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Cantonese language

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 32. Chapters: Daniel Jones, Yue Chinese, S. L. Wong, Controversy over use of Cantonese by Guangzhou Tel... Weiterlesen
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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 32. Chapters: Daniel Jones, Yue Chinese, S. L. Wong, Controversy over use of Cantonese by Guangzhou Television, Written Cantonese, Hong Kong Cantonese, Taishanese, Cantonese phonology, Cantonese grammar, HKSCS, Bilingualism in Hong Kong, Proper Cantonese pronunciation, Cantonese Braille, Samuel Wells Williams, Weitou dialect, Ernest Tipson, Cantonese pronouns, Ernst Johann Eitel, A Chinese Syllabary Pronounced According to the Dialect of Canton, Shiqi dialect, Danzhou dialect, Dapeng dialect, Gaoyang dialect. Excerpt: Wong Shik Ling (also known as S. L. Wong) published a scheme of phonetic symbols for Cantonese based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in the book A Chinese Syllabary Pronounced according to the Dialect of Canton. The scheme has been widely used in Chinese dictionaries published in Hong Kong. The scheme, known as S. L. Wong system ( ), is a broad phonemic transcription system based on IPA and its analysis of Cantonese phonemes is related to the theories of Y. R. Chao. Other than the phonemic transcription system, Wong also derived a romanisation scheme published in the same book. See S. L. Wong (romanisation). Before devising the system, Wong studied many phonetic transcription and romanisation system, including Eitel's and other earlier schemes, for Cantonese. He found that many of them are not accurate enough for use. He researched in Cantonese and published his results in the book in 1938. The system, with minor variations, has been adopted by some other Hong Kong Chinese dictionaries including , namely Chinese Dictionary by (Kiu Yin Nung), , namely Chung Hwa New Dictionary and , namely Commercial Press New Dictionary. Hong Kong Education and Manpower Bureau formulate Cantonese Pinyin romanisation based on the system. In Chinese phonological studies, other systems more phonetic in character are collectively referred to as the narrow transcription (i.e., phonetic transcription) even though they are not necessarily exact phonetic transcription systems. It should be noted that the various narrow transcriptions by different scholars are not identical due to the scholars' differing analyses of the Cantonese phonemes (for example, the phoneme might be analyzed as ). For convenience purposes, in the rest of this article, when the broad system is mentioned it refers to S. L. Wong's system; when narrow is mentioned, it refers to a representative narrow system but does not imply that all narrow systems are as described. Cantonese like other


Titel: Cantonese language
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