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Cardiac Doppler Diagnosis

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` Those who have realised the importance of the additional data which can be obtained by the complementary use of Doppler ultrasou... Weiterlesen
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` Those who have realised the importance of the additional data which can be obtained by the complementary use of Doppler ultrasound will find that this book is a concenient source of reference. Those who remain to be convinced will find that it puts the subject nicely into perspective. ' The British Journal of Radiology, 57:681 (September 1984)


Historical Perspectives.- 1. Current clinical applications of Doppler: A local perspective on a developing field.- 2. History of pulse and echo Doppler ultrasound in Japan.- Physical Principles and Instrumentation.- 3. The physics of Doppler ultrasound and its measurement instrumentation.- 4. Combination of ultrasonic 2D-echo amplitude imaging and Doppler measurements.- 5. Doppler measurement in heart chambers and ascending aorta: Comparing single and multi-channel systems.- 6. An imaging gate pulse Doppler for examination of coronary bypass graft patency.- Cardiac Output and Coronary Flow.- 7. Ventricular ejection dynamics.- 8. Convenient monitoring of cardiac output and global left ventricular function by transcutaneous aortovelography - An effective alternative to cardiac output measurements.- 9. Continuous measurement of cardiac output with an ultrasonic catheter.- 10. Usefulness of Doppler catheters in assessment of coronary artery blood flow.- Mitral Flow and Ventricular Function.- 11. The cardiac cycle: mitral flow and valve motion.- 12. Relations between transmitral flow and ventricular relaxation: a study by pulsed Doppler flowmetry.- 13. Analysis of diastolic behavior of the left ventricle on dynamic exercise by pulse Doppler combined with 2-D Echocardiograph.- Continuous Wave and Pulse Wave Doppler in Acquired and Congenital Heart Lesions.- 14. Hemodynamic principles for cardiac Doppler diagnosis.- 15. Cardiac diagnosis using continuous wave Doppler and a true spectral display.- 16. CW Doppler with spectral analysis in acquired valve disease.- 17. Fundamentals of Doppler echocardiography featuring an independent CW and pulsed system.- 18. Comparison of continuous and pulsed Doppler in diagnosis of mitral and aortic stenosis in adults.- 19. Maximal blood flow velocities and assessment of obstructions with pulsed and continuous wave Doppler.- 20. Measurement of high blood flow velocity at depth, using a pulsed Doppler system: noninvasive estimation of pressure gradients.- 21. Pulsed Doppler echocardiographic quantification of Left-to-right shunts in children with isolated ventricular septal defect.- 22. Multigate Doppler visualization of intracardiac flow disturbances in congenital heart disease.- Valve Regurgitations and Turbulence Detection.- 23. Noninvasive estimation of pulmonary artery pressure by Doppler ultrasound in tricuspid regurgitation.- 24. Diagnosis of tricuspid regurgitation. A comparison between pulsed Doppler, jugular vein and liver pulse recordings, contrast echocardiography and angiography.- 25. Assessment of tricuspid regurgitation by two-dimensional Doppler echocardiography.- 26. Analysis of mitral regurgitation in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by two-dimensional Doppler echocardiography.- 27. Non-invasive visualization and estimation of severity of aortic regurgitation by multigated pulsed Doppler technique.- 28. A new Doppler approach for quanitation of left sided regurgitation.- 29. A new index for evaluating blood flow disturbance (non-uniformity index) by a pulsed Doppler flowmeter.- 30. Colour visualization of two-dimensional distribution of intracardiac flow abnormalities by multigate Doppler technique.- 31. Determination of the source of musical heart murmur using two-dimensional Doppler echocardiography.- Two-Dimensional Echo with Doppler and Prosthetic Valves.- 32. Combined 2D-echo and Doppler compared to Doppler without imaging. Assessment of prosthetic valves.- 33. Quantification of flow obstruction in mitral stenosis and prosthetic mitral valves with Doppler ultrasound.- 8. Pulsed and continuous wave Doppler for evaluation of mitral and aortic St. Jude prosthetic valves.- Index of Subjects.


Titel: Cardiac Doppler Diagnosis
EAN: 9789401087087
ISBN: 978-94-010-8708-7
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Genre: Medizin
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Jahr: 2011
Auflage: 1983



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