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Cancer-Associated Thrombosis

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Cancer-Associated Thrombosis Cancer-Associated ThrombosisShowcasing the expertise of top-tier specialists who contributed to the ... Weiterlesen
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Klappentext Cancer-Associated Thrombosis


Cancer-Associated Thrombosis

Showcasing the expertise of top-tier specialists who contributed to the newly released guidelines for the care of thrombosis in cancer patients, this exciting guide was written and edited by members of the American Society of Clinical Oncology panel, (ASCO), on the prevention and treatment of cancer-associated thrombosis, among others, and provides an authoritative discussion of strategies to effectively implement and interpret the new ASCO/NCCN directives. Standing as the only up-to-date source to readily examine exciting new translational science findings regarding the biology of cancer-associated thrombosis, as well as new clinical recommendations, this guide supplies an authoritative and current discussion of the mechanisms, management, and prevention of cancer-associated thrombosis.

MECHANISMS OF CANCER-ASSOCIATED THROMBOSIS. Oncogenes, Cancer and Hemostasis. Hemostasis and Angiogenesis. Tissue Factor in Cancer Angiogenesis and Coagulopathy. Role of Platelets and Fibrinogen in Tumor Cell Survival. Chemotherapy and Activation of Hemostasis. Anti-Angiogenics and Cancer-Associated Thrombosis. Heparins in Cancer: Role of Selectin Interactions. CLINICAL ASPECTS OF CANCER-ASSOCIATED THROMBOSIS. Burden of Cancer-Associated Thrombosis and Its Impact on Survival of Cancer Patients. VTE in Hematologic Malignancies. Diagnosing Cancer in Patients with VTE. Prothrombotic Mutations and Cancer-Associated Thrombosis. Who's at Risk? Strategies for Risk-Stratifying Cancer Patients. Preventing VTE in the Surgical Cancer Patient. Preventing VTE in the Medical Cancer Patient. Catheters and VTE in Cancer Patients. Treating VTE in Cancer Patients: The Case for LMWH Therapy. Improving Outcomes from Cancer-Associated Thrombosis: Lessons from the ASCO Guidelines. Appendix


Titel: Cancer-Associated Thrombosis
Untertitel: New Findings in Translational Science, Prevention, and Treatment
EAN: 9781420077049
ISBN: 978-1-4200-7704-9
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Herausgeber: Taylor and Francis
Genre: Medizin
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Jahr: 2007