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Buzz Buzz - Essays Of The Theatre

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Text extracted from opening pages of book: BUZZ, BUZZ ESSAYS OF THE THEATRE CAPTAIN JAMES E. AGATE Pol. The actors are come hithe... Weiterlesen
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Text extracted from opening pages of book: BUZZ, BUZZ ESSAYS OF THE THEATRE CAPTAIN JAMES E. AGATE Pol. The actors are come hither, my lord. Ham. Buzz, Buzz LONDON: 48 PALL MALL W. COLLINS SONS & CO. LTD. GLASGOW MELBOURNE AUCKLAND THE criticisms of Sarah Bernhardt, Rjane, Vesta Tilley, Henry Austin, R R, Benson, Weedon Grossmith, Laurence Irving, P& issier, and the Irish Players appeared in slightly different form in the columns of The Manchester Guardian, and the Note on Stanley Houghton and the substance of the last three chapters of Mr. Cleever goes to the Theatre in The Manchester Playgoer. I have to express my grateful thanks to the proprietors concerned for their courteous per mission to republish. Dedicatory Letter to E. M. Baerlein, Esquire DEAR EDGAR, I take it to be fitting that this book should be dedicated to that one of my friends who, so far from being its only begetter, was the chief coun sellor against publication. It was you who urged that the essential temper of newspaper criticism its obligation to fire at sight was antagonistic to reproduction. Little can you have guessed at the premeditation which runs before the critical impromptu 1 Is it possible that you never had an inkling of the labour and travail which, with all good critics, should precede performance, that you took us at our written word and marvelled at the never-failing accuracy and appositeness of our instruction ? Whereas any honest critic will con fess to the feverish turning up of Little Arthur which is to make him sound on the Henrys and the Edwards and so enable him to face the Histories without flinching, and to the furtive dive into the latest number of The Lancet which is to equip him forDamaged Goods. But I also remember your criticism of such of these little essays as made their original appear ance in a morning journal, to the effect that they would appear to have been written more with an eye to the approbation of posterity than to the enlightenment of a news-greedy public. In one breath you would have it that there is little to be advanced against the courage but everything against the stability of opinions primed and firea at two vii Buzz, Buzz o'clock in the morning. In the next you are of the opinion that the finger was kept too long on the trigger. From which vanity might make flattering deductions as to certainty of aim, whereas you probably did not intend more pleasantly than that the work was laboured. Well, you cannot have it both ways, and I am emboldened to dedicate to you this little book in the hope that you will find the whole better than its parts. One of the weaknesses of republication is the endowment of the original matter with a self sufficingness and a self-sufficiency which, it may be hoped, was not its first wear. Nodules of criticism shy enough in their first inception now advertise a hectoring assurance and a lecturer's lucidity. Or say that they stand too obviously on their own bottoms, self-important and self-supporting as Mr. Crummles's tubs, too consciously aware of their obligation to arrest and convince the reader within the scope of a column, to expose their exact shade of meaning now or to be misunderstood for ever. Hence the arrogance and sententiousness which in the beginning were so much modest painstaking. The form, too, is become something of a bore with its wearying succession of beginnings, middles, and endings, the repeateddriving of the nail home. Well, better writers than I have taken these risks, and taken them cheerfully. Not one of the great critics from Sarcey upwards has thought fit to throw over the form in which his judgments first appeared. Mr. Arthur Symons is to be found writing: I have frankly left all references to * last week, 1 and the like, as I found them, because that viii Dedicatory Letter will help to show that I am speaking of a particular thing immediately under my eyes/' Mr. C. E. Montague puts our case finely: And yet for old theatre notices there may be a


Titel: Buzz Buzz - Essays Of The Theatre
EAN: 9781406756517
ISBN: 1406756512
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Anzahl Seiten: 264
Gewicht: 340g
Größe: H216mm x B140mm x T15mm
Jahr: 2007



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