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Cancer Chemo- and Immunopharmacology

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Local treatment cures about 30 to 40% of cancers, this proportion depending on the follow-up required to establish it. This means ... Weiterlesen
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Local treatment cures about 30 to 40% of cancers, this proportion depending on the follow-up required to establish it. This means that 60 to 70% of the malignant neoplasias are disseminated either perceptibly (leukemias, visible metas tases) or imperceptibly, forming a 'minimal imperceptible disease', which local treatment leaves, whether it consists of surgery, radiotherapy, or surgery plus radiotherapy. When the neoplastic tissue is voluminous enough to be per ceptible, cures can be obtained with chemotherapy or chemo immunotherapy. When the neoplastic disease is imperceptible, made up of micrometastases, it apparently can be cured by systemic postsurgical chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or chemoimmunotherapy. Hence there is the need for intensive development of these medical therapies which are applied by the medical oncol ogist and, at present, consist of chemotherapy, immuno therapy, or chemoimmunotherapy. These medical thera peutics can only grow with scientific development, the main weapon of which is experimental and clinical pharmacology. These volumes report the communications presented at the 1979 EORTC Annual Plenary Session on Cancer Chemo and Immunopharmacology.

General Progress in Clinical Chemotherapy of Advanced Disease.- Adjuvant Therapies of Postsurgical Minimal Residual Disease.- Limits of Animal Models in Cancer Chemotherapy.- Clinical Chemotherapy: Its Correlation with Experimental Models.- Metabolic Conversion of Methotrexate in Man.- Biochemical Control of High-Dose Methotrexate/Leucovorin Rescue Therapy.- High-Dose Methotrexate in Combination Chemotherapy for Small Cell Lung Cancer.- Clinical and Laboratory Reevalution of Dichloromethotrexate.- An Overview of the Clinical Pharmacology of N-Phosphonacetyl-l-Aspartate (PALA), a New Antimetabolite.- N-(Phosphonacetyl)-l-Aspartate (PALA):Current Status.- Synthesis, Biologic Effects, and Biochemical Properties of Some 2'-Azido- and 2'-Amino- 2'-Deoxyarabinofuranosyl Pyrimidines and Purines.- Prediction of Clinical Response to 5-Fluorouracil-Containing Chemotherapy: Preliminary Results of in Vitro Assay in Human Breast Cancer.- Vindesine: A New Vinca Alkaloid.- The Epipodophyllotoxin Derivatives VM-26 and VP-16-213,1976-1979,aReview.- Antitumor Activity, Pharmacology, and Toxicity of Ellipticines, Ellipticinium, and 9-Hydroxy Derivatives: Preliminary Clinical Trials of 2-Methyl-9-Hydroxy Ellipticinium (NSC 264-137).- Comparative Pharmacokinetics of Chlorambucil and Melphalan in Man.- Clinical Implications of Cisplatin Pharmacology.- Cisplatinumdiamminodichloride (CPDD) in Chemotherapy of Cancers: A Phase II Therapeutic Trial.- 1,2-Diaminocyclohexane Platinum Derivatives of Potential Clinical Value.- Preclinical and Phase I Studies of Malonatoplatinum.- A Review of Clinical Studies of Pepleomycin.- Experimental and Clinical Activity of a New Anthracycline Derivative: Detorubicin (14-Diethoxyacetoxydaunorubicin).- Clinical Study of Detorubicin.- Preliminary Clinical Experience with 4' -Epidoxorubicin in Advanced Human Neoplasia.- Quelamycin: A Summary of Phase I Clinical Trials.- Current Status of Japanese Studies with the New Anthracycline Antibiotic Aclacinomycin A.- Phase II Trial of Aclacinomycin in Acute Leukemia and Lymphosarcoma.- Ultrastructuralé Study of the Cardiotoxicity and Light- Microscopic Findings of the Skin After Treatment of Golden Hamsters with Seven Different Anthracyclines.- m-AMSA: A New Anticancer Agent.- The Rediscovery of DON (6-Diazo-5-oxo-l-norleucine).- The Use of Peritoneal Dialysis for Delivery of Chemotherapy to Intraperitoneal Malignancies.- The Development of Mesna for the Inhibition of Urotoxic Side Effects of Cyclophosphamide, Ifosfamide, and Other Oxazaphosphorine Cytostatics.- Cell Kinetic Factors, Single Drugs and Combination.- Hyperthermia and Chemotherapy: Preclinical Considerations.- The Disposition of Intraperitoneal Bleomycin, Melphalan, and Vinblastine in Cancer Patients.- Clinical Correlations of Drug Sensitivity in the Human Tumor Stem Cell Assay.- Comments on the Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, and Teratogenic Properties of Anticancer Drugs.- Long-Term Sequelae of Cancer Chemotherapy.


Titel: Cancer Chemo- and Immunopharmacology
Untertitel: 1. Chemopharmacology
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ISBN: 3642814905
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Jahr: 2012
Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1980

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