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Calcium Electrogenesis and Neuronal Functioning

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Outcome of a Symposium Held January 1985 in the Ringberg CastleInhalt Low- and High-Voltage Activated Ca Channels in Vertebrate C... Weiterlesen
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Outcome of a Symposium Held January 1985 in the Ringberg Castle


Low- and High-Voltage Activated Ca Channels in Vertebrate Cultured Neurons: Properties and Functions.- Calcium Channels and cAMP Metabolism in Nerve Cells.- Activation and Inactivation of Single Calcium Channels in Cardiac Cells.- Mechanism for Calcium-Dependent Inactivation of Ca Current.- Voltage-Dependent Repriming of Inactivated Calcium Current in Identified Helix Neurons.- Calcium Spikes and Inward Currents in Mammalian Peripheral and Central Neurones.- Bursting Pacemaking in Helix Neurons: A Nonspecific Membrane Current Activated by Intracellular Calcium.- Concentration Profiles of Intracellular Calcium in the Presence of a Diffusible Chelator.- Action of Dihydropyridines on Ca Channels.- Blockade of Neuronal Calcium Conductances by Organic Antagonists.- Rapid Photoinactivation of Nifedipine in Heart Muscle: Implications on the Kinetics and Role of Ca2+ Channel in Generation of Tension.- Pharmacological Aspects of Ca-Activated K Conductance in Molluscan Neurons.- Two Calcium Currents in Normal Rat Anterior Pituitary Cells Identified by a Plaque Assay.- Calcium, A Cofactor in Neuromuscular Transmission.- Intracellular Signals in Stimulation of Enzyme Secretion from Exocrine Glands.- Muscarinic Modulation in the Neostriatum: Possible Involvement of Calcium.- Beta-Adrenergic Control of Calcium Channels in Cardiac Myocytes.- Regulation of Calcium Currents and Synaptic Transmitter Release.- Role of Ionic Channels in Exocrine Gland Secretion.- 5-Alpha Dihydrotestosterone Alters the Properties of Acetylcholine Activated Ion Channels in Androgen Concentrating Myotubes.- Depression of Calcium Currents of Chick Sensory Neurons by Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Persists After Elimination of Other Net Membrane Currents.- Neuromodulation by Adenosine and the Effect on Ion Fluxes.- The Nerve-Muscle Junction: A Remodelling Contact.- A Possible Role of Calcium Currents in Developmental Plasticity.- Ca-Dependent and Ca-Independent F-Actin Capping Proteins Determine Microfilament Assembly in Neuronal Cells.- Aspects of the Action of Excitatory Amino Acids on Hippocampal CA1 Neurons.- Stimulus-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity in Area CA1 of the in Vitro Hippocampal Slice of Rats.- Calcium Antagonistic Properties of Antimanic Compounds.- A Possible Role for Calcium in the Modulation of Behavior.- Contribution of Ca-Mediated Events to Epileptogenesis.- Synaptic and Intrinsic Mechanisms of Synchronization and Epiletogenesis in the Neocortex.- Mechanisms Regulating Synchronization of Hippocampal Epileptiform Activity.- Fast Extracellular Ionic Changes and Neuronal Synchronization in Neocortical Epileptogenesis.- Epileptogenesis in Low Extracellular Calcium.- Ionic Properties of Burst Generation in Hippocampal Pyramidal Cell Somata "in Vitro".- Effect of Organic Calcium Channel Blockers on Neuronal Calcium-Dependent Processes.- Involvement of Calcium Ions in Focal Epileptic Activity of the Neocortex.- Ammonia and Seizures.- The Role of Glial Cells in Ion Homeostasis in the Retina of the Honeybee Drone.- Calculation of Ionic and Volume Changes in the Bee Retina.


Titel: Calcium Electrogenesis and Neuronal Functioning
EAN: 9783642707469
ISBN: 3642707467
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Genre: Medizin
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Jahr: 2011
Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1986



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