multicast.- A Fast Handoff Scheme Between PDSNs in 3G Network.- Privacy Protection for a Secure u-City Life.- Hybrid Tag Anti-collision Algorithms in RFID Systems.- Design and Implement Controllable Multicast Based Audio/Video Collaboration.- Solving a Problem in Grid Applications: Using Aspect Oriented Programming.- Energy-Aware QoS Adjustment of Multimedia Tasks with Uncertain Execution Time.- SCA-Based Reconfigurable Access Terminal.- Investigating Media Streaming in Multipath Multihop Wireless Network.- A Low-Power 512-Bit EEPROM Design for UHF RFID Tag Chips.- VPDP: A Service Discovery Protocol for Ubiquitous Computing.- A Study on the Aspects of Successful Business Intelligence System Development.- Robust Phase Tracking for High Capacity Wireless Multimedia Data Communication Networks.- EVM's Java Dynamic Memory Manager and Garbage Collector.- An Access Control Model in Lager-Scale P2P File Sharing Systems.- Sink-Independent Model in Wireless Sensor Networks.- An Update Propagation Algorithm for P2P File Sharing over Wireless Mobile Networks.- P2P Mobile Multimedia Group Conferencing: Combining SIP, SSM and Scalable Adaptive Coding for Heterogeneous Networks.- Federation Based Solution for Peer-to-Peer Network Management.- A Feedback Based Adaptive Marking Algorithm for Assured Service.- QoS-Aware MAP Selection Scheme Based on Average Handover Delay for Multimedia Services in Multi-level HMIPv6 Networks.- On Composite Service Optimization Across Distributed QoS Registries.- Estimating Flow Length Distributions Using Least Square Method and Maximum Likelihood Estimation.- Local Link Protection Scheme in IP Networks.- An Authentication Based Source Address Spoofing Prevention Method Deployed in IPv6 Edge Network.- An Intrusion Plan Recognition Algorithm Based on Max-1-Connected Causal Networks.- Impact of Buffer Map Cheating on the Streaming Quality in DONet.- Architecture of STL Model of New Communication Network.- Experience with SPM in IPv6.- Dongting Lake Floodwater Diversion and Storage Modeling and Control Architecture Based on the Next Generation Network.- Query Processing to Efficient Search in Ubiquitous Computing.- Service and Management for Multicast Based Audio/Video Collaboration System on CERNET.- A Double-Sampling and Hold Based Approach for Accurate and Efficient Network Flow Monitoring.- A Power Saving Scheme for Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks.- Efficient GTS Allocation Algorithm for IEEE 802.15.4.- Hybrid Search Algorithms for P2P Media Streaming Distribution in Ad Hoc Networks.- Improving Search on Gnutella-Like P2P Systems.- Non-preemptive Fixed Priority Scheduling of Hard Real-Time Periodic Tasks.- A New Mobile Payment Method for Embedded Systems Using Light Signal.- Bounding Demand Paging Costs in Fixed Priority Real-Time Systems.- OTL: On-Demand Thread Stack Allocation Scheme for Real-Time Sensor Operating Systems.- EF-Greedy: A Novel Garbage Collection Policy for Flash Memory Based Embedded Systems.- Power-Directed Software Prefetching Algorithm with Dynamic Voltage Scaling.- An Efficient Bandwidth Reclaim Scheme for the Integrated Transmission of Real-Time and Non-Real-Time Messages on the WLAN.- A Fast Real Time Link Adaptation Scheme for Wireless Communication Systems.- EAR: An Energy-Aware Block Reallocation Framework for Energy Efficiency.- Virtual Development Environment Based on SystemC for Embedded Systems.- Embedded Fault Diagnosis Expert System Based on CLIPS and ANN.- A Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Scheduling Algorithm in Software Fault-Tolerant Module.- An Energy-Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for Real-Time Tasks.- An EDF Interrupt Handling Scheme for Real-Time Kernel: Design and Task Simulation.- Real-Time Controlled Multi-objective Scheduling Through ANNs and Fuzzy Inference Systems: The Case of DRC Manufacturing.- Recursive Priority Inheritance Protocol for Solving Priority Inversion Problems in Real-Time Operating Systems.- An Improved Simplex-Genetic Method to Solve Hard Linear Programming Problems.- Real-Observation Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm for a Class of Numerical Optimization Problems.- A Steep Thermodynamical Selection Rule for Evolutionary Algorithms.- A New Hybrid Optimization Algorithm Framework to Solve Constrained Optimization Problem.- In Search of Proper Pareto-optimal Solutions Using Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms.- Cultural Particle Swarm Algorithms for Constrained Multi-objective Optimization.- A Novel Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm.- New Model for Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms.- The Study on a New Immune Optimization Routing Model.- Pheromone Based Dynamic Vaccination for Immune Algorithms.- Towards a Less Destructive Crossover Operator Using Immunity Theory.- Studying the Performance of Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Immune Theory.- Design of Fuzzy Set-Based Polynomial Neural Networks with the Aid of Symbolic Encoding and Information Granulation.- An Heuristic Method for GPS Surveying Problem.- Real-Time DOP Ellipsoid in Polarization Mode Dispersion Monitoring System by Using PSO Algorithm.- Fast Drug Scheduling Optimization Approach for Cancer Chemotherapy.- Optimization of IG-Based Fuzzy System with the Aid of GAs and Its Application to Software Process.- Evolvable Face Recognition Based on Evolutionary Algorithm and Gabor Wavelet Networks.- Automated Design Approach for Analog Circuit Using Genetic Algorithm.- Evolutionary Algorithm for Identifying Discontinuous Parameters of Inverse Problems.- A WSN Coalition Formation Algorithm Based on Ant Colony with Dual-Negative Feedback.- An Improved Evolutionary Algorithm for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows.- The Geometry Optimization of Argon Atom Clusters Using Differential Evolution Algorithm.- A Genetic Algorithm for Solving a Special Class of Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems.- Evolutionary Strategy for Political Districting Problem Using Genetic Algorithm.- An ACO Algorithm with Adaptive Volatility Rate of Pheromone Trail.- A Distributed Coordination Framework for Adaptive Sensor Uncertainty Handling.- A Heuristic Particle Swarm Optimization for Cutting Stock Problem Based on Cutting Pattern.- Theory of Evolutionary Algorithm: A View from Thermodynamics.- Simulated Annealing Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based on Building Blocks Migration.- Comparison of Different Integral Performance Criteria for Optimal Hydro Generator Governor Tuning with a Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm.


Titel: Computational Science - ICCS 2007
Untertitel: 7th International Conference, Beijing China, May 27-30, 2007, Proceedings, Part IV
EAN: 9783540725893
ISBN: 354072589X
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1292
Gewicht: 1927g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T68mm
Jahr: 2007
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2007

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