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Avidin-Biotin Interactions

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For researchers today, the avidin-biotin interaction is among the most widely exploited among biomedical scientists. Despite its p... Weiterlesen
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For researchers today, the avidin-biotin interaction is among the most widely exploited among biomedical scientists. Despite its popularity, avidin-biotin methodology suffers from a lack of clarity associated with popular, low cost, prefabricated kits used by many in the field. In Avidin-Biotin Interactions: Methods and Applications, leaders in avidin-biotin methodology share their knowledge relating to the application of the extremely powerful interaction between the protein avidin or its homologues and the vitamin biotin and some of its homologues. Although avidin-biotin based kits based have been produced for quite some time and remain a widely used methodology, many of the chapters in this text describe situations in which the previous methodology failed due to some factor, and the authors developed new and better ways for the avidin-biotin system to be utilized. With excellent descriptions of laboratory protocols written by expert researchers, this volume is equally perfect for the student or the professional laboratory scientist. Each chapter in Avidin-Biotin Interactions: Methods and Applications contains not only excellent descriptions of protocols for the lab but also the experience of researchers who used specific methodology, found a problem with that methodology in a new setting, and ultimately devised ways to minimize or obviate the limitations of the technology.

Excellent descriptions of laboratory protocols written by expert researchers

Equally perfect for the student or the professional laboratory scientist

Table of Contents Preface...Robert J. McMahon Preparation of avidin conjugates Rosaria Haugland and Mahesh Bhalgat Coupling of antibodies with biotin...Rosaria Haugland and Wendy You Optimization of detection and quantification of proteins on membranes in very high and very low abundance using avidin and streptavidin.Sara R. Zwart and Brandon J. Lewis Use of the Avidin (Imino)biotin System as a general approach to affinity precipitation..Ruth Freitag and Frank Hilbrig Capturing biotinylated proteins and peptides by avidin functional affinity electrophoresis.........................................................................................Bao-Shiang Lee, Sangeeth Krishnanchettiar, Syed Salman Lateef, and Shalini Gupta Functionality Screening of Streptavidin Mutants by Non-Denaturing SDS-PAGE Using Biotin-4-Fluorescein..Nicolas Humbert and Thomas R. Ward Application of biotin-4-fluorescein in homogeneous fluorescence assays for avidin, streptavidin, and biotin or biotin derivatives..Andreas Ebner, Markus Marek, Karl Kaiser, Gerald Kada, Christoph D. Hahn, Bernd Lackner, and Hermann J. Gruber Quantitative recovery of biotinylated proteins from streptavidin-based affinity chromatography resins..Christoph Rosli, Jascha-N. Rybak, Dario Neri, and Giuliano Elia High yield production and purification of recombinant T7-tag-mature-streptavidin in glucose stressed E. coli.Nicolas Humbert, Peter Schurmann, Andrea Zocchi, Jean-Marc Neuhaus and Thomas R. Ward Endogenous biotin in rat brain: implications for false-positive resultswith avidin- and streptavidin-biotin techniques..Bruce E. McKay, Michael L. Molineux, and Ray W. Turner Pseudo-Immunolabelling with the Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Complex (ABC) due to the presence of Endogenous Biotin in the Retina..Willem Kamphuis and Jan Klooster Use of synthetic peptides for identifying biotinylation sites in human histonesGabriela Camporeale, Yap Ching Chew, Alice Keuh, Gautam Sarath and Janos Zempleni Detection and quantitation of DNA methylation using a biotin/avidin microplate assayKirsten Liebert and Albert Jeltsch Anti-biotin antibodies offer superior organelle-specific labeling of mitochondria over avidin or streptavidinElisabeth D. Coene, Michael K. Shaw, and David J. Vaux Mammalian lectin as a tool in glycol- and histochemistry with relevance for diagnostic procedureKarel Smetana, Jr. and Sabine Andre A multiplex approach to isotyping antigen-specific antibodies using biotinylated antigen/streptavidin-phycoerythrin Anna Bogusiewicz


Titel: Avidin-Biotin Interactions
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