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Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals

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Forward-looking and authoritative, this book provides an illuminating overview of current research and development in the producti... Weiterlesen
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Forward-looking and authoritative, this book provides an illuminating overview of current research and development in the production of commodity fuels and chemicals from renewable biomass resources via biochemical and thermochemical routes.

Forward-looking and authoritative, Biotechnology for Fuels and Cells: The Thirty-First Symposium provides an illuminating overview of current research and development in the production of commodity fuels and chemicals from renewable biomass resources via biochemical and thermochemical routes.

Offers state-of-the-art research by leading experts

Covers advanced feedstock production and processing

Details the latest research breakthroughs and results

Identifies new trends in thinking about integrated mulitproduct biorefineries

Reviews international progress in producing liquid biofuels

Presents bioprocess research and development innovations

Discusses the development and commercialization of biobased products

In Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals: The Thirty-First Symposium, leading US and international researchers from academia, industry, and government exchange cutting-edge technical information and update current trends in the development and application of biotechnology for sustainable production of fuels and chemicals. This symposium emphasizes advances in biotechnology to produce high-volume, low-price products from renewable resources, while improving the environment. The major areas of interest include advanced feedstock production and processing, enzymatic and microbial biocatalysis, bioprocess research and development, opportunities in biorefineries, and commercialization of biobased products. International and domestic progress on producing liquid biofuelsespecially ethanol and biodieselis highlighted, and related topics, including bioseparations and optimal integration of biochemical and thermochemical conversion technologies, are featured. Forward-looking and authoritative, Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals: The Thirty-First Symposium provides an illuminating overview of current research and development in the production of commodity fuels and chemicals from renewable biomass resources via biochemical and thermochemical routes.

In Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals: The Thirty-First Symposium, leading researchers from academia, industry, and government offer surveys and reviews of their cutting-edge research and latest applications in the production of fuels and chemicals through biotechnology.

