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Carbon Sequestration in Urban Ecosystems

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This book examines the carbon sink capacity of urban ecosystems, showing how judicious planning and careful management can offset ... Weiterlesen
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This book examines the carbon sink capacity of urban ecosystems, showing how judicious planning and careful management can offset human emissions using lawn and turf, urban forests, green roofs, parks, recreational and sports facilities and urban agriculture.

Urbanization drastically alters the ecosystems structure and functions, disrupts cycling of C and other elements along with water. It alters the energy balance and influences climate at local, regional and global scales. In 2008, urban population exceeded the rural population. In 2050, 70% of the world population will live in urban centers. The number of megacities (10 million inhabitants) increased from three in 1975 to 19 in 2007, and is projected to be 27 in 2025. Rapid urbanization is altering the ecosystem C budget. Yet, urban ecosystems have a large C sink capacity in soils and biota. Judicious planning and effective management can enhance C pool in urban ecosystems, and off-set some of the anthropogenic emissions. Principal components with regards to C sequestration include home lawns and turfs, urban forests, green roofs, park and recreational/sports facilities and urban agriculture.


PART I. Urban Ecosystems and Climate Change
1. Urban Ecosystems and Climate Change; R. Lal
2. Adapting Urban Land Use in a Time of Climate Change; Optimising Future Land-use Patterns to Decrease Flood Risks; E.van Leeuwen, E. Koomen
3. Comparison of Methods for Estimating Carbon Dioxide Storage by Sacramento's Urban Forest; E. Aguaron, E.G. McPherson
4. Terrestrial Carbon Management In Urban Ecosystems And Water Quality; K. Lorenz, R. Lal
PART II. Urban Forests
5. Carbon Stocks in Urban Forest Remnants: Atlanta and Baltimore as Case Studies; I. D. Yesilonis, R. V. Pouyat
6. Urban Trees for Carbon Sequestration; B.C. Scharenbroch
7. Carbon Storage in Some Urban Forest Soils of Columbus, Ohio, USA; K. Lorenz, R. Lal
PART III. Turfgrass and Home Lawns
8. Carbon Dynamics and Sequestration in Urban Turfgrass Ecosystems; Y. Qian, R. Follett
9. Carbon sequestration potential in urban soils; S. Brown, E. Miltner, and C. Cogger
10. Carbon Sequestration in Turfed Landscapes: A Review; E.A. Guertal
11. Microbial Control of Soil Carbon Accumulation in Turfgrass Systems; W. Shi, D. Bowman, T. Rufty
12. Using Soil Health Indicators to Follow Carbon Dynamics in Disturbed Urban Environments- A Case Study of Gas Pipeline Right-of-Way Construction; R. R. Schindelbeck, H. M. van Es
13. Carbon Sequestration in Golf Course Turfgrass Systems and Recommendations for the Enhancement of Climate Change Mitigation Potential; A. L. Selhorst, R. Lal
14. Modeling Carbon Sequestration in the U.S. Residential Landscape; G. Zirkle, R. Lal, B. Augustin, R. Follett
PART IV. Current Trends in Urban Ecosystems
15. Improving Soil Quality for Urban Agriculture in the North Central U.S.;J. Beniston, R. Lal
16. Carbon Cycle of Urban Ecosystems; G. Churkina
17. Legacy Effects of Highway Construction Disturbance and Vegetation Management on Carbon Dynamics in Forested Urban Verges; T. L. L. Trammell, M. M. Carreiro
PART V. Sustainable Management of Urban Ecosystems
18. Global Urbanization and Demand for Natural Resources; C. Yeh, S. Huang
19. Toward Greening of Urban Landscapes; R. Lal


Titel: Carbon Sequestration in Urban Ecosystems
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