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Risk Intelligent Supply Chains: How Leading Turkish Companies Thrive in the Age of Fragility

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Inhaltsverzeichnis THE EVOLVING GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN NETWORKS: FRAGILE, CAPRICIOUS, AND ENTANGLED Global Supply Chain Networks in t... Weiterlesen
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Inhaltsverzeichnis THE EVOLVING GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN NETWORKS: FRAGILE, CAPRICIOUS, AND ENTANGLED Global Supply Chain Networks in the Age of Fragility Welcome to the World of Extreme Risks and Opportunities The Ubiquity of Global Supply Chain Risks Recent Examples of Global Supply Chain Risks HOW TO BECOME A RISK INTELLIGENT SUPPLY CHAIN Risk Intelligent Supply Chains and the I-Quartet Model Introduction to Risk Intelligent Supply Chains Risk Intelligence versus Risk Intelligent Supply Chain The I-Quartet Model: A Synopsis The Acrobat over the Bosphorus The Integrator: Orchestrating an Interdependent Supply Chain Network Networks and Complexity Supply Chain Network Orchestration Risk Interdependence in Supply Chain Networks Lessons from Turkish Carpet Weaving The Inquirer: Sensing and Learning in Swan Lake Sensing and Learning in Supply Chain Networks: Brightening the Peripheral Vision Learning from Small Failures Fail Fast, Learn Fast! Almost Fail, Learn Faster: Learning from Near Misses Swan Lake: A Habitat of Colorful Swans The Ladder of Mastery: Swan Lake Ignorance to Swan Lake Intelligence Risk Anticipation in the Supply Chain Network Technical Appendix The Improviser: Creative-Diverse-Flexible Tinkering to Achieve Resilience The Improviser in the Supply Chain Network Resilience Creativity and Design Thinking Tinkering Diversity Flexibility The Ingenious: Intelligent Risk Taking in Swan Lake Surprises Are Not Surprises Anymore: Black Swans in Swan Lake Negative versus Positive Black Swans Positive Deviance: Identifying and Nourishing Positive Black Swans Extremophiles: Positive Black Swans of Biological Ecosystems Dragon-Kings versus Black Swans Fork-Tailed Risk-Taking Strategy Closed-Loop Dynamics of the Risk Intelligent Supply Chain HOW DO LEADING TURKISH COMPANIES THRIVE IN THE AGE OF FRAGILITY? Wisdom from Leading Turkish Companies Kordsa Global: Orchestrator of Transnational Supply Chain Network Prelude Managing Global Supply Chain Operations and Risks Perception of Global Supply Chain Risks Strategic Risks along the Supply Chain Network Kordsa Global Approach for Risk Assessment and Hedging Global Supplier Management Financial Hedging, Insurance, and Business Continuity Operational Hedging Strategies Intelligent Management of Supply Chain Contracts Expecting the Unexpected: Black Swans in Swan Lake Future Global Challenges and Emerging Risks Developing Talent with a Global Supply Chain Mind-Set The Future Vision for Kordsa Global's Risk Intelligent Supply Chain Managing Risks in Global Supply Chain Contracts The I-Quartet Model of Kordsa Global Brisa: Virtuoso of Supply Chain Risk Management Prelude Managing a Global Supply Chain Network Managing Supply Chain Contracts and Related Risks Risk Intelligent Supply Chain of Brisa Managing and Mitigating Major Supply Chain Risks Regulatory and Political Risks and Brisa's Risk Intelligent Response Learning from Black and Gray Swans in Swan Lake Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Supply Chain Talent Managing Business and Supply Continuity Envisioning the Future The I-Quartet Model of Brisa AnadoluJet: Maestro over the Clouds Background of the Turkish Airline Industry Turkish Airlines after Deregulation Inception of AnadoluJet Operational Innovations in a Risk Intelligent Supply Chain No-Excuse Customer Service Designing Responsive Marketing and Sales Strategy Developing Young and Ambitious Talent Risk Management Philosophy in Orchestrated Network The Path Forward The I-Quartet Model of AnadoluJet Epilogue: Where Is Our Next Journey? Appendix A: Scholarly Readings on Supply Chain Risk Appendix B: Biography of Executives Notes Bibliography Index ...


Professor Haksoz is a faculty member of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Sabanci School of Management, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey and an affiliate member of the Regent's Centre for Transnational Studies, Regent's College, London, UK. He is the co-director of the MIT-Sabanci University Energy Security Initiative (MSESI). His current research focuses on supply chain risk management, risk intelligence, supply chain and energy contract management, product recall risk management, managing supply chain networks on the Silk Road, climate change/weather risk, and creativity and improvisation. His previous books include Managing Supply Chains on the Silk Road: Strategy, Performance, and Risk (with Sridhar Seshadri and Ananth V. Iyer, 2011) as well as Global Perspectives: Turkey (with Metin Cakanyildirim, 2012). He is a consultant for national and international firms as well as government organizations.


Highlighting the unique perspective of Turkey, a BRIC-MIST country of great geostrategic importance, this book examines risk assessment and risk management strategies of successful Turkish industries including energy, airlines, manufacturing, and automotive. It offers numerous never-before-published case studies to provide an integrated framework and multidisciplinary focus ranging from operations management to operational risk, real options, ecosystems, and value theory. This book is a must-have for any business leader looking to better understand their global position and develop their strategic capabilities.


Titel: Risk Intelligent Supply Chains: How Leading Turkish Companies Thrive in the Age of Fragility
Untertitel: How Leading Turkish Companies Thrive in the Age of Fragility
EAN: 9781466504479
ISBN: 978-1-4665-0447-9
Format: Fester Einband
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Genre: Management
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Jahr: 2013



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