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Computational Intelligence and Security

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The International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security (CIS) is an annualinternationalconference that bringstoget... Weiterlesen
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The International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security (CIS) is an annualinternationalconference that bringstogether researchers,engineers, developers and practitioners from both academia and industry to share expe- ence and exchange and cross-fertilize ideas on all areas of computational - telligence and information security. The conference serves as a forum for the dissemination of state-of-the-art research and the development, and implem- tationsof systems,technologiesandapplicationsinthese two broad,interrelated ?elds. This year CIS 2005 was co-organized by the IEEE (Hong Kong) Com- tational Intelligence Chapter and Xidian University, and co-sponsored by Hong Kong Baptist University, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Key Laboratory of Computer Networks and Information Security of the Ministry of EducationofChina,andGuangdongUniversityofTechnology. CIS2005received in total 1802 submissions from 41 countries and regions all over the world. All of them were strictly peer reviewed by the Program Committee and experts in the ?eld. Finally, 337 high-quality papers were accepted yielding an acc- tance rate of 18. 7%. Among them, 84 papers are the extended papers and 253 are the regular papers. The conference was greatly enriched by a wide range of topics covering all areas of computational intelligence and information security. Furthermore, tutorials and workshops were held for discussions of the proposed ideas. Such practice is extremely important for the e?ective development of the two ?elds and computer science in general. Wewouldliketothanktheorganizers:theIEEE(HongKong)Computational Intelligence Chapter and Xidian University for their great contributions and - forts in this big event.

Cryptography and Coding.- A Fast Inversion Algorithm and Low-Complexity Architecture over GF(2 m ).- An ID-Based Optimistic Fair Signature Exchange Protocol from Pairings.- FMS Attack-Resistant WEP Implementation Is Still Broken.- Design of a New Kind of Encryption Kernel Based on RSA Algorithm.- On the Security of Condorcet Electronic Voting Scheme.- Special Distribution of the Shortest Linear Recurring Sequences in Z /(p) Field.- Cryptanalysis of a Cellular Automata Cryptosystem.- A New Conceptual Framework Within Information Privacy: Meta Privacy.- Error Oracle Attacks on Several Modes of Operation.- Stability of the Linear Complexity of the Generalized Self-shrinking Sequences.- On the Construction of Some Optimal Polynomial Codes.- Perceptual Hashing of Video Content Based on Differential Block Similarity.- Cryptographic Protocols.- Secure Software Smartcard Resilient to Capture.- Revised Fischlin's (Blind) Signature Schemes.- Certificateless Threshold Signature Schemes.- An Efficient Certificateless Signature Scheme.- ID-Based Restrictive Partially Blind Signatures.- Batch Verification with DSA-Type Digital Signatures for Ubiquitous Computing.- On Anonymity of Group Signatures.- The Running-Mode Analysis of Two-Party Optimistic Fair Exchange Protocols.- Password-Based Group Key Exchange Secure Against Insider Guessing Attacks.- On the Security of Some Password-Based Key Agreement Schemes.- A New Group Rekeying Method in Secure Multicast.- Pairing-Based Provable Blind Signature Scheme Without Random Oracles.- Efficient ID-Based Proxy Signature and Proxy Signcryption Form Bilinear Pairings.- An Identity-Based Threshold Signcryption Scheme with Semantic Security.- A Token-Based Single Sign-On Protocol.- Simple Threshold RSA Signature Scheme Based on Simple Secret Sharing.- Efficient Compilers for Authenticated Group Key Exchange.- Insider Impersonation-MIM Attack to Tripartite Key Agreement Scheme and an Efficient Protocol for Multiple Keys.- Intrusion Detection.- An Immune System Inspired Approach of Collaborative Intrusion Detection System Using Mobile Agents in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.- A New User-Habit Based Approach for Early Warning of Worms.- A Multi-gigabit Virus Detection Algorithm Using Ternary CAM.- Sampling Distance Analysis of Gigantic Data Mining for Intrusion Detection Systems.- Hardware-Software Hybrid Packet Processing for Intrusion Detection Systems.- D-S Evidence Theory and Its Data Fusion Application in Intrusion Detection.- A New Network Anomaly Detection Technique Based on Per-Flow and Per-Service Statistics.- SoIDPS: Sensor Objects-Based Intrusion Detection and Prevention System and Its Implementation.- A Statistical Model for Detecting Abnormality in Static-Priority Scheduling Networks with Differentiated Services.- Tamper Detection for Ubiquitous RFID-Enabled Supply Chain.- Measuring the Histogram Feature Vector for Anomaly Network Traffic.- Efficient Small Face Detection in Surveillance Images Using Major Color Component and LDA Scheme.