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Bombers Across

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Text extracted from opening pages of book: BOMBERS CAPTAIN EDGAR J. Illustrated with Photographs and a Map New York E. P. BUTTON ... Weiterlesen
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Text extracted from opening pages of book: BOMBERS CAPTAIN EDGAR J. Illustrated with Photographs and a Map New York E. P. BUTTON & CO., INC. 1944 and to the wives and sweethearts of all airmen. They also serve, who only stand and wait. fplult hy Capt. Edgar J. Wynn at the controls of a B-24 Liberator bomber. Introduction THERE are more unsung heroes fighting in this ar} suppose, than in all the other wars of history rolled together. Explorers who have gone into remote regions in search of rare minerals and products of the jungle; men in the intelligence services who in this war have an infinitely more difficult job than ever before; paratroopers dropped behind the lines whom we never hear about; war correspondents who have suffered more casualties in proportion to their numbers than any other single group taking an active part at the various fronts; doctors, nurses, stretcher bearers, and ambulance drivers for whom the hazards are now far greater than ever; ground crews at advance air bases, and so on. The list is endless. But right at the head of it should go the flyers whose job it is to ferry planes across the oceans, and fly the endless stream of munitions that go by the sky route. Frankly, I feel utterly inadequate for the pleasant task of writ ing a preliminary word to this exciting book. But, I accepted the invitation eagerly, because there are few things that could give me more satisfaction than the opportunity to salute the lads who fly the oceans. For, from my observer's seat, it seems that they have had far less recognition than they deserve. My actual knowledge of the men who fly the seven seas and span the continents on their errands of war is less than I would like it tobe. However, for years I have been either directly or indirectly associated with the world of aviation, and scores of my friends are among the old-time flyers who were the first to join the Ferry Command. And while I think of it, here's a question that has been puz zling rne ever since we entered the war: One of the top flyers of our time, is a young old man named Clyde Pangborn. There are some who rank him Number One. 5 6. INTRODUCTION' * ** * * ** years ago was just one of his s stHajg. t> f 4ghj$ v$ mbjits. And in this was included a rec brcl-tSat stafl-SftMs; wKetHie made man's first non-stop flight right across hf. vast Pacific Ocean. And, the amazing thing is that it hak-fever been flown non-stop since. Where is' Tang now? Why, he's a Captain in the RAF Ferry Command. Some of the most interesting flights that I have ever made have been with the pilots who are now spanning the hemi spheres. And never will I forget that night at Natal, at the tip of the South American bulge, the Number One jumping off place for the men who fly the South Atlantic. Air Force General Bob Walsh, in command there, suggested that we stay up all night, sit in with the veteran pilots and the youngsters too at their briefing; then see them into their planes; and watch them vanish over the South Atlantic. Occasionally the flyers and ground crews needed a little extra man power to clear a path through the rows and rows of four engined and twin-engined bombers lined up there and waiting to make the long jump to Africa some to take it straight, others to make it by way of lonely Ascension Island, Sometimes the General and I supplied that extra man power. All through the night a steady stream of planes, withblue flames shooting from their exhausts, went roaring down the more-than-a-mile-long-runway, up into the darkness, and out over the Atlantic bound for Africa, Asia, and Far Countries. One of the Air Transport pilots, a young Frenchman who now has rolled up several thousand hours in over-ocean flying, told me a story of one of his Pacific experiences. Some years ago when the Chilean government decided to create a ski corps for patrol work in the high Andes, Blue Devil Jacques Charmoz and a fellow French Olympic skier were loaned by the govern ment of France t


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