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Marconics - The Human Upgrade, is the story of a new multidimensional energy system that arrived on the planet at the end of 2012... Weiterlesen
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Marconics - The Human Upgrade, is the story of a new multidimensional energy system that arrived on the planet at the end of 2012, marking the final phase of an operation by Galactic Founders to conclude the evolution of the human experience. This is the Clarion Call, as all Spiritual journeys will culminate with the Ascension of mankind out of the limited belief systems and paradigms of fear that have enslaved humanity in the density of the material realm for eons. All will pass through the Karmic Gates as free souls, to traverse space without time, to create new realities with limitless potential through higher love and compassion. The Spiritual Hierarchy is interceding to assist the many who struggle to maintain their own higher vibrations in Earth's planetary ecosystem, which has been disconnected from Source. Marconic Energy Practitioners are the 'Gate Keepers' and will facilitate the rapid integration of multiple bandwidths of harmonic resonance, or Higher Selves, within the human form, as our own Soul Identities descend to meet us on the Rainbow Bridge to guide us back up through the Star Gates to the Ascension Path we lost when Atlantis fell. Deities are returning to Earth to blend with their individualized incarnates; Spiritual Teachers, Guardians, Angels and Ascended Masters are integrating with their human counterparts in the Birth of the Avatar Race. The Avatars, Grace Elohim - Redeemer of Souls, and Archangel Ariel - Creator of Worlds, have returned, under Divine Directive, to gather the lost souls of Atlantis and return them home to Source. "As they move through the karmic Gates of Ascension towards Event Horizon it is left to you, our Gate Keepers, to ensure the progressive integration of higher harmonics which will raise them up like chariots and deliver them home." - Grace Elohim


Untertitel: The Clarion Call
EAN: 9781504336796
ISBN: 1504336798
Format: Fester Einband
Anzahl Seiten: 262
Gewicht: 542g
Größe: H229mm x B152mm x T20mm
Jahr: 2016



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