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Liberalism and Pluralism

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This book expands the idea of practical liberalism by exploring how a theory of civil association premised upon prudential argumen... Weiterlesen
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This book expands the idea of practical liberalism by exploring how a theory of civil association premised upon prudential argument can remain stable through time. The work explores the relation between politics and morality and crafts a theory of social justice that can command the attention of all groups present in a pluralist polity.


CRAIG L. CARR is Professor of Political Science in the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University, USA.


This book considers how a prudentially based form of civil association can accommodate a viable theory of social justice and remain stable through time by generating political unity amidst normative and ontological diversity.


Practical Liberalism Civil Unity & Social Diversity: The Politics of E pluribus unum PART I: POLITICS, MORALITY, AND PLURALISM Liberal Morality and Political Legitimacy Political Legitimacy and Social Justice Williams's Concept of the Political Legitimacy, Stability, and Morality PART II: THE POLITICS OF MORALITY A Moral Point of View Manners and Morality Morality and Conflict Moral Conflict and Political Theory PART III: THE MORALITY OF POLITICS Feminism and Multiculturalism A Defense of Culture Politics and Normative Conflict The Political as Moral Viewpoint Morality and Politics: A Review PART IV: POLITICAL UNITY AND PLURALISM The Liberal Archipelago Loose Linkage and Political Legitimacy Political Unity and the Body Politic Social Justice and Political Unity The Bonds of Civility PART V: NATIONHOOD AND THE LIBERAL POLITY The Nature of Nationhood Pluralism and Nationalism Civil Nationalism and Social Justice Deliberative Democracy and the Liberal Polity PART VI: LIBERALISM AND DEMOCRACY Democracy and Deliberative Discourse The Terms of Deliberative Discourse Normative Discourse and Political Legitimacy Deliberative Democracy and Intragroup Politics Group Autonomy and Intergroup Discourse PART VII: POLITICS, HISTORY, AND REASON Principle and Justice in the Liberal Polity Liberal Institutions and Liberal Ideals Stopping History Rationalism and Politics


Titel: Liberalism and Pluralism
Untertitel: The Politics of E pluribus unum
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