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Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2007

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This book is part of a three volume set that constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Neural Net... Weiterlesen
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This book is part of a three volume set that constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Neural Networks, ISNN 2007, held in Nanjing, China in June 2007. Coverage includes neural networks for control applications, robotics, data mining and feature extraction, chaos and synchronization, support vector machines, fault diagnosis/detection, image/video processing, and applications of neural networks.

Chaos and Synchronization.- Synchronization of Chaotic Systems Via the LaguerrePolynomials-Based Neural Network.- Chaos Synchronization Between Unified Chaotic System and Genesio System.- Robust Impulsive Synchronization of Coupled Delayed Neural Networks.- Synchronization of Impulsive Fuzzy Cellular Neural Networks with Parameter Mismatches.- Global Synchronization in an Array of Delayed Neural Networks with Nonlinear Coupling.- Self-synchronization Blind Audio Watermarking Based on Feature Extraction and Subsampling.- An Improved Extremum Seeking Algorithm Based on the Chaotic Annealing Recurrent Neural Network and Its Application.- Solving the Delay Constrained Multicast Routing Problem Using the Transiently Chaotic Neural Network.- Solving Prize-Collecting Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows by Chaotic Neural Network.- A Quickly Searching Algorithm for Optimization Problems Based on Hysteretic Transiently Chaotic Neural Network.- Secure Media Distribution Scheme Based on Chaotic Neural Network.- An Adaptive Radar Target Signal Processing Scheme Based on AMTI Filter and Chaotic Neural Networks.- Horseshoe Dynamics in a Small Hyperchaotic Neural Network.- The Chaotic Netlet Map.- A Chaos Based Robust Spatial Domain Watermarking Algorithm.- Integrating KPCA and LS-SVM for Chaotic Time Series Forecasting Via Similarity Analysis.- Prediction of Chaotic Time Series Using LS-SVM with Simulated Annealing Algorithms.- Radial Basis Function Neural Network Predictor for Parameter Estimation in Chaotic Noise.- Global Exponential Synchronization of Chaotic Neural Networks with Time Delays.- Neural Fuzzy Systems.- A Fuzzy Neural Network Based on Back-Propagation.- State Space Partition for Reinforcement Learning Based on Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network.- Realization of an Improved Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System in DSP.- Neurofuzzy Power Plant Predictive Control.- GA-Driven Fuzzy Set-Based Polynomial Neural Networks with Information Granules for Multi-variable Software Process.- The ANN Inverse Control of Induction Motor with Robust Flux Observer Based on ESO.- Design of Fuzzy Relation-Based Polynomial Neural Networks Using Information Granulation and Symbolic Gene Type Genetic Algorithms.- Fuzzy Neural Network Classification Design Using Support Vector Machine in Welding Defect.- Multi-granular Control of Double Inverted Pendulum Based on Universal Logics Fuzzy Neural Networks.- The Research of Decision Information Fusion Algorithm Based on the Fuzzy Neural Networks.- Equalization of Channel Distortion Using Nonlinear Neuro-Fuzzy Network.- Comparative Studies of Fuzzy Genetic Algorithms.- Fuzzy Random Dependent-Chance Bilevel Programming with Applications.- Fuzzy Optimization Problems with Critical Value-at-Risk Criteria.- Neural-Network-Driven Fuzzy Optimum Selection for Mechanism Schemes.- Atrial Arrhythmias Detection Based on Neural Network Combining Fuzzy Classifiers.- A Neural-Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Algorithm Based Cutting Tool Condition Monitoring Procedure.- Research on Customer Classification in E-Supermarket by Using Modified Fuzzy Neural Networks.- Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network Based System for Battery Charging.- Type-2 Fuzzy Neuro System Via Input-to-State-Stability Approach.- Fuzzy Neural Petri Nets.- Hardware Design of an Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Network with On-Chip Learning Capability.- Stock Prediction Using FCMAC-BYY.- A Hybrid Rule Extraction Method Using Rough Sets and Neural Networks.- A Novel Approach for Extraction of Fuzzy Rules Using the Neuro-fuzzy Network and Its Application in the Blending Process of Raw Slurry.- Training and Learning Algorithms for Neural Networks.- Neural Network Training Using Genetic Algorithm with a Novel Binary Encoding.- Adaptive Training of a Kernel-Based Representative and Discriminative Nonlinear Classifier.- Indirect Training of Grey-Box Models: Application to a Bioprocess.- FNN (Feedforward Neural Network) Training Method Based on Robust Recursive Least Square Method.- A Margin Maximization Training Algorithm for BP Network.- Learning Bayesian Networks Based on a Mutual Information Scoring Function and EMI Method.- Learning Dynamic Bayesian Networks Structure Based on Bayesian Optimization Algorithm.- An On-Line LearningAlgorithm of Parallel Mode for MLPN Models.- An Robust RPCL Algorithm and Its Application in Clustering of Visual Features.- An Evolutionary RBFNN Learning Algorithm for Complex Classzification Problems.- Stock Index Prediction Based on Adaptive Training and Pruning Algorithm.- An Improved Algorithm for Eleman Neural Network by Adding a Modified Error Function.- Regularization Versus Dimension Reduction, Which Is Better?.- Integrated Analytic Framework for Neural Network Construction.- Neural Networks Structures.- A Novel Method of Constructing ANN.- Topographic Infomax in a Neural Multigrid.