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Computational Intelligence and Security

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The refereed post-proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security are presented in this vol... Weiterlesen
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The refereed post-proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security are presented in this volume. The 116 papers were submitted to two rounds of careful review. Papers cover bio-inspired computing, evolutionary computation, learning systems and multi-agents, cryptography, information processing and intrusion detection, systems and security, image and signal processing, and pattern recognition.

Bio-inspired Computing.- An Improved Particle Swarm Optimizer for Truss Structure Optimization.- Two-Phase Quantum Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Multiple Sequence Alignment.- A Further Discussion on Convergence Rate of Immune Genetic Algorithm to Absorbed-State.- Linear Programming Relax-PSO Hybrid Bound Algorithm for a Class of Nonlinear Integer Programming Problems.- An Improved Ant Colony System and Its Application.- Molecular Diagnosis of Tumor Based on Independent Component Analysis and Support Vector Machines.- Gene Selection Using Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test and Support Vector Machine for Cancer Classification.- General Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Simulated Annealing for Multi-specification One-Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem.- Neurodynamic Analysis for the Schur Decomposition of the Box Problems.- A New Model Based Multi-objective PSO Algorithm.- Evolutionary Computation.- A New Multi-objective Evolutionary Optimisation Algorithm: The Two-Archive Algorithm.- Labeling of Human Motion by Constraint-Based Genetic Algorithm.- Genetic Algorithm and Pareto Optimum Based QoS Multicast Routing Scheme in NGI.- A Centralized Network Design Problem with Genetic Algorithm Approach.- CGA: Chaotic Genetic Algorithm for Fuzzy Job Scheduling in Grid Environment.- Population-Based Extremal Optimization with Adaptive Lévy Mutation for Constrained Optimization.- An Analysis About the Asymptotic Convergence of Evolutionary Algorithms.- Seeker Optimization Algorithm.- Game Model Based Co-evolutionary Algorithm and Its Application for Multiobjective Nutrition Decision Making Optimization Problems.- A Novel Optimization Strategy for the Nonlinear Systems Identification.- A New Schema Survival and Construction Theory for One-Point Crossover.- Adaptive Parallel Immune Evolutionary Strategy.- About the Time Complexity of Evolutionary Algorithms Based on Finite Search Space.- Learning Systems and Multi-agents.- New Radial Basis Function Neural Network Training for Nonlinear and Nonstationary Signals.- Structure-Based Rule Selection Framework for Association Rule Mining of Traffic Accident Data.- A Multi-classification Method of Temporal Data Based on Support Vector Machine.- Towards a Management Paradigm with a Constrained Benchmark for Autonomic Communications.- A Feature Selection Algorithm Based on Discernibility Matrix.- Using Hybrid Hadamard Error Correcting Output Codes for Multi-class Problem Based on Support Vector Machines.- Range Image Based Classification System Using Support Vector Machines.- Two Evolutionary Methods for Learning Bayesian Network Structures.- Fuzzy Q-Map Algorithm for Reinforcement Learning.- Spatial Data Mining with Uncertainty.- Locally Weighted LS-SVM for Fuzzy Nonlinear Regression with Fuzzy Input-Output.- Learning SVM with Varied Example Cost: A kNN Evaluating Approach.- Using Evolving Agents to Critique Subjective Music Compositions.- Multi-agent Coordination Schemas in Decentralized Production Systems.- Ontology-Based RFID System Model for Supporting Semantic Consistency in Ubiquitous Environment.- Multiagent Search Strategy for Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Ant Model.- Cryptography.- Secure and Efficient Trust Negotiation.- Hardware/Software Co-design of a Secure Ubiquitous System.- Efficient Implementation of Tate Pairing on a Mobile Phone Using Java.- ID-Based (t,n) Threshold Proxy Signcryption for Multi-agent Systems.- A Differential Power Analysis Attack of Block Cipher Based on the Hamming Weight of Internal Operation Unit.- Chosen Message Attack Against Mukherjee-Ganguly-Chaudhuri's Message Authentication Scheme.- Binary Sequences with Three and Four Level Autocorrelation.- Security Analysis of Public-Key Encryption Scheme Based on Neural Networks and Its Implementing.- Enhanced Security Scheme for Managing Heterogeneous Server Platforms.- A New Parallel Multiplier for Type II Optimal Normal Basis.- Identity-Based Key-Insulated Signature Without Random Oracles.- Research on a Novel Hashing Stream Cipher.- Secure Password Authentication for Distributed Computing.- A Novel ID-Based Threshold Ring Signature Scheme Competent for Anonymity and Anti-forgery.- Ternary Tree Based Group Key Management in Dynamic Peer Networks.- Practical Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol.- XTR?+?: A Provable Security Public Key Cryptosystem.