- Fast Motion Detection Based on Accumulative Optical Flow and Double Background Model.- Reducing Worm Detection Time and False Alarm in Virus Throttling.- Protection Against Format String Attacks by Binary Rewriting.- Masquerade Detection System Based on Principal Component Analysis and Radial Basics Function.- Anomaly Detection Method Based on HMMs Using System Call and Call Stack Information.- Parallel Optimization Technology for Backbone Network Intrusion Detection System.- Attack Scenario Construction Based on Rule and Fuzzy Clustering.- A CBR Engine Adapting to IDS.- Application of Fuzzy Logic for Distributed Intrusion Detection.- Security Models and Architecture.- Dynamic Access Control for Pervasive Grid Applications.- On the Security of the Canetti-Krawczyk Model.- A Novel Architecture for Detecting and Defending Against Flooding-Based DDoS Attacks.- A Variant of Poly1305 MAC and Its Security Proof.- Covert Channel Identification Founded on Information Flow Analysis.- Real-Time Risk Assessment with Network Sensors and Intrusion Detection Systems.- Design and Implementation of a Parallel Crypto Server.- Survivability Computation of Networked Information Systems.- Assessment of Windows System Security Using Vulnerability Relationship Graph.- A New (t, n)-Threshold Multi-secret Sharing Scheme.- An Efficient Message Broadcast Authentication Scheme for Sensor Networks.- Digital Image Authentication Based on Error-Correction Codes.- Design and Implementation of Efficient Cipher Engine for IEEE 802.11i Compatible with IEEE 802.11n and IEEE 802.11e.- Secure Delegation-by-Warrant ID-Based Proxy Signcryption Scheme.- Building Security Requirements Using State Transition Diagram at Security Threat Location.- Study on Security iSCSI Based on SSH.- A Scheduling Algorithm Based on a Trust Mechanism in Grid.- Enhanced Security and Privacy Mechanism of RFID Service for Pervasive Mobile Device.- Worm Propagation Modeling and Analysis on Network.- An Extensible AAA Infrastructure for IPv6.- The Security Proof of a 4-Way Handshake Protocol in IEEE 802.11i.- A Noble Key Pre-distribution Scheme with LU Matrix for Secure Wireless Sensor Networks.- Security Management.- A Virtual Bridge Certificate Authority Model.- Weak Signals in Information Security Management.- PDTM: A Policy-Driven Trust Management Framework in Distributed Systems.- Methodology of Quantitative Risk Assessment for Information System Security.- A Secure and Efficient (t, n) Threshold Verifiable Multi-secret Sharing Scheme.- Improvement on an Optimized Protocol for Mobile Network Authentication and Security.- Neural Network Based Flow Forecast and Diagnosis.- Protecting Personal Data with Various Granularities: A Logic-Based Access Control Approach.- Enhancement of an Authenticated Multiple-Key Agreement Protocol Without Using Conventional One-Way Function.- Topology-Based Macroscopical Response and Control Technology for Network Security Event.- Watermarking and Information Hiding.- Adaptive Hiding Scheme Based on VQ-Indices Using Commutable Codewords.- Reversible Data Hiding for Image Based on Histogram Modification of Wavelet Coefficients.- An Image Steganography Using Pixel Characteristics.- Alternatives for Multimedia Messaging System Steganography.- Error Concealment for Video Transmission Based on Watermarking.- Applying the AES and Its Extended Versions in a General Framework for Hiding Information in Digital Images.- An Image Hiding Algorithm Based on Bit Plane.- A Blind Audio Watermarking Algorithm Robust Against Synchronization Attack.- Semi-fragile Watermarking Algorithm for Detection and Localization of Temper Using Hybrid Watermarking Method in MPEG-2 Video.- Public Watermarking Scheme Based on Multiresolution Representation and Double Hilbert Scanning.- Performance Evaluation of Watermarking Techniques for Secure Multimodal Biometric Systems.- An Improvement of Auto-correlation Based Video Watermarking Scheme Using Independent Component Analysis.- A Digital Watermarking Technique Based on Wavelet Packages.- A Spectral Images Digital Watermarking Algorithm.- Restoration in Secure Text Document Image Authentication Using Erasable Watermarks.- Web and Network Applications.- The Study of RED Algorithm Used Multicast Router Based Buffer Management.- Genetic Algorithm Utilized in Cost-Reduction Driven Web Service Selection.- MacroOS: A Pervasive Computing Platform Supporting Context Awareness and Context Management.- A Frame for Selecting Replicated Multicast Servers Using Genetic Algorithm.- On a Novel Methodology for Estimating Available Bandwidth Along Network Paths.- A New AQM Algorithm for Enhancing Internet Capability Against Unresponsive Flows.- Client Server Access: Wired vs. Wireless LEO Satellite-ATM Connectivity; A (MS-Ro-BAC) Experiment.- An Algorithm for Automatic Inference of Referential Integrities During Translation from Relational Database to XML Schema.- A Fuzzy Integral Method to Merge Search Engine Results on Web.- The Next Generation PARLAY X with QoS/QoE.- A Design of Platform for QoS-Guaranteed Multimedia Services Provisioning on IP-Based Convergence Network.- of Knowledge Management System for Technical Support in Construction Industries.