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Biology of Amphibian Tumors

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Symposium Sponsored by Tulane University, Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans, Inc., National Cancer Institute. October 28, ... Weiterlesen
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Symposium Sponsored by Tulane University, Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans, Inc., National Cancer Institute. October 28, 29, 30, 1968

New Orleans has a distinguished history as a center for medical and biological learning, a history shared by Tulane University, its School of Medicine, and its Bio logical and Medical Sciences departments. This background made it especially fitting that the University, in conjunction with the Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans, Inc. and the National Cancer Institute, should sponsor the "Symposium: Biology of Amphibian Tumors" held October 28, 29, 30, 1968. The University wishes to express its appreciation to the Cancer Association for its assistance in making the Symposium possible and to acknowledge the support made available through the Bio medical Sciences Support Grant program of the National Institutes of Health. As the title of this volume indicates, the Symposium yielded valuable results in the area of cancer research and it stands to stimulate further efforts in this most important field. Some notion of the impact of this symposium is suggested by the broad range of the 200 participants it attracted. They came not only from the breadth and length of the U.S., but from abroad, from France, England, Austria, and Italy.

State of the Art: Lucké Renal Adenocarcinoma.- Biology of Amphibians.- Interrelations of the Populations of the Ranapipiens Complex.- Spontaneous and Experimental Mutations in the Newt PleurodelesWaltlii Michah.- Nucleo-Cortical Interactions During Amphibian Development.- Amphibian Cells invitro.- Mass Culture of Amphibian Cells: Methods and Observations Concerning Stability of Cell Type.- Dependence of Tumor Formation in Frogs on Abnormal Nucleolar Function.- Characteristics of Cell Lines from Haploid and Diploid Anuran Embryos.- Species Identification of Poikilothermic Tissue Culture Cells.- Amino Acid and Nucleoside Incorporation in Frog Kidney Cells: An Autoradiographic Study.- Immunity and Tolerance in Amphibia.- Immunity and Tolerance in Amphibia.- Immunologic Tolerance and Blood Cell Chimerism in Experimentally Produced Parabiotic Frogs.- Immunogenetic and Developmental Aspects of Tissue Transplantation Immunity in Urodele Amphibians.- Immunoglobulin and Complement Systems of Amphibian Serum.- The Amphibian as a Key Step in the Evolution of Lymphoid Tissue and Diverse Immunoglobulin Classes.- Tumors and Related Pathology in Amphibia.- Some Morphological and Biological Characteristics of a Tumor of the Newt, Trituruscristatus Laur.- Skin Carcinogenesis, Mammals Versus Amphibia.- Plasmacytoma in a Ranapipiens.- Structures of Spontaneous and Transplanted Tumors in the Axolotl (Siredon mexicanum).- Tumors of the Testis in the Mexican Axolotl (AmbystomaorSiredonmexicanum).- Distribution and Transmission of the Lucké Renal Adenocarcinoma.- Simulated Transmission of Renal Tumors in Oocytes and Embryos of Ranapipiens.- Non-Specific Transmission of the Lucké Tumor.- Lucké Renal Adenocarcinoma: Epidemiological Aspects.- Chromosome Studies of Primary Renal Carcinoma from Vermont Ranapipiens.- Viruses of Amphibia.- Studies on the Viral Etiology of the Renal Adenocarcinoma of Ranapipiens (Lucké Tumor).- Fine Structure Studies of Cytoplasmic Viruses Associated with Frog Tumors.- Comparative Studies of Amphibian Cytoplasmic Virus Strains Isolated from the Leopard Frog, Bullfrog, and Newt.- Tadpole Edema Virus: Pathogenesis and Growth Studies and Additional Sites of Virus Infected Bullfrog Tadpoles.- The Herpestype Virus of the Lucké Renal Adenocarcinoma.- Herpestype Virus Latency in the Lucké Tumor.- Density Gradient Centrifugation Studies on the Herpes-type Virus of the Lucké Tumor.- Reactivity of Serum from Frogs and Other Species with a Herpesvirus Antigen Extracted from a Burkitt Lymphoma Cultured Cell Line.- A Preliminary Report on the Serology of Lucké and Burkitt Herpes-type Viruses: A Shared Antigen.- Lymphoid Diseases in Amphibia.- Possible Immunological Factors in Amphibian Lymphosarcoma Development.- Organ Cultures of Normal and Neoplastic Amphibian Tissues.- Acceptance and Regression of a Strain-specific Lymphosarcoma in Mexican Axolotls.- Biologically Defined Strains of Amphibia.- Development of Biologically Defined Strains of Amphibians.- Diseases in an Amphibian Colony.- Neoplasia in Higher Vertebrates: Relevance to Amphibian Tumors.- A. Investigational Approaches.- Some Comparative Morphological Aspects of Renal Neoplasms in Ranapipiens and of Lymphosarcomas in Amphibia.- Immunological Approaches to the Study of Viral Antigens Associated with Neoplasms.- Nucleic Acid Homology as Applied to Investigations on the Relationship of Viruses to Neoplastic Diseases.- B. Tumors and Associated Herpes Viruses.- Viruses Associated with Burkitt's Lymphoma.- A Herpes Virus as a Cause of Marek's Disease in Chickens.- Studies on the Viral Etiology of Marek's Disease of Fowl.- Herpes Simplex Viruses and Human Cancer: Current Status of the Problem.- Summation and Perspectives.- Summation and Perspectives.


Titel: Biology of Amphibian Tumors
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