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Computational Science - ICCS 2006 /1

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This is Volume I of the four-volume set LNCS 3991-3994 constituting the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference o... Weiterlesen
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This is Volume I of the four-volume set LNCS 3991-3994 constituting the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2006. The 98 revised full papers and 29 revised poster papers of the main track presented together with 500 accepted workshop papers were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the four volumes. The coverage spans the whole range of computational science.

Volume I of the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2006

Presents 98 revised full papers and 29 revised poster papers of the main track, together with 500 accepted workshop papers

Coverage spans the whole range of computational science

Keynote Abstracts.- Metacomputing Revisited: Alternative Paradigms for Distributed Resource Sharing.- Achieving Breakthrough Science with the Blue Gene/L Supercomputer.- Visualizing the Future.- IT Innovation: A New Era.- The AWE HPC Benchmark.- Modelling and Simulation in Economics and Finance.- Newton's Method for the Ellipsoidal l p Norm Facility Location Problem.- Financial Influences and Scale-Free Networks.- Comparison of Simulation and Optimization Possibilities for Languages: DYNAMO and COSMIC & COSMOS on a Base of the Chosen Models.- Bond Pricing with Jumps and Monte Carlo Simulation.- On Monte Carlo Simulation for the HJM Model Based on Jump.- Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems and in the Natural Sciences.- Scalable Execution of Legacy Scientific Codes.- Parallel Solvers for Flexible Approximation Schemes in Multiparticle Simulation.- Alternate Learning Algorithm on Multilayer Perceptrons.- A Transformation Tool for ODE Based Models.- Performance Comparison of Parallel Geometric and Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners for the Bidomain Equations.- Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems.- Simulating and Modeling Secure Web Applications.- A Treecode for Accurate Force Calculations.- An Approximate Algorithm for the Minimal Cost Gateways Location, Capacity and Flow Assignment in Two-Level Hierarchical Wide Area Networks.- Image-Based Robust Control of Robot Manipulators with Integral Actions.- Advanced Numerical Algorithms.- Symmetric Runge-Kutta Methods with Higher Derivatives and Quadratic Extrapolation.- A Note on the Simplex Method for 2-Dimensional Second-Order Cone Programming.- Local Linearization-Runge Kutta (LLRK) Methods for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations.- The Study on the sEMG Signal Characteristics of Muscular Fatigue Based on the Hilbert-Huang Transform.- A New Approach for Solving Evolution Problems in Time-Parallel Way.- Data Driven Computing.- CGO: A Sound Genetic Optimizer for Cyclic Query Graphs.- Multiscale Characteristics of Human Sleep EEG Time Series.- A Hybrid Feature Selection Algorithm for the QSAR Problem.- Sequential Probability Ratio Test (SPRT) for Dynamic Radiation Level Determination Preliminary Assessment.- Knowledge-Based Multiclass Support Vector Machines Applied to Vertical Two-Phase Flow.- Advanced Numerical Algorithms and New Algorithmic Approaches to Computational Kernels and Applications.- Performance Improvement of Sparse Matrix Vector Product on Vector Machines.- A New Reconstruction Algorithm in Spline Signal Spaces.- An Implicit Riemannian Trust-Region Method for the Symmetric Generalized Eigenproblem.- Interval Arithmetic and Computational Science: Performance Considerations.- Floating-Point Computation with Just Enough Accuracy.- Modelling and Simulation in the Natural Sciences.- Independent Component Analysis Applied to Voice Activity Detection.- Characterizing the Performance and Energy Attributes of Scientific Simulations.- Computation of Si Nanowire Bandstructures on Parallel Machines Through Domain Decomposition.- Semi-Lagrangian Scale Selective Two-Time-Level Scheme for Hydrostatic Atmospheric Model.- Identifying Cost-Effective Common Subexpressions to Reduce Operation Count in Tensor Contraction Evaluations.- Modelling and Simulation in the Natural Sciences.- Prediction of Readthroughs Based on the Statistical Analysis of Nucleotides Around Stop Codons.- Web Service for Finding Ribosomal Frameshifts.- A Remote Sensing Application Workflow and Its Implementation in Remote Sensing Service Grid Node.- Predictive Analysis of Blood Gasometry Parameters Related to the Infants Respiration Insufficiency.- Protein Simulation Using Fast Volume Preservation.- Advanced Numerical Algorithms.- Third-Order Spectral Characterization of Termite's Emission Track.- Parallel Optimization Methods Based on Direct Search.- On the Selection of a Transversal to Solve Nonlinear Systems with Interval Arithmetic.- Landscape Properties and Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimum Multiuser Detection Problem.- A Parallel Solution of Hermitian Toeplitz Linear Systems,.- Applications of Computing as a Scientific Paradigm.- Speech Event Detection Using Support Vector Machines.