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Proceedings of Session VII of the Tenth International Symposium on Chromaffin Cell Biology, held August 25-28, 1999, in Bergen, No... Weiterlesen
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Proceedings of Session VII of the Tenth International Symposium on Chromaffin Cell Biology, held August 25-28, 1999, in Bergen, Norway, and a post-symposium workshop on Chromogranins: from Fundamental Physiology to Clinical Aspects, held August 28, 1999, on board the coastal steamer MS Richard With.
This book deals with the chromogranins, secretory prohormones from the diffuse neuroendocrine system. The current concepts of their structure, biogenesis, biosynthesis, secretion, tissue-specific distribution, and processing are presented for the first time all within one volume, with emphasis on the functional aspects of the biologically active sequences and the clinical perspectives of the circulation prohormones.


Part 1: Introduction. 1. The chromogranins: Historical perspectives; K.B. Helle. 2. Chromogranins -- Current concepts: Structural and functional aspects; D. Aunis, M.-H. Metz-Boutigue. Part 2: Intracellular Functions. 3. Signal-mediated sorting of chromogranins to secretory granules; H.-H. Gerdes, M.H. Gombik. 4. The condensed matrix of mature chromaffin granules: The soluble form of dopamine b-hydroxyase is catalytically inactive; O. Terland, T. Flatmark. 5. Functional role of chromogranins: The intragranular matrix in the last phase of exocytosis; R. Borges, et al. 6. Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor and chromogranins A and B in secretory granules. Co-localization and functional coupling; S.H. Yoo, et al. Part 3: Transcription, Expression and Secretion. 7. Regulation of chromogranin A transcription and catecholamine secretion by the neuropeptide PACAP. Stimulation and desensitization; L. Taupenot, et al. 8. Neuroendocrine cell-specific expression and regulation of human secretogranin II gene; Y. Anouar, et al. 9. Characterization of chromogranins in the frog Rana ridibunda. Structure, expression and functional implications; V. Turquier, et al. 10. Expression of equine chromogranin A. cDNA sequence and distribution of mRNA in endocrine and exocrine tissues; F. Sato, et al. 11. Salivary secretion of chromogranin A. Control by autonomic nervous system; T. Kanno, et al. Part 4: Tissue-Specific Processing, Transport and Distribution. 12. Proteolytic processing of chromogranins; A. Laslop, et al. 13. Endothelial handling of chromogranin A; M. Mandala, et al. 14. Tissue plasminogen activator and chromogranin cell function; R.J. Parmer, et al. 15. Chromogranin A immunoreactivity in neuroendocrine cells in the human gastrointestinal tract and pancreas; G.M. Portela-Gomes. 16. Chromogranin A and its derived peptides in the rat and porcine gastro-entero-pancreatic system. Expression, localization and characterization; W.J. Curry, et al. Part 5: Functional Aspects of Biologically Active Sequences. 17. Regulation of parathyroid secretion. Chromogranins, chemokines and calcium; R. Hogue, et al. 18. Vasostatins. Vascular targets; K.B. Helle. 19. Vasostatins. Dilators of bovine resistance arteries; J.F. Brekke, et al. 20. Pancreastatin: Biological effects and mechanisms of action; V. Sanchez-Margalet, et al. 21. The novel catecholamine release-inhibitory peptide catestatin (chromogranin A 344-364). Properties and function; S.K. Mahata, et al. 22. Secretoneurin -- A novel link between the nervous and the immune system. Conservation of the sequence and functional aspects; C.M. Kahler, R. Fischer-Colbrie. 23. Chromogranin A induces a neurotoxic phenotype in brain microglial cells; J. Ciesielski-Treska, C. Aunis. 24. Antibacterial and antifungal peptides derived from chromogranins and proenkephalin-A. From structural to biological aspects; M.-H. Metz-Boutigue, et al. Part 6: Clinical Aspects of the Circulating Prohormones. 25. Measurements of chromogranins and chromogranin-related peptides by immunological methods; M. Stridsberg. 26. Chromogranins as diagnostic and prognostic markers in neuroendocrine tumours; K. Oberg, M. Stridsberg. 27. Assessment of chromogranin A using two-site immuno-assay; F. Degorce. 28. Chromogranin A and tumor necrosis factor-a (TNF) in chronic heart failure; A. Corti, et al. 29. Chromogranin A (CGA) and the enterochromaffin-like (ECL) cell; H.L. Waldum, U. Syversen. 30. Chromogranins in non-endocrine tumours; N. Kimura. Part 7: Concluding Remarks. 31. Chromogranin A in human disease; D.T. O'Connor, et al. 32. A physiological role for the granins as prohormones for homeostatically important regulatory peptides? A working hypothesis for future research; K.B. Helle, D. Aunis. Subject Index. Author Index.


Titel: Chromogranins
Untertitel: Functional and Clinical Aspects
EAN: 9780306464461
ISBN: 0306464462
Format: Fester Einband
Herausgeber: Springer US
Genre: Medizin
Anzahl Seiten: 436
Gewicht: 1012g
Größe: H260mm x B183mm x T28mm
Jahr: 2000
Auflage: 2000

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