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Algorithms and Computation

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The papers in this volume were selected for presentation at the Ninth Annual International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation... Weiterlesen
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The papers in this volume were selected for presentation at the Ninth Annual International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC 98),heldonDecember14 16,1998inTaejon,Korea.P- viousmeetingswereheldinTokyo(1990),Taipei(1991),Nagoya (1992),HongKong(1993),Beijing(1994),Cairns(1995),Osaka (1996),andSingapore(1997). The symposium was jointly sponsored by Korea Advanced - stitute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Korea Information Science Society (KISS) to commemorate its 25th anniversary in - operationwithMinistryofInformationandCommunication,Korea InformationSocietyDevelopmentInstitute,andKoreaScienceand Engineering Foundation. Inresponsetothecallforpapers,102extendedabstractswere submitted from 21 countries. Each submitted paper was reported on byatleastfourprogramcommitteemembers,withtheassistance ofreferees,asindicatedbytherefereelistfoundintheseproce- ings. There were many more acceptable papers than there was space availableinthesymposiumschedule,andtheprogramcommittee s task was extremely di?cult. The 47 papers selected for presentation hadatotalof105authors,residentasfollows:Japan24,Germany 17,UnitedStateofAmerica15,Taiwan10,HongKongandKorea 6each,Spain5,SwitzerlandandAustralia4each,Austria,Canada, andFrance3each,ItalyandNetherlands2each,andGreece1. We thank all program committee members and their referees fortheirexcellentwork,especiallygiventhedemandingtimec- straints; they gave the symposium its distinctive character. We thank all who submitted papers for consideration: they all contributed to the high quality of the symposium. Finally,wethankallthepeoplewhoworkedhardtoputinplace the logistical arrangements of the symposium our colleagues and our graduate students. It is their hard work that made the sym- sium possible and enjoyable.

Includes supplementary material:

Invited Presentation.- The Discrepancy Method.- Implementing Algorithms and Data Structures: An Educational and Research Perspective.- Geometry I.- L? Voronoi Diagrams and Applications to VLSI Layout and Manufacturing.- Facility Location on Terrains.- Computing Weighted Rectilinear Median and Center Set in the Presence of Obstacles.- Complexity I.- Maximizing Agreement with a Classification by Bounded or Unbounded number of Associated Words.- Disjunctions of Horn Theories and Their Cores.- Checking Programs Discreetly: Demonstrating Result-Correctness Efficiently While Concealing It.- Graph Drawing.- Two-Layer Planarization in Graph Drawing.- Computing Orthogonal Drawings in a Variable Embedding Setting.- Dynamic Grid Embedding with Few Bends and Changes.- On-Line Algorithm and Scheduling.- Two New Families of List Update Algorithms.- An Optimal Algorithm for On-Line Palletizing at Delivery Industry.- On-Line Scheduling of Parallel Jobs with Runtime Restrictions.- CAD/CAM and Graphics.- Testing the Quality of Manufactured Disks and Cylinders.- Casting with Skewed Ejection Direction.- Repairing Flaws in a Picture Based on a Geometric Representation of a Digital Image.- Graph Algorithm I.- k-Edge and 3-Vertex Connectivity Augmentation in an Arbitrary Multigraph.- Polyhedral Structure of Submodular and Posi-modular Systems.- Maximizing the number of Connections in Optical Tree Networks.- Best Paper Presentation.- Selecting the k Largest Elements with Parity Tests.- Randomized Algorithm.- Randomized K-Dimensional Binary Search Trees.- Randomized O(log log n)-Round Leader Election Protocols in Packet Radio Networks.- Random Regular Graphs with Edge Faults: Expansion through Cores.- Complexity II.- A Quantum Polynomial Time Algorithm in Worst Case for Simon's Problem.- Generalized Graph Colorability and Compressibility of Boolean Formulae.- On the Complexity of Free Monoid Morphisms.- Graph Algorithm II.- Characterization of Efficiently Solvable Problems on Distance-Hereditary Graphs.- Fast Algorithms for Independent Domination and Efficient Domination in Trapezoid Graphs.- Finding Planar Geometric Automorphisms in Planar Graphs.- Combinatorial Problem.- New Approach for Speeding Up Enumeration Algorithms.- Hamiltonian Decomposition of Recursive Circulants.- Convertibility among Grid Filling Curves.- Geometry II.- Generalized Self-Approaching Curves.- The Steiner Tree Problem in ?4-geometry Plane.- Computational Biology.- Approximation and Exact Algorithms for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction and Recognition of Stochastic Context-Free Languages.- On the Multiple Gene Duplication Problem.- Geometry III.- Visibility Queries in Simple Polygons and Applications.- Quadtree Decomposition, Steiner Triangulation, and Ray Shooting.- Optimality and Integer Programming Formulations of Triangulations in General Dimension.- Approximation Algorithm.- Space-Efficient Approximation Algorithms for MAXCUT and COLORING Semidefinite Programs.- A Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem on a Tree.- Approximation Algorithms for Some Optimum Communication Spanning Tree Problems.- Complexity III.- The Edge-Disjoint Paths Problem is NP-Complete for Partial k-Trees.- Inapproximability Results for Guarding Polygons without Holes.- The Inapproximability of Non NP-hard Optimization Problems.- Parallel and Distributed Algorithm.- An Efficient NC Algorithm for a Sparse k-Edge-Connectivity Certificate.- A Parallel Algorithm for Sampling Matchings from an Almost Uniform Distribution.- Optimal Approximate Agreement with Omission Faults.


Titel: Algorithms and Computation
Untertitel: 9th International Symposium, ISAAC'98, Taejon, Korea, December 14-16, 1998, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540653851
ISBN: 3540653856
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 500
Gewicht: 750g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T26mm
Jahr: 1998
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 1998

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