- Proxy Ring Signature: Formal Definitions, Efficient Construction and New Variant.- Linkability Analysis of Some Blind Signature Schemes.- Information Processing and Intrusion Detection.- An Efficient Device Authentication Protocol Using Bioinformatic.- Subjective and Objective Watermark Detection Using a Novel Approach Barcode Watermarking.- Forward Secure Threshold Signature Scheme from Bilinear Pairings.- Low-Cost Authentication Protocol of the RFID System Using Partial ID.- A VLSI Implementation of Minutiae Extraction for Secure Fingerprint Authentication.- Image-Adaptive Watermarking Using the Improved Signal to Noise Ratio.- New Malicious Code Detection Based on N-Gram Analysis and Rough Set Theory.- An Efficient Watermarking Technique Using ADEW and CBWT for Copyright Protection.- An Image Protection Scheme Using the Wavelet Coefficients Based on Fingerprinting Technique.- iOBS3: An iSCSI-Based Object Storage Security System.- An Efficient Algorithm for Clustering Search Engine Results.- Network Anomalous Attack Detection Based on Clustering and Classifier.- Fair Reputation Evaluating Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network.- Systems and Security.- Multisensor Real-Time Risk Assessment Using Continuous-Time Hidden Markov Models.- A Load Scattering Algorithm for Dynamic Routing of Automated Material Handling Systems.- Software Agents Action Securities.- A Key Distribution Scheme Based on Public Key Cryptography for Sensor Networks.- Collision-Resilient Multi-state Query Tree Protocol for Fast RFID Tag Identification.- Toward Modeling Sensor Node Security Using Task-Role Based Access Control with TinySec.- An Intelligent Digital Content Protection Framework Between Home Network Receiver Devices.- An Efficient Anonymous Registration Scheme for Mobile IPv4.- An Elliptic Curve Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol for Wireless Security.- An Efficient and Secure RFID Security Method with Ownership Transfer.- Security and Privacy on Authentication Protocol for Low-Cost RFID.- Securing Overlay Activities of Peers in Unstructured P2P Networks.- Security Contexts in Autonomic Systems.- Knowledge Structure on Virus for User Education.- An Efficient Anonymous Fingerprinting Protocol.- Senior Executives Commitment to Information Security from Motivation to Responsibility.- A Hierarchical Key Distribution Scheme for Conditional Access System in DTV Broadcasting.- Combining User Authentication with Role-Based Authorazition Based on Identity-Based Signature.- Modeling and Simulation for Security Risk Propagation in Critical Information Systems.- Information Assurance Evaluation for Network Information Systems.- Simulation and Analysis of DDoS in Active Defense Environment.- Access Control and Authorization for Security of RFID Multi-domain Using SAML and XACML.- Generalization of the Selective-ID Security Model for HIBS Protocols.- Discriminatively Learning Selective Averaged One-Dependence Estimators Based on Cross-Entropy Method.- Image-Adaptive Spread Transform Dither Modulation Using Human Visual Model.- Image and Signal Processing.- Improvement of Film Scratch Inpainting Algorithm Using Sobel Based Isophote Computation over Hilbert Scan Line.- A Watershed Algorithmic Approach for Gray-Scale Skeletonization in Thermal Vein Pattern Biometrics.- Estimation of Source Signals Number and Underdetermined Blind Separation Based on Sparse Representation.- Edge Detection Based on Mathematical Morphology and Iterative Thresholding.- Image Denoising Based on Wavelet Support Vector Machine.- Variational Decomposition Model in Besov Spaces and Negative Hilbert-Sobolev Spaces.- Performance Analysis of Cooperative Hopfield Networks for Stereo Matching.- An Improved Entropy Function and Chaos Optimization Based Scheme for Two-Dimensional Entropic Image Segmentation.- Face Pose Estimation and Synthesis by 2D Morphable Model.- Study of the Wavelet Basis Selections.- Pattern Recognition.- Feature Weighted Rival Penalized EM for Gaussian Mixture Clustering: Automatic Feature and Model Selections in a Single Paradigm.- Fingerprint Matching Using Invariant Moment Features.- Survey of Distance Measures for NMF-Based Face Recognition.- Weighted Kernel Isomap for Data Visualization and Pattern Classification.- DT-CWT Feature Combined with ONPP for Face Recognition.- Precise Eye Localization with AdaBoost and Fast Radial Symmetry.- Real-Time Expression Recognition System Using Active Appearance Model and EFM.- Feature Extraction Using Histogram Entropies of Euclidean Distances for Vehicle Classification.- Full-Space LDA With Evolutionary Selection for Face Recognition.- Subspace KDA Algorithm for Non-linear Feature Extraction in Face Identification.


Titel: Computational Intelligence and Security
Untertitel: International Conference, CIS 2006, Guangzhou, China, November 3-6, 2006, Revised Selected Papers
EAN: 9783540743767
ISBN: 3540743766
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
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Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T60mm
Jahr: 2007
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2007

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