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The book focuses on the latest discoveries on calreticulin, calnexin and other endoplasmic reticulum proteins. Calreticulin has b... Weiterlesen
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The book focuses on the latest discoveries on calreticulin, calnexin and other endoplasmic reticulum proteins. Calreticulin has been implicated to affect diverse cellular function and play a role in many pathologies including protein folding disorders, cardiac pathologies, cancer and autoimmunity. This book contains contributions from the world leaders in the area of endoplasmic reticulum function, protein folding, Calcium homeostasis and autoimmunity. It raises many intriguing questions about calreticulin, calnexin and the endoplasmic reticulum and gives a unique opportunity to realize the significance of these calcium-binding chaperones. The book is unique in every respect and we are not aware of any other publication focusing on these aspects of endoplasmic reticulum biology. Because of a central role of endoplasmic reticulum, calreticulin and calnexin in virtually all cellular functions, the book should be of interest to everyone in the biological sciences.


Calreticulin in health and disease: An introduction; P. Eggleton, M. Michalek. ER quality control: Protein folding in health and disease; A. Helenius. Biochemical and molecular properties of calreticulin; S. Johnson, R. Knee. Calnexin, an ER integral membrane chaperone in health and disease; J.J.M. Bergeron, D.Y. Thomas. CRT cellular localization or CRT and cell adhesion; M. Opas. Calnexin and calreticulin, molecular chaperones of the ER; D.B. Williams, M. Leach. Role of calreticulin and calnexin in MPO synthesis; R. Oates. Calreticulin as a nuclear protein exporter; B.M. Paschal. MHC class I pathology in calreticulin and calnexin deficient cells; T. Elliot. Calreticulin and the endoplasmic reticulum in plant cell biology; P. Mariani, L. Navazio, A. Zuppini. Modulation of calcium homeostasis by endoplasmic reticulum in health and disease; G. Szabadkai, M. Chami, P. Pinton, R. Rizzuto. Calnexin and Calreticulin, ER associated modulators of Ca2+ transport in the ER; P. Camacho. Calreticulin calcium and ER chaperones: new players in apoptosis? N. Demaurex, S. Arnaudeau. Calreticulin in cytotoxic lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity; D. Hudig, R. Karimi. A role for calreticulin in the clearance of apoptotic cells in the innate immune system; P. Henson. Calreticulin and tumor suppression; G. Tosato, lei Yao, S.E. Pike. Calreticulins role in autoimmune disorders; R.D. Sontheimer, D. Racila, E. Racila, P. Eggleton. Cell surface calreticulin-thrombospodin anti-adhesive activity; J. Murphy-Ullrich, S. Goicoechea. Calreticulin regulation of lung endothelial NOS activity; J. Patel, Jianliang Zhang, Yong Li, E.R. Block. Calreticulin and other ER chaperones in plant physiology and pathology; J. Denecke. Calreticulin in Leishmania parasite secretory pathway and pathogenesis; A. Debrabant, N. Lee, D.M. Dwyer, H.L. Nakhasi. Hookworm calreticulin and autoimmunity; D.I. Pritchard, N. Girod, A. Brown, R. Caddick, D.S.W. Hooi, R.J. Quinnell, S. Johnson, P. Eggleton. Calreticulin in C. elegans; Byung-Jae Park, J. Ahnn.


Titel: Calreticulin
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