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Recollections Of An Officer Of Napoleon's Army

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The Court Series of French Memoirs RECOLLECTIONS OF AN OFFICER OF NAPOLEONS ARMY THE EMPEROR In the Uniform of a Grenadier. RECOL... Weiterlesen
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The Court Series of French Memoirs RECOLLECTIONS OF AN OFFICER OF NAPOLEONS ARMY THE EMPEROR In the Uniform of a Grenadier. RECOLLECTIONS OF AN OFFICER OF NAPOLEONS ARMY Captain Elz ir Blaze Translated from t e E. Jules Maras SXURGIS V ALTON COMPANY 1911 Copyright 1911 B7 STURGIS 4 WALTON COMPANY Setnpandelectrotyped. Published October, 1911 INTRODUCTION Elzear Jean Louis Joseph Blaze, soldier and writer, was born at Cavaillon, France, in 1788 and died in Paris in 1848 He was a pupil of the Fontaincbleau Military School and as a member of the Grande Armee took part in the Campaigns of Prussia, 1 807 Austria, 1 809 Spain, 1 8 1 1 Russia, 1812 Saxony, 1813 and in the investment of Hamburg, 1814. He continued in the army until the Restauration at which time he retired with the rank of captain. As a writer he has left us a half dozen or more works on hunting, and his Vie Mil itaire sous IEmpire, ou M urs de Garnison, de Bivouac ct de Caserne, which book is here pre sented under the title of Recollections of an Officer of Napoleons Army. Although the Empire of the great Napoleon is the epoch about which the greatest number of memoirs have been written, yet it is not necessarily the best known. The Memoirs of the Marshals INTRODUCTION of the Empire were those first published, then came those of the generals, and lastly those of the subaltern officers. In a book full of spirit and of a kind of South ern humour, from which part of France he came, Captain Blaze gives us the plain, straightforward story of the experiences in the field of one of Na poleons soldiers. Having served in the army from 1806 to the Restauration, Blaze is in a posi tion to give us particularly valuable information. FromFriedland to Wagram, having won the rank of captain, he remained, out of liking for military life, in direct contact with the troopers. A wide awake and judicious observer, Blaze describes the soldier without flattery. His is a most precious contribution to the study of the soldier of the Em pire whose disappointments and hopes he shared. ILLUSTRATIONS The Emperor in the Uniform of a Grenadier . Frontispiece FACING PACK Alexander First, Emperor of Russia 46 The Battle of Eylau 66 The Battle of Austerlitz 118 Murat 132 Napoleon at Tilsit 158 Vive ISEmpereur 214 Frederick William Third, King of Prussia 228 TOE FONTAINEBLEAU MILITARY SCHOOL


Titel: Recollections Of An Officer Of Napoleon's Army
EAN: 9781406748642
ISBN: 1406748641
Format: Kartonierter Einband
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Jahr: 2007



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