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I Told You So!!

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I decided to publish this book because this election cycle was nothing any of us had ever witnessed before. It was a circus-pure ... Weiterlesen
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I decided to publish this book because this election cycle was nothing any of us had ever witnessed before. It was a circus-pure madness. So I made notes. I was in constant shock, saying to my poor husband, Roy, "Can you believe this?" After a while, I knew he was tuning me out. LOL. I am what many people would describe as a political junkie. I pay attention. I follow the campaigns. I was a beast. I listened and watched as they tricked the uninformed and convinced them to vote against their own interest. This time, it was the absolute worst. The lies were coming fast and furious. We were inundated and totally on overdrive. The media got caught up in the lies, and it was obvious they wanted to create confusion and chaos, especially when it came to Hillary. I would say they were complicit in the worst election we have ever seen. Everyone thought Hillary would win. The entire political world, including the press, had given the election to Hillary. She couldn't lose, they said. She needed to win just one of the toss-up states, and she would be madam president. We were so excited, but Comey had other ideas. He found some damn e-mails from Anthony Weiner, and all hell broke loose. The media was orgasmic. They wanted a real race. Elections have become all about making millions of dollars, and Hillary's e-mails generated a lot of interest, especially if Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner was involved. The media spent nine days with around the clock reporting on these e-mails, while Trump was getting billions of dollars worth of free airtime to spread untruths. Fox News found the smoking gun, they thought, and Hillary was once again attacked for being unscrupulous and unworthy of the office. Something was fishy with Comey. Why would he release the letter to say he found more e-mail and not give any further details? Poor Hillary. Two days before the election, Comey sent another letter, this time, saying "Never mind." People were angry at Hillary for having the server. Some decided to stay home, and others decided to vote for someone else. Trump won the presidency because of a few different factors. Comey's letters just before the election played quite a significant role, and now, since Trump's win, we learned about Russia's involvement. Poor Hillary never had a chance. It was over. The men took her down, and women stabbed her in her back and never helped her! Ugh!


Titel: I Told You So!!
Untertitel: One Nurse's "Notes" on the 2016 Electlon
EAN: 9781524685621
ISBN: 1524685623
Format: Fester Einband
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Jahr: 2017