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Electrical Properties of the Earth's Mantle

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Reprint from Pure and Applied Geophysics (PAGEOPH), Volume 125 (1987), No. 2/3Table 1 Earth conductivity profiles Figure File Name... Weiterlesen
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Reprint from Pure and Applied Geophysics (PAGEOPH), Volume 125 (1987), No. 2/3

Table 1 Earth conductivity profiles Figure File Name Apx. Depth Remarks References 1. Global Models 1939-69 LAPR39 0--1250 global Sq, Dst LAHIRI and PRICE, 1939; PRICE, 1973 RIKI50 0--1400 misc. data sources RIKITAKE. 1950; 1966 MCD057 0--2900 LAPR39 + secular change McDoNALD, 1957 CANT60 100--600 see ECKHARDT et a!. , 1963 CANTWELL, 1960 YUKU65 380--1900 ring current YUKUTAKE, 1965 BANK69 0--1700 ring current BANKS, 1969; 1972 2. Global Models 1970--74 BFRS70 100--700 Sq, Dst 27-d variations BERDICHEVSKY et a!. , 1970; 1973 PRKR70 0--3200 rework BANKS, 1969, data PARKER, 1970 SCJA72 0--1000 pulsations, bays, Sq, Dst SCHMUCKER and JANKOWSKI, 1972 BANK72 230--1250 model summary BANKS, 1972 JADY74 0--2951 Sq, 27-d, annual variations JADY, 1974 FAR074 300--1500 with BFRS70 FAINBERG and ROTANOVA, 1974 SCHM74 0--1000 see HAAK, 1980 SCHMUCKER, 1974 DMRB77 0--1450 all available data DMITRIEV et al. , 1977 Global Models 1974-1983 3. PRKN74 60-430 Sq PARKINSON, 1974 DUCM80 0--2900 annual means DUCRUIX et a!. , 1980 ISIK80 320--2020 Sq, Dst, annual, solar cycle ISIKARA, 1980 ACMC81 0--2875 secular impulse ACACHE et a!. , 1980 ROKI82 350--1200 various methods ROKITYANSKY. 1982 JAPA83 0--1200 Dst JADY and PATERSON, 1983 4. Pacific Models LAUN74 0--500 near Calif. ; see DRURY, 1978 LAUNAY, 1975 LARSEN, 1975 LAHA75 0--800 Hawaii 7-1350 FILL80 NE Pacific FILLOUX, 1980 LAW and GREENHOUSE, LWGR81 0--200 Juan de Fuca 1981 0--250 Juan de Fuca OLDENBURG et a!. , 1984 OLJA84 OLCA84 0-250 near Calif. OLDENBURG et al. , 1984 OLNC84 0--250 N. cent. Pacific OLDENBURG et ai.


Reprint from Pure and Applied Geophysics (PAGEOPH), Volume 125 (1987), No. 2/3


to Electrical Properties of the Earth 's Mantle.- Crustal and upper mantle structure of stable continental regions in North America and Northern Europe.- Properties of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system in Europe with a view toward Earth conductivity.- Temperature profiles in the Earth of importance to deep electrical conductivity models.- Analyzing electromagnetic induction data: Suggestions from laboratory measurements.- Appreciation of spherically symmetric models of electrical conductivity.- Upper mantle lateral heterogeneities and magnetotelluric daily variation data.- Substitute conductors for electromagnetic response estimates.- The planetary scale distribution of telluric currents and the effect of the equatorial electrojet: An investigation by canonical GDS.- Conductivity profiles from global data.- Models of deep electrical conductivity obtained from data on global magnetic variational sounding,.- The upper mantle conductivity analysis method using observatory records of the geomagnetic field.- Limitations in the use of spherical harmonic methods for deep conductivity determinations.- MTS studies on the upper mantle conductivity in China.- Application of space analysis of electromagnetic fields to investigation of the geoelectrical structure of the Earth.


Titel: Electrical Properties of the Earth's Mantle
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