- An Event Correlation Approach Based on the Combination of IHU and Codebook.- Image and Signal Processing.- Face Recognition Based on Support Vector Machine Fusion and Wavelet Transform.- A Dynamic Face and Fingerprint Fusion System for Identity Authentication.- Image Recognition for Security Verification Using Real-Time Joint Transform Correlation with Scanning Technique.- Binarized Revocable Biometrics in Face Recognition.- Short Critical Area Computational Method Using Mathematical Morphology.- A Robust Lane Detection Approach Based on MAP Estimate and Particle Swarm Optimization.- MFCC and SVM Based Recognition of Chinese Vowels.- A Spatial/Frequency Hybrid Vector Quantizer Based on a Classification in the DCT Domain.- Removing of Metal Highlight Spots Based on Total Variation Inpainting with Multi-sources-flashing.- Component-Based Online Learning for Face Detection and Verification.- SPIHT Algorithm Based on Fast Lifting Wavelet Transform in Image Compression.- Modified EZW Coding for Stereo Residual.- Optimal Prototype Filters for Near-Perfect-Reconstruction Cosine-Modulated Filter Banks.- Fast Motion Estimation Scheme for Real Time Multimedia Streaming with H.264.- Motion-Compensated 3D Wavelet Video Coding Based on Adaptive Temporal Lifting Filter Implementation.- Accurate Contouring Technique for Object Boundary Extraction in Stereoscopic Imageries.- Robust Object Tracking Based on Uncertainty Factorization Subspace Constraints Optical Flow.- Bearings-Only Target Tracking Using Node Selection Based on an Accelerated Ant Colony Optimization.- Image Classification and Delineation of Fragments.- A Novel Wavelet Image Coding Based on Non-uniform Scalar Quantization.- A General Image Based Nematode Identification System Design.- A Novel SVD-Based RLS Blind Adaptive Multiuser Detector for CDMA Systems.- New Electronic Digital Image Stabilization Algorithm in Wavelet Transform Domain.- Line Segments and Dominate Points Detection Based on Hough Transform.- The Study of the Auto Color Image Segmentation.- Regularized Image Restoration by Means of Fusion for Digital Auto Focusing.- Fast Ray-Space Interpolation Based on Occlusion Analysis and Feature Points Detection.- Non-parametric ICA Algorithm for Hybrid Sources Based on GKNN Estimation.- SUSAN Window Based Cost Calculation for Fast Stereo Matching.- An Efficient Adaptive De-blocking Algorithm.- Facial Features Location by Analytic Boosted Cascade Detector.- New Approach for Segmentation and Pattern Recognition of Jacquard Images.- Nonstationarity of Network Traffic Within Multi-scale Burstiness Constraint.- Principle of Image Encrypting Algorithm Based on Magic Cube Transformation.- A Study on Motion Prediction and Coding for In-Band Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering.- Adaptive Sampling for Monte Carlo Global Illumination Using Tsallis Entropy.- Applications.- Incremental Fuzzy Decision Tree-Based Network Forensic System.- Robust Reliable Control for a Class of Fuzzy Dynamic Systems with Time-Varying Delay.- Using Concept Taxonomies for Effective Tree Induction.- A Similarity-Based Recommendation Filtering Algorithm for Establishing Reputation-Based Trust in Peer-to-Peer Electronic Communities.- Automatic Classification of Korean Traditional Music Using Robust Multi-feature Clustering.- A Private and Efficient Mobile Payment Protocol.- Universal Designated-Verifier Proxy Blind Signatures for E-Commerce.- An Efficient Control Method for Elevator Group Control System.- Next Generation Military Communication Systems Architecture.- Early Warning for Network Worms.- Skeleton Representation of Character Based on Multiscale Approach.- Channel Equalization Based on Two Weights Neural Network.- Assessment of Uncertainty in Mineral Prospectivity Prediction Using Interval Neutrosophic Set.- Ring-Based Anonymous Fingerprinting Scheme.- Scalable and Robust Fingerprinting Scheme Using Statistically Secure Extension of Anti-collusion Code.- Broadcast Encryption Using Identity-Based Public-Key Cryptosystem.- Multimedia Digital Right Management Using Selective Scrambling for Mobile Handset.- Design and Implementation of Crypto Co-processor and Its Application to Security Systems.- Continuous Speech Research Based on HyperSausage Neuron.- Variable-Rate Channel Coding for Space-Time Coded MIMO System.- A New Watermarking Method Based on DWT.- Efficient Point Rendering Method Using Sequential Level-of-Detail.- Construction of a Class of Compactly Supported Biorthogonal Multiple Vector-Valued Wavelets.- Metabolic Visualization and Intelligent Shape Analysis of the Hippocampus.- Characteristic Classification and Correlation Analysis of Source-Level Vulnerabilities in the Linux Kernel.


Titel: Computational Intelligence and Security
Untertitel: International Conference, CIS 2005, Xi'an, China, December 15-19, 2005, Proceedings, Part II
EAN: 9783540308195
ISBN: 978-3-540-30819-5
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1166
Größe: H235mm x B235mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2005
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2005

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