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Career Studies

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Kerr Inkson is Professor of Management at the University of Otago, Visiting Professor of Management at Victoria University of Wel... Weiterlesen
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Kerr Inkson is Professor of Management at the University of Otago, Visiting Professor of Management at Victoria University of Wellington, and Honorary Research Fellow at Massey University, all in New Zealand. He has a PhD from the University of Otago. Since commencing his academic work in the 1960s Kerr has had a distinguished career in management studies and organizational behavior, and has worked at a number of business schools in the New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. Since the early 1990s his research has focused on careers, and he published The New Careers (co-authored by Michael B Arthur and Judith K Pringle) with Sage in 1999. Other recent books include Management: New Zealand Perspectives (third edition, Prentice-Hall, 2002, co-authored with Darl Kolb) and Cultural Intelligence (Berrett-Koehler, 2004, co-authored with David C. Thomas). He is author of several other books and over 100 refereed journal articles and book chapters, many of them on career themes. In 2005-6 he was Chair of the Careers Division, Academy of Management. Website: http://www.commerce.otago.ac.nz/mgmt/staff/kinkson.htm Email: kinkson@business.otago.ac.nz.


These four volumes bring together the best and most significant work in the career studies literature canon to date. The articles in this major work have been masterfully selected by the set's esteemed editors for their exceptional impact and influence, as well as to demonstrate the range of disciplinary perspectives that have been used as different lenses to understand the concept of "career." The result is a highly comprehensive yet user-friendly collection, which includes material on both "vocational" and "organizational" career studies; a true touchstone text for any scholar interested in expanding their knowledge of this far-reaching field.

The set is organized around four central themes: Volume 1: Foundations of Career Studies; taking a look at historical material on the development of career studies within different disciplines Volume 2: Careers in Context; considering careers in relation to their surrounding social structures Volume 3: Careers as Human Experience; attending to careers at the individual level Volume 4: Careers in Practice; bringing together the practical implications of career studies for all groups of practitioners

This major work brings together four volumes of the best and most significant work in career studies literature canon to date in a highly comprehenisve yet user-friendly style.


VOLUME ONE: FOUNDATIONS OF CAREER STUDIES Images of Career - Kerr Inkson Nine Key Metaphors Psychological Success - Douglas Hall and Dawn Chandler When the Career Is a Calling Protean Careers of the 21st Century - Douglas Hall The Boundaryless Career - Robert Defillippi and Michael Arthur A Competency-Based Perspective Vocational Development Theory - Donald Super Persons, Positions and Processes Exploring Careers with a Typology - John Holland What We Have Learned and Some New Directions Sociocognitive Mechanisms of Personal Agency in Career Development - Robert Lent and Gail Hackett Pantheoretical Perspectives One Step towards Realizing the Multidisciplinarity of Career Studies - Audrey Collin Careers, Identities and Institutions - Stephen Barley The Legacy of the Chicago School of Sociology Helping People Choose Jobs - Mark Savickas A History of the Guidance Profession Tracing the Historical Roots of Career Theory in Management and Organization Studies - Celia Moore, Hugh Gunz and Douglas Hall Career Anchors Revisited - Edgar Schein Implications for Career Development in the 21st Century The Dual Meaning of Managerial Careers - Hugh Gunz Organizational and Individual Levels of Analysis The Changing Nature of Careers - Sherry Sullivan A Review and Research Agenda Examining Contemporary Careers - Michael Arthur A Call for Interdisciplinary Inquiry The Intelligent Career Framework as a Basis for Interdisciplinary Inquiry - Polly Parker, Scetlana Khapova and Michael Arthur VOLUME TWO: CAREERS IN CONTEXT The People Make the Place - Benjamin Schneider Person-Organization Fit, Job Choice Decisions and Organizational Entry - Daniel Cable and Timothy Judge Psychological Contracts in the Workplace - Denise Rousseau Understanding the Ties That Motivate The Elephant in the Room? Class and Creative Careers in British Advertising Agencies - Charlotte McLeod, Stephanie O'Donohoe and Barbara Townley Sources of Conflict between Work and Family Roles - Jeffrey Greenhaus and Nicholas Beutell Careers and Organizational Labor Markets - Shelby Stewman and Suresh Konda Demographic Models of Organizational Behavior Finding a Place in History - Candace Jones Symbolic and Social Networks in Creative Careers and Collective Memory Strategic Determinants of Managerial Labor Markets - Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Maury Peiperl and John Kotter A Career-Systems View The 'Bounded' Career - Zella King, Simon Burke and Jim Pemberton An Empirical Study of Human Capital, Career Mobility and Employment Outcomes in a Mediated Labour Market Back to Square Zero - Maury Peiperl and Yehuda Baruch The Post-Corporate Career Challenges for the Boundaryless Career Odyssey - Judith Pringle and Mary Mallon Constructing Scientific Careers - Joanne Duberley, Laurie Cohen and Mary Mallon Change, Continuity and Context Enacting Global Careers - Tineke Cappellen and Maddy Janssens Organizational Career Scripts and the Global Economy as Co-Existing Career Referents New Directions for Boundaryless Careers - Svenja Tams and Michael Arthur Agency and Interdependence in a Changing World Contextual Issues in the Study of Careers - Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Michael Meyer and Johannes Streyer Boundaryless Careers - Kerr Inkson et al Bringing Back Boundaries VOLUME THREE: CAREERS AS HUMAN EXPERIENCE Transition Discontinuities and the Biographical Shaping of Early Work Careers - Walter Heinz Life Themes - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Olga Beattie A Theoretical and Empirical Exploration of Their Origins and Effects Establishing a Career - Janet Dix and Mark Savickas Developmental Tasks and Coping Responses A Theory of Work Role Transitions - Nigel Nicholson Predictors of Success in the Era of the Boundaryless Career - Lillian Eby, Marcus Butts and Angie Lockwood Playing to Win - Nigel Nicholson and Wendy de Waal-Andrews Biological Imperatives, Self-Regulation and Trade-offs in the Game of Career Success A Survival Analysis of the Impact of Boundary Crossings on Managerial Career Advancement up to Mid-Career - Zheng Chen, John Veiga and Gary Powell Career Success in a Boundaryless Career World -


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