SESSION 3: BIOMASS PRETREATMENT AND FRACTIONATION The Effect of Varying Organosolv Pretreatment Chemicals on the Physicochemical Properties and Cellulolytic Hydrolysis of Mountain Pine Beetle-Killed Lodgepole Pine L.F. Del Rio I R.P. Chandra I J.N. Saddler Optimizing Dilute-Acid Pretreatment of Rapeseed Straw for Extraction of Hemicellulose T.-S. Jeong I B.-H. Um I J.-S. Kim I K.-K. Oh Compositional Changes in Sugarcane Bagasse on Low Temperature, Long-term Diluted Ammonia Treatment M. Kim I G. Aita I D.F. Day Production of Sugars and Levulinic Acid from Marine Biomass Gelidium amansii G.-T. Jeong I D.-H. Park Bioconversion of Kraft Paper Mill Sludges to Ethanol by SSF and SSCF L. Kang I W. Wang I Y.Y. Lee Dilute Ammonia Pretreatment of Sorghum and Its Effectiveness on Enzyme Hydrolysis and Ethanol Fermentation D.A. Salvi I G.M. Aita I D. Robert I V. Bazan SESSION 6: MICROBIAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Development of Real-Time PCR Primer and Probe Sets for Detecting Degenerated and Non-degenerated Forms of the Butanol-Producing Bacterium Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC 824 S.-M. Lee I M.O. Cho I Y. Um I B.-I. Sang Ethanol Production from Sugarcane Bagasse Hydrolysate Using Pichia stipitis L. Canilha I W. Carvalho I M.d. de Almeida Felipe I J.B. de Almeida e Silva I, M. Giulietti Ethanol Production from Sugarcane Bagasse by Zymomonas mobilis Using Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) Process D. da Silveira dos Santos I A.C. Camelo I K.C.P. Rodrigues I L.C. Carlos I N. Pereira Jr. Identification of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Genes Involved in the Resistance to Phenolic Fermentation Inhibitors L. Sundström I S. Larsson I L.J. Jönsson Phenotype MicroArray Profiling of Zymomonas mobilis ZM4 B. Bochner I V. Gomez I M. Ziman I S. Yang I S.D. Brown Performances of Lactobacillus brevis for Producing Lactic Acid from Hydrolysate of Lignocellulosics W. Guo I W. Jia I Y. Li I S. Chen Optimization of Lactic Acid Production by Pellet-Form Rhizopus oryzae in 3-L Airlift Bioreactor Using Response Surface Methodology T. Maneeboon I W. Vanichsriratana I C. Pomchaitaward I V. Kitpreechavanich Toward Plant Cell Wall Degradation Under Thermophilic Condition: A Unique Microbial Community Developed Originally from Swine Waste Y. Liang I J. Yesuf I Z. Feng SESSION 9: BIOPROCESSING AND SEPARATIONS TECHNOLOGY Production of AcetoneButanolEthanol (ABE) in Direct Fermentation of Cassava by Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum N1-4 V.H. Thang I K. Kanda I G. Kobayashi Characterization of Commercial Amylases for the Removal of Filter Cake on Petroleum Wells N. Kyaw I R.F. de Mesquita I E. Kameda I J.C. de Queiroz Neto I M.A.P. Langone I, M.A.Z. Coelho Optimization of Biodiesel Production Catalyzed by Fungus Cells Immobilized in Fibrous Supports J.-P. Chen I G.-H. Lin Synthesis of Rapeseed Biodiesel Using Short-Chained Alkyl Acetates as Acyl Acceptor G.-T. Jeong I D.-H. Park Ethanol Production by Fermentation Using Immobilized Cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in Cashew Apple Bagasse A.M. Pacheco I D.R. Gondim I L.R.B. Gonçalves Light Regime Characterization in an Airlift Photobioreactor for Production of Microalgae with High Starch Content B.D. Fernandes I G.M. Dragone I J.A. Teixeira I A.A. Vicente Production of Lactic Acid from Sucrose: Strain Selection, Fermentation, and KineticModeling B.H. Lunelli I R.R. Andrade I D.I.P. Atala I M.R. Wolf Maciel I F. Maugeri Filho I R. Maciel Filho Production of Biodiesel via Enzymatic Ethanolysis of the Sunflower and SoybeanOils: Modeling F.L.P. Pessoa I S.P. Magalhães I P.W. de Carvalho Falcão Biodiesel Production from Integration Between Reaction and Separation System: Reactive Distillation Process N. de Lima da Silva I C.M.G. Santander I C.B. Batistella I R.M. Filho I M.R.W. Maciel SESSION 10: ENZYME SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Evaluation of Oxalate Decarboxylase and Oxalate Oxidase for Industrial Applications P. Cassland I A. Sjöde I S. Winestrand I L.J. Jönsson I N.-O. Nilvebrant The Family 1 Glycoside Hydrolase from Clostridium cellulolyticum H10 is a Cellodextrin Glucohydrolase W. Liu I D.R. Bevan I Y.