- BRUST: An Efficient Buffer Replacement for Spatial Databases.- Effects of O3 Adsorption on the Emission Properties of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes: A Density Functional Theory Study.- Developing Metadata Services for Grid Enabling Scientific Applications.- Applications of Computing as a Scientific Paradigm.- In Silico Three Dimensional Pharmacophore Models to Aid the Discovery and Design of New Antimalarial Agents.- Fuzzy Logic Speech/Non-speech Discrimination for Noise Robust Speech Processing.- Classification of Surimi Gel Strength Patterns Using Backpropagation Neural Network and Principal Component Analysis.- Optimal Matching of Images Using Combined Color Feature and Spatial Feature.- A Novel Network Intrusion Attempts Prediction Model Based on Fuzzy Neural Network.- Modelling and Simulation in Engineering.- On the Random Sampling Amplitude Error.- Enhancing 3D Face Recognition by Combination of Voiceprint.- Physical Modeling of Laser-Induced Breakdown of Glass.- An Enhanced Speech Emotion Recognition System Based on Discourse Information.- Simulation of Time-Multiplexing Cellular Neural Networks with Numerical Integration Algorithms.- Modelling and Simulation in Engineering.- Dynamics of POD Modes in Wall Bounded Turbulent Flow.- Score Evaluation Within the Extended Square-Root Information Filter.- An Improved Algorithm for Sequence Pair Generation.- Implicit Constraint Enforcement for Rigid Body Dynamic Simulation.- Heat Diffusion Searching for the Accurate Modeling.- Parallel and Distributed Algorithms.- Parallel Exact and Approximate Arrow-Type Inverses on Symmetric Multiprocessor Systems.- A Permutation-Based Differential Evolution Algorithm Incorporating Simulated Annealing for Multiprocessor Scheduling with Communication Delays.- Accelerating the Viterbi Algorithm for Profile Hidden Markov Models Using Reconfigurable Hardware.- Benchmarking and Adaptive Load Balancing of the Virtual Reactor Application on the Russian-Dutch Grid.- Improved Prediction Methods for Wildfires Using High Performance Computing: A Comparison.- Other Aspects of Computational Science.- Support Vector Machine Regression Algorithm Based on Chunking Incremental Learning.- Factorization with Missing and Noisy Data.- An Edge-Based Approach to Motion Detection.- A Dominating Set Based Clustering Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- MVRC Heuristic for Solving the Multi-Choice Multi-Constraint Knapsack Problem.- Computational Science Aspects of Data Mining and Information Retrieval.- FACT: A New Fuzzy Adaptive Clustering Technique.- Algorithm for K Disjoint Maximum Subarrays.- An Evolutionary Approach in Information Retrieval.- An Index Data Structure for Searching in Metric Space Databases.- Hybrid Computational Methods and New Algorithmic Approaches to Computational Kernels and Applications.- Unsplittable Anycast Flow Problem: Formulation and Algorithms.- Lagrangean Heuristic for Anycast Flow Assignment in Connection-Oriented Networks.- Low Complexity Systolic Architecture for Modular Multiplication over GF(2 m ).- A Generic Framework for Local Search: Application to the Sudoku Problem.- C-Means Clustering Applied to Speech Discrimination.- Simulations and Systems.- An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Global Numerical Optimization.- Pores in a Two-Dimensional Network of DNA Strands Computer Simulations.- Efficient Storage and Processing of Adaptive Triangular Grids Using Sierpinski Curves.- Integrating Legacy Authorization Systems into the Grid: A Case Study Leveraging AzMan and ADAM.- Advances in Parameter Estimation in Computational-Science: Strategies, Concepts, and Applications.- Quasi-Gaussian Particle Filtering.- Improved Sensitivity Estimate for the H 2 Estimation Problem.- Constrained Optimization of the Stress Function for Multidimensional Scaling.- Targeted Observations for Atmospheric Chemistry and Transport Models.- Model Optimization and Parameter Estimation with Nimrod/O.- The Criticality of Spare Parts Evaluating Model Using Artificial Neural Network Approach.- Efficient Fault Tolerance Techniques for Large Scale Systems.- Solving Election Problem in Asynchronous Distributed Systems.- A Performance Model of Fault-Tolerant Routing Algorithm in Interconnect Networks.- Speculation Meets Checkpointing.- Design and Verification for Hierarchical Power Efficiency System (HPES) Design Techniques Using Low Power CMOS Digital Logic.- Dynamic Fault Tolerance in Distributed Simulation System.- Poster Session I.- A Novel Supervised Information Feature Compression Algorithm.- On a Family of Cheap Symmetric One-Step Methods of Order Four.- Influence of the Mutation Operator on the Solution of an Inverse Stefan Problem by Genetic Algorithms.- A Novel Nonlinear Neural Network Ensemble Model for Financial Time Series Forecasting.- Performance Analysis of Block Jacobi Preconditioning Technique Based on Block Broyden Method.- The Generic McMillan Degree: A New Method Using Integer Matrices.- State Estimation of Congested TCP Traffic Networks.- Study of Electron Transport in Composite Films Below the Percolation Threshold.- A Dynamic Partitioning Self-scheduling Scheme for Parallel Loops on Heterogeneous Clusters.- 3-D Numerical Modelling of Coastal Currents and Suspended Sediment Transport.- Ontology-Driven Resource Selecting in the Grid Environments.- Error Estimate on Non-bandlimited Random Signals by Local Averages.- A Fast Pseudo Stochastic Sequence Quantification Algorithm Based on Chebyshev Map and Its Application in Data Encryption.- Supporting Interactive Computational Science Applications Within the JGrid Infrastructure.- Application of Virtual Ant Algorithms in the Optimization of CFRP Shear Strengthened Precracked Structures.- Massive Data Oriented Replication Algorithms for Consistency Maintenance in Data Grids.- A Model of the Role of Cholesterol in the Development of Alzheimer's Disease.- Characterization of Cardiac Dynamics from Locally Topological Considerations.- Sliding Free Lagrangian-Eulerian Finite Element Method.- Large-Scale Simulations of a Bi-dimensional n-Ary Fragmentation Model.- Computationally Efficient Technique for Nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann Equation.- Geometric Calibration for Multi-projector Tiled Display Based on Vanishing Point Theory.- Immersive Open Surgery Simulation.- An XML Specification for Automatic Parallel Dynamic Programming.- Remote Sensing Information Processing Grid Node with Loose-Coupling Parallel Structure.- Preliminary Through-Out Research on Parallel-Based Remote Sensing Image Processing.- A Shortest Path Searching Method with Area Limitation Heuristics.- FPGA-Based Hyperspectral Data Compression Using Spectral Unmixing and the Pixel Purity Index Algorithm.- Advertisement-Aided Search in a P2P Context Distribution System.- A Reputation Management Framework Based on Global Trust Model for P2P Systems.- A Comparative Study of Memory Structures for DSM Systems on Wireless Environments.- Coordinated Exception Handling in J2EE Applications.- Poster Session II.- Efficient Unilateral Authentication Mechanism for MIPv6.- Optimal Constant Weight Codes.- Measure on Time Scales with Mathematica.- Mackendrick: A Maple Package Oriented to Symbolic Computational Epidemiology.- The Effect of the Theorem Prover in Cognitive Science.- Designing Next-Generation Training and Testing Environment for Expression Manipulation.- Automatic Node Configuration Protocol Using Modified CGA in Hierarchical MANETs.- Route Optimization in NEMO Environment with Limited Prefix Delegation Mechanism.- A Target Tracking Method to Reduce the Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Adaptive Space-Frequency Block Coded OFDM.- On Modelling Reliability in RED Gateways.- Control Parameter Setting of IEEE 802.11e for Proportional Loss Rate Differentiation.- Dynamic Handoff Threshold Algorithm Using Mobile Speed for WLAN Utilization Improvement in 3G-WLAN Integrated Networks.- Efficient Data Indexing System Based on OpenLDAP in Data Grid.- A Home-Network Service System Based on User's Situation Information in Ubiquitous Environment.- Simple-Adaptive Link State Update Algorithm for QoS Routing.- Throughput Analysis and Enhancement for CSMA Based Wireless Networks.- Efficient Password-Authenticated Key Exchange for Three-Party Secure Against Undetectable On-Line Dictionary Attacks.- A Publish-Subscribe Middleware for Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks.- Performance Evaluation of a Handover Scheme for Fast Moving Objects in Hierarchical Mobile Networks.- Longest Path First WDM Multicast Protection for Maximum Degree of Sharing.- Multi-scale CAFE Modelling for Hot Deformation of Aluminium Alloys.- Construction of Small World Networks Based on K-Means Clustering Analysis.- Spatiotemporal Data Mining with Cellular Automata.- MicroCASim: An Automata Network Simulator Applied to the Competition Between Microparasites and Host Immune Response.- Simulated Annealing: A Monte Carlo Method for GPS Surveying.- Novel Congestion Control Scheme in Next-Generation Optical Networks.- A New Fairness Guaranteeing Scheme in Optical Burst Switched Networks.- Disclosing the Element Distribution of Bloom Filter.- An Efficient Key-Update Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Estimating Average Flow Delay in AQM Router.- Stock Trading System: Framework for Development and Evaluation of Stock Trading Strategies.- A Quantum Hydrodynamic Simulation of Strained Nanoscale VLSI Device.- Implementing Predictable Scheduling in RTSJ-Based Java Processor.- The Improvement of NetSolve System.- Grid Information Service Based on Network Hops.- Security and Performance in Network Component Architecture.- Design and Implementation of a Resource Management System Using On-Demand Software Streaming on Distributed Computing Environment.- Pipelining Network Storage I/O.- Modeling Efficient XOR-Based Hash Functions for Cache Memories.- Maintaining Gaussian Mixture Models of Data Streams Under Block Evolution.- An Adaptive Data Retrieval Scheme for Reducing Energy Consumption in Mirrored Video Servers.


Titel: Computational Science - ICCS 2006 /1
Untertitel: 6th International Conference, Reading, UK, May 28-31, 2006, Proceedings, Part I
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ISBN: 978-3-540-34379-0
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Jahr: 2006
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2006. 2006

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