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Mandeville's Travels

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MANDEVILLE'S TRAVELS -- CONTENTS -- INTRODUCTION -- Xlll The Prologue I I . To teach you the way out of England to Constantinople... Weiterlesen
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MANDEVILLE'S TRAVELS -- CONTENTS -- INTRODUCTION -- Xlll The Prologue I I . To teach you the way out of England to Constantinople 5 2. Of the cross and the crown of Our LordJesus Christ 7 3. Of the city of Constantinople and of the faith of Greeks 11 4. Of St. John the Evangelist and ofH pocrates daughter transformedjom a woman to a dragon 15 5. Of diversities in Cyprus. Of the wayfrom Cyprus to Jerusalem. And ofthe marvels ofthe Foss full of sand 19 6. Of many names of Sultans and of the Tower of Babylon 24 7. Of the country ofEgypt. Of the bird Phoenix of Arabia. Of the city of Cairo. Of the cunning to know balm and to prove it. And of the granaries ofjoseph 33 8. Of the isle ofsicily. Of the wayjom Babylon to the Mount Sinai. Of the Church of St. Catherine. And of all the marvels there 40 viii Contents g. Of the desert between the Church ofSt. Catherine and Jerusalem. Of the Dry Tree. And how roses camefirst into the world 10. Of the pilgrimages inJewsalem. And ofthe holy places thereabout 11. Of the temple of Our Lord. Of the cruelty ofKing Herod. Of the Mount Sion. Of Probatica Piscina. And of Natatorium Syloe 12. Of the e a Sde a and ofthejumeJordan. Of the head of St. John the Baptist. And ofthe usages of the Samaritans 13. Of the province of Galilee and wherc Antichrist shall be born. Of Nazareth. Of the age of Our Lady. o f the Day ofDoom. And ofthe customs of acobitesS, yrians, and ofthe usages ofGeorgians 14. Of the city of Damascus. Of three ways to Jerusalem, one by land and by sea, another more by land thun by sea, and the third way to Jerusalem all by land 15. Of the customs ofSaracens and oftheir law. And how the sultan areasoned me, author ofthis book. And ofthebeginning sfMahomet 16. Of the lands of Albania and 4 Libya. Of the wishingsfor watching of the sparrowhawk. And of Noahs ship 17. Ofthe land oflob and ofhis age. Ofthe array of men of Chaldea. Of the land where women dwell without company of men. Of the knowledge and virtues ofthe very diamond Contents I 8. Of the customs ofisles about Ind. Of the dflerence betwixt idols and simulacres. Of three manner growings ofpepper upon one tree. Of the well that changeth his odour every hour of the day, and that is marvel 19. Of the dooms made by St. Thomas hand. Of devotion and sacr ce made to idols there in the city of Madras. And ofthe procession ingoing about the city 20. Of the evil customs used in the isle of Sumatra. And how the earth and the sea be ofroundform and shape by proof ofthe star that is cleped Antarctic, that isfixed in the south 21. Of thepalace ofthe king ofthe isle oflava. Of the trees that bear meal, honey, wine, and venom. And of other marvels and customs used in the isles marching thereabout 22. How men know by the idol if the sick shall die m no. Of folk of diverse shape and marvellously disfigured. And of the monk that give their relief to baboons, apes, and marmosets, and to other beasts 23. Of the Great Khan of Cathay. Of the royalty of hispalace. And how he sitteth at meat. And ofthe great number ofojicers that serve him 24. Whergore he is cleped the Great Khan. Ofthe style ofhis letters...


Titel: Mandeville's Travels
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Jahr: 2007



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