-H.P. Zhang Potential Enzyme Cost Reduction with the Addition of Surfactant during the Hydrolysis of Pretreated Softwood M. Tu I J.N. Saddler Partitioning of Porcine Pancreatic Lipase in a Two-Phase Systems of Polyethylene Glycol/Potassium Phosphate Aqueous R.L. de Souza I J.M.P. Barbosa I G.M. Zanin I M.W.N. Lobão I C.M.F. Soares I Á.S. Lima Directed Evolution of a Thermophilic -glucosidase for Cellulosic Bioethanol Production E. Hardiman I M. Gibbs I R. Reeves I P. Bergquist Determination of Product Inhibition of CBH1, CBH2, and EG1 Using a Novel Cellulase Activity Assay F. Du I E. Wolger I L. Wallace I A. Liu I T. Kaper I B. Kelemen Production of Ethanol and Feed by High Dry Matter Hydrolysis and Fermentation of Palm Kernel Press Cake H. Jørgensen I A.R. Sanadi I C. Felby I N.E.K. Lange I M. Fischer I S. Ernst Screening and Production Study of Microbial Xylanase Producers from Brazilian Cerrado H.F. Alves-Prado I F.C. Pavezzi I R.S.R. Leite I V.M. de Oliveira I L.D. Sette I R. DaSilva Characterisation of Specific Activities and Hydrolytic Properties of Cell-Wall-Degrading Enzymes Produced by Trichoderma reesei Rut C30 on Different Carbon Sources B. Sipos I Z. Benk I D. Dienes I K. Réczey I L. Viikari I M. Siika-aho Development of Batch and Continuous Processes on Biodiesel Production in a Packed-Bed Reactor by a Mixture of Immobilized Candida rugosa and Rhizopus oryzae Lipases J.H. Lee I S.B. Kim I C. Park I B. Tae I S.O. Han I S.W. Kim Packed-Bed Reactor Running on Babassu Oil and Glycerol to Produce Monoglycerides by Enzymatic Route using Immobilized Burkholderia cepacia Lipase L. de Freitas I J.C. dos Santos I G.M. Zanin I H.F. de Castro Production of Cellulase from Kraft Paper Mill Sludge by Trichoderma Reesei Rut C-30 W. Wang I L. Kang I Y.Y. Lee -D-Xylosidase from Selenomonas ruminantium: Role of Glutamate 186 in Catalysis Revealed by Site-Directed Mutagenesis, Alternate Substrates, and Active-Site Inhibitor D.B. Jordan I J.D. Braker Nitrogen Source Optimization for Cellulase Production by Penicillium funiculosum, using a Sequential Experimental Design Methodology and the Desirability Function R.N. Maeda I M.M.P. da Silva I L.M.M. Santa Anna I N. Pereira Jr. Ethanol Production from the Organic Fraction Obtained After Thermal Pretreatment of Municipal Solid Waste M. Ballesteros I F. Sáez I I. Ballesteros I P. Manzanares I M.J. Negro I J.M. Martínez I R. Castañeda I J.M. Oliva Dominguez Evaluation of Enzyme Mixtures in Releasing Fermentable Sugars from Pre-pulping Extracts of Mixed Northeast Hardwoods B.-H. Um I G.P. van Walsum Production of Cellulolytic Enzymes by Fungi Acrophialophora nainiana and Ceratocystis paradoxa Using Different Carbon Sources R.R.O. Barros I R.A. Oliveira I L.M.F. Gottschalk I E.P.S. Bon Immobilization and Stabilization of Xylanase byMultipoint Covalent Attachment on Agarose and on Chitosan Supports A. Manrich I A. Komesu I W.S. Adriano I P.W. Tardioli I R.L.C. Giordano Empirical Evaluation of Inhibitory Product, Substrate, and Enzyme Effects During the Enzymatic Saccharification of Lignocellulosic Biomass B.T. Smith I J.S. Knutsen I R.H. Davis SESSION 11: EMERGING BIOFUELS AND CHEMICALS Marine Diatom, Navicula sp. Strain JPCC DA0580 and Marine Green Alga, Chlorella sp. Strain NKG400014 as Potential Sources for Biodiesel Production M. Matsumoto I H. Sugiyama I Y. Maeda I R. Sato I T. Tanaka I T. Matsunaga Microbial Fed-batch Production of 1,3-Propanediol Using Raw Glycerol with Suspended and Immobilized Klebsiella pneumoniae S.-A. Jun I C. Moon I C.-H. Kang I S.W. Kong I B.-I. Sang I Y. Um Effect of Biodiesel-derived Raw Glycerol on 1,3-Propanediol Production by Different Microorganisms C. Moon I J.-H. Ahn I S.W. Kim I B.-I. Sang I Y. Um Maximizing Algal Growth in Batch Reactors Using Sequential Change in Light Intensity S. Wahal I S. Viamajala Chlorella minutissimaA Promising Fuel Alga for Cultivation in Municipal Wastewaters A Bhatnagar I M. Bhatnagar I S. Chinnasamy I K.C. Das


Titel: Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals
Untertitel: The Thirty-First Symposium
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ISBN: 1441962301
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