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History Of National Music Week

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HISTORY OF NATIONAL MUSIC WEEK BY C. M. TREMAINE DIRECTOR NATIONAL BUREAU FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF Music CONTENTS PAGZ FOREWORD p I. THE UNDERLYING PHILOSOPHY n II. How Music SERVES THE PEOPLE 14 III. GENESIS AND GROWTH OF Music WEEK IDEA ... 17 IV. SOME INTERNATIONAL ASPECTS 24 V. How THE COMMITTEE OPERATED 28 VI. GOVERNMENTAL ENDORSEMENT 40 VII. EXTENT OF LOCAL PARTICIPATION 64 VIII. HIGH SPOTS OF THE LOCAL OBSERVANCES .... 73 FOREWORD This foreword is composed entirely of quotations. The appraisal of the value of music to the people made by many of the worlds ablest men from the earliest days of civilization to the present day, consti tutes the most effective foreword to the story of National Music Week which could be given. The value of National Music Week bears a direct ratio to the value of music itself to the public at large. Music is the art directly representative of democracy. If the best music is brought to the people there need be no fear about their ability to appreciate it. Calvin Coolidge. I am the friend of every effort to give music its rightful place in our national life. Warren G. Harding. The man who disparages music as a luxury and non-essential is doing the nation an injury. Music now, more than ever before, is a national need. There is no better way to express patriotism than through music. Woodrow Wilson. Let the love for literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, and above all music, enter into your lives. Theodore Roosevelt. Art is not the plaything of opulence. It is a robust, red-blooded thing. It is true equality of opportunity. In a world too much given to ac centuate the things which divide us, it is one of those fundamental elements which unite us andmake us kin in common understanding, common feel ings, common reactions. It is true democracy, knowing nothing of caste, class or rank. Otto H. Kahn. There is a reach to music which the other arts have not it seems to get to you in an exhausted mood and quiets and refreshes where a book or a picture is not so sure. Charles M. Schwab. I love to listen to music, and in listening Ive come to think it a neces sary part of life. In other words, for a well rounded life one must have music. Furthermore, music offers the best way of using time. As leisure increases through shortening work hours the use of music becomes more and more necessary. There are no drawbacks to music. You cant have too much of it. There is no residual bad effect like overindulgence in other things. George Eastman. I see America go singing to her destiny. Walt Whitman. Popular music, after all, is only familiar music. Theodore Thomas. 9


Titel: History Of National Music Week
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