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Bio-Inspired Applications of Connectionism

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Underlying most of the IWANN calls for papers is the aim to reassume some of the motivations of the groundwork stages of biocybern... Weiterlesen
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Underlying most of the IWANN calls for papers is the aim to reassume some of the motivations of the groundwork stages of biocybernetics and the later bionics formulations and to try to reconsider the present value of two basic questions. The?rstoneis:Whatdoesneurosciencebringintocomputation(thenew bionics)? That is to say, how can we seek inspiration in biology? Titles such as computational intelligence, arti?cial neural nets, genetic algorithms, evolutionary hardware, evolutive architectures, embryonics, sensory n- romorphic systems, and emotional robotics are representatives of the present interest in biological electronics (bionics). Thesecondquestionis:Whatcanreturncomputationtoneuroscience(the new neurocybernetics)? That is to say, how can mathematics, electronics, c- puter science, and arti?cial intelligence help the neurobiologists to improve their experimental data modeling and to move a step forward towards the understa- ing of the nervous system? Relevant here are the general philosophy of the IWANN conferences, the sustained interdisciplinary approach, and the global strategy, again and again to bring together physiologists and computer experts to consider the common and pertinent questions and the shared methods to answer these questions.

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

Bio-inspired Systems and Engineering.- From Embryonics to POEtic Machines.- Design and Codesign of Neuro-fuzzy Hardware.- A Field-Programmable Conductance Array IC for Biological Neurons Modeling.- A 2-by-n Hybrid Cellular Automaton Implementation Using a Bio-inspired FPGA.- Parametric Neurocontroller for Positioning of an Anthropomorfic Finger Based on an Oponent Driven-Tendon Transmission System.- An Integration Principle for Multimodal Sensor Data Based on Temporal Coherence of Self-Organized Patterns.- Simultaneous Parallel Processing of Object and Position by Temporal Correlation.- Methodology for Nets Design, Nets Simulation and Implementation.- NeuSim: A Modular Neural Networks Simulator for Beowulf Clusters.- Curved Kernel Neural Network for Functions Approximation.- Repeated Measures Multiple Comparison Procedures Applied to Model Selection in Neural Networks.- Extension of HUMANN for Dealing with Noise and with Classes of Different Shape and Size: A Parametric Study.- Evenet 2000: Designing and Training Arbitrary Neural Networks in Java.- Neyman-Pearson Neural Detectors.- Distance between Kohonen Classes Visualization Tool to Use SOM in Data Set Analysis and Representation.- Optimal Genetic Representation of Complete Strictly-Layered Feedforward Neural Networks.- Assesing the Noise Immunity of Radial Basis Function Neural Networks.- Analyzing Boltzmann Machine Parameters for Fast Convergence.- A Penalization Criterion Based on Noise Behaviour for Model Selection.- Image Processing.- Wood Texture Analysis by Combining the Connected Elements Histogram and Artificial Neural Networks.- Dynamic Topology Networks for Colour Image Compression.- Analysis on the Viewpoint Dependency in 3-D Object Recognition by Support Vector Machines.- A Comparative Study of Two Neural Models for Cloud Screening of Iberian Peninsula Meteosat Images.- A Growing Cell Neural Network Structure for Off-Line Signature Recognition.- ZISC-036 Neuro-processor Based Image Processing.- Self-Organizing Map for Hyperspectral Image Analysis.- Classification of the Images of Gene Expression Patterns Using Neural Networks Based on Multi-valued Neurons.- Image Restoration Using Neural Networks.- Automatic Generation of Digital Filters by NN Based Learning: An Application on Paper Pulp Inspection.- Image Quality Enhancement for Liquid Bridge Parameter Estimation with DTCNN.- Neural Network Based on Multi-valued Neurons: Application in Image Recognition, Type of Blur and Blur Parameters Identification.- Analyzing Wavelets Components to Perform Face Recognition.- Man-Machine Voice Interface Using a Commercially Available Neural Chip.- Partial Classification in Speech Recognition Verification.- Speaker Recognition Using Gaussian Mixtures Models.- A Comparative Study of ICA Filter Structures Learnt from Natural and Urban Images.- Neural Edge Detector - A Good Mimic of Conventional One Yet Robuster against Noise.- Neural Networks for Image Restoration from the Magnitude of Its Fourier Transform.- Medical Applications.- An Automatic System for the Location of the Optic Nerve Head from 2D Images.- Can ICA Help Classify Skin Cancer and Benign Lesions?.- An Approach Fractal and Analysis of Variogram for Edge Detection of Biomedical Images.- Some Examples for Solving Clinical Problems Using Neural Networks.- Medical Images Analysis: An Application of Artificial Neural Networks in the Diagnosis of Human Tissues.- Feature Selection, Ranking of Each Feature and Classification for the Diagnosis of Community Acquired Legionella Pneumonia.- Rotation-Invariant Image Association for Endoscopic Positional Identification Using Complex-Valued Associative Memories.- A Multi Layer Perceptron Approach for Predecting and Modelling the Dynamical Behavior of Cardiac Ventricular Repolarisation..- Detection of Microcalcifications in Mammograms by the Combination of a Neural Detector and Multiscale Feature Enhancement.- An Auto-learning System for the Classification of Fetal Heart Rate Decelerative Patterns.- Neuro-Fuzzy Nets in Medical Diagnosis: The DIAGEN Case Study of Glaucoma.- Robotics.- Evolving Brain Structures for Robot Control.- A Cuneate-Based Network and Its Application as a Spatio-Temporal Filter in Mobile Robotics.- An Application of Fuzzy State Automata:Motion Control of an Hexapod Walking Machine.- Neural Adaptive Force Control for Compliant Robots.- Reactive Navigation Using Reinforment Learning in Situations of POMDPs.- Landmark Recognition for Autonomous Navigation Using Odometric Information and a Network of Perceptrons.- Topological Maps for Robot's Navigation: A Conceptual Approach.- Information Integration for Robot Learning Using Neural Fuzzy Systems.- Incorporating Perception-Based Information in Reinforcement Learning Using Computing with Words.- Cellular Neural Networks for Mobile Robot Vision.- Learning to Predict Variable-Delay Rewards and Its Role in Autonomous Developmental Robotics.- Robust Chromatic Identification and Tracking.- Sequence Learning in Mobile Robots Using Avalanche Neural Networks.- Investigating Active Pattern Recognition in an Imitative Game.- Towards an On-Line Neural Conditioning Model for Mobile Robots.- General Applications.- A Thermocouple Model Based on Neural Networks.- Improving Biological Sequence Property Distances by Using a Genetic Algorithm.- Data Mining Applied to Irrigation Water Management.- Classification of Specular Object Based on Statistical Learning Theory.- On the Application of Heteroassociative Morphological Memories to Face Localization.- Early Detection and Diagnosis of Faults in an AC Motor Using Neuro Fuzzy Techniques: FasArt + Fuzzy k Nearest Neighbors.- Knowledge-Based Neural Networks for Modelling Time Series.- Using Artificial Neural Network to Define Fuzzy Comparators in FSQL with the Criterion of some Decision Maker.- Predictive Classification for Integrated Pest Management by Clustering in NN Output Space.- Blind Source Separation in the Frequency Domain: A Novel Solution to the Amplitude and the Permutation Indeterminacies.- Evaluation, Classification and Clustering with NeuroFuzzy Techniques in Integrate Pest Management.- Inaccessible Parameters Monitoring in Industrial Environment: A Neural Based Approach.- Autoorganised Structures for Extraction of Perceptual Primitives.- Real-Time Wavelet Transform for Image Processing on the Cellular Neural Network Universal Machine.- OBLIC: Classification System Using Evolutionary Algorithm.- Design of a Pre-processing Stage for a voiding the Dependence on TSNR of a Neural Radar Detector.- Foetal Age and Weight Determination Using a Lateral Interaction Inspired Net.- Inference of Stochastic Regular Languages through Simple Recurrent Networks with Time Delays.- Is Neural Network a Reliable Forecaster on Earth? A MARS Query!.- Character Feature Extraction Using Polygonal Projection Sweep (Contour Detection).- Using Contextual Information to Selectively Adjust Preprocessing Parameters.- Electric Power System's Stability Assessment and Online-Provision of Control Actions Using Self-Organizing Maps.- Neural Networks for Contingency Evaluation and Monitoring in Power Systems.- Hybrid Framework for Neuro-Dynamic Programming Application to Water Supply Networks.- Classification of Disturbances in Electrical Signals Using Neural Networks.- Neural Classification and « Traditional » Data Analysis: An Application to Households' Living Conditions.- Nonlinear Synthesis of Vowels in the LP Residual Domain with a Regularized RBF Network.- Nonlinear Vectorial Prediction With Neural Nets.- Separation of Sources Based on the Partitioning of the Space of Observations.- Adaptive ICA with Order Statistics in Multidimensional Scenarios.- Pattern Repulsion Revisited.- The Minimum Entropy and Cumulants Based Contrast Functions for Blind Source Extraction.- Feature Extraction in Digital Mammography: An Independent Component Analysis Approach.- Blind Source Separation in Convolutive Mixtures: A Hybrid Approach for Colored Sources.- A Conjugate Gradient Method and Simulated Annealing for Blind Separation of Sources.- The Problem of Overlearning in High-Order ICA Approaches: Analysis and Solutions.- Equi-convergence Algorithm for Blind Separation of Sources with Arbitrary Distributions.- Separating Convolutive Mixtures by Mutual Information Minimization.


Titel: Bio-Inspired Applications of Connectionism
Untertitel: 6th International Work-Conference on Artificial and Natural Neural Networks, IWANN 2001 Granada, Spain, June 13-15, 2001, Proceedings, Part II
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ISBN: 978-3-540-42237-2
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Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
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Größe: H48mm x B236mm x T157mm
Jahr: 2001
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2001. 2001

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