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Calcium Aluminate Cements

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The special properties of calcium aluminate cements make them of value in the construction, mining and refractory industries. Thi... Weiterlesen
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The special properties of calcium aluminate cements make them of value in the construction, mining and refractory industries. This book brings together international research information on their performance. As well as a state-of-the-art review, it includes reports on studies of: mineralogy, hydration and microstructure; rheology of pastes, mortars and grouts; admixtures and blended; systems durability of high alumina cement concrete.


Part 1 Clinker: effect of morphology on the hydration characteristics of high alumina cements, I.N.Chakraborty et al; high alumina cements based on calcium aluminate clinker with different phase compositions and sintering degrees, J.Sawkow. Part 2 Hydration: microstructural development in a paste of a calcium aluminate cement, K.L.Scrivener and H.F.W,Taylor; on the change of microstructure during the hydration of monocalcium aluminate cement, W.Gessner et al; effect of temperature on setting time of calcium aluminate cements, A.Capmas; the use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in the study of high alumina cement hydration, D.J.Greenslade and D.J.Williamson; investigations of the composition of phases formed in low cement castables during hydration and after thermal treatment, W.Gessner et al. Part 3 Admixtures: the influence of superplasticizing admixtures on cement fondu mortars, S.M.Gill et al; the effect of admixtures on the hydration of refractory calcium aluminate cements, J.H.Sharp et al; properties of fresh mortars made with high alumina cement and admixtures for marine environment, N.C.Baker and P.F.G.Banfill. Part 4 Calorimetry: role of foreign cations in solution on the hydration of alumina cement, M.Murat and El.H.Sadok; calorimetric studies on high alumina cement in presence of chloride, sulphate and seawater solutions, D.L.Griffiths et al. Part 5 Durability: manufacture and performance of aluminous cements - a new perspective, C.M.George; long-term performance of high alumina cement concrete in sulphate-bearing environments, N.J.Crammond; behaviour of high alumina cement in chloride solutions, W.Kurdowski et al; acidic corrosion of high alumina cement, J.P.Bayoux et al; the effect of limestone fillers on sulphate resistance of high alumina cement composites, W.G.Piasta. Part 6 Blended systems: hydration of calcium aluminates in presence of granulated balst furnace slag, A.J.Majumdar et al; the effect of curing conditions on the hydration and strength development in fondu slag, J.P.Bayoux et al; the microstructure of blast furnace slag/high alumina cement pastes, I.G.Richardson and G.W.Groves; effect of microsilica on conversion of high alumina cement, S.Bentsen et al; study of hydration properties of aluminous cement and calcium phosphate mixes, J.P.Bayoux et al; Ettringite-based cements, S..Brooks and J.H.Sharp. Part 7 Miscellaneous: effect of autoclaving on the strength of hardened calcium aluminate cements, R.Baggott and A.Sarandily; effect of temperature rise on properties of high alumina cement grout, S.A.Jefferis and R.J.Mangabhai; activation of hydraulic properties of the compound CaO.2Al(2)O(3), T.W.Song et al.


Titel: Calcium Aluminate Cements
Untertitel: Proceedings of a Symposium dedicated to H G Midgley, London, July 1990
EAN: 9780419152002
ISBN: 978-0-419-15200-2
Format: Fester Einband
Herausgeber: Taylor and Francis
Genre: Allgemeines & Lexika
Jahr: 1990