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Text extracted from opening pages of book: The Master Musicians HANDEL h C. F. ABDY WILLIAMS Illustrated London J. M. Dent and So... Weiterlesen
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Text extracted from opening pages of book: The Master Musicians HANDEL h C. F. ABDY WILLIAMS Illustrated London J. M. Dent and Sons Ltd. New York E. P. Dutton and Co. Inc. NOTE TO THE REVISED EDITION THIS book was written when biographers of Handel were still in the habit of turning too confidently to the Rev. John Mainwaring's Memoirs of the Life of the late George Frederic Handel Because that book was written in the year after the composer's death, and its author had his information from John Christopher Smith, Handel's amanuensis, it was too readily taken for granted that all the facts it contained were authentic. Even Chrysander, the author of the most exhaust ive, though incomplete, work on Handel, took too many of Mainwaring's statements on trust. No independent study based on a direct investigation of such sources as are still available had appeared before the present work, whose author was thus obliged, failing such a study of his own, to draw upon the books already existing, which, to do him justice, were at that time ( 1901) thought to be thoroughly reliable. Chrysander as well as Victor Schoelcher certainly gave a great deal of useful information; but they were in some respects misleading. R. A. Streatfeild's useful work did not appear until 1909. Research into Handelian biography has been greatly facili tated recently by the appearance of two extremely valuable works: Mr. Newman Flower's George Frikric Hantlel, which clears up many old errors and contains several new facts of importance* established by the author's discovery of various valuable documents, and Professor Edward J. Dent's Hwlel, Note to the Revised Edition a concise work, but packed with information and matterfor speculation of the utmost interest. To both these authors I wish to express my indebtedness for a great number of facts which enabled me, thanks to their researches and penetration, to bring the late C. F. Abdy Williams's book into line with modern biography and criticism. Since it was possible to set right some errors for which it would be unjust to blame an author who could not well have been cognizant of them, it seemed worth retaining a contribution to the * Master Musicians' series that was found to be still very valuable in many other respects. Editorial interpolations are distinguished by square brackets. As in the companion volumes of the series, the appendices have been added to and recast: the Calendar ( Appendix A) is a wholly new feature, and so, it may be claimed, is the much more detailed list of Handel's works; Appendix C, giving details of those of Handel's contemporaries who are not universally known, was designed mainly in order to reduce the number of footnotes; the Bibliography has, needless to say, been brought up to date. In conclusion I should like to tender my thanks to an enthusiastic and well'versed Handelian, Mr. C. F. Crowder, who was kind enough to look through the proofs of this book and to offer valuable suggestions. E. B. 1935- PREFACE THE following account is an endeavour to give a popular narrative of the chief events of Handel's life without enter' ing much into technicalities which, though interesting to the musician, are not perhaps so necessary for the general reader. The exhaustive treatises of Chrysander, Victor Schoelcher and Rockstro are full of details and discussions of the greatest interest and value to the student who wishes to go deeplyinto the works of the great composer. I have avoided the irritating attempts of Hawkins and others to represent Handel's pronunciation of the English language by a spelling which makes many words almost unintelligible: it is sufficient that the reader should know that Handel's pro nunciation of English, like that of many foreigners, was imperfect, and that its imperfections chiefly consisted of using d in place of t; g in place of hard c; p in place of l>, etc. In order to interrupt the course of the narrative as little as possible, I have dealt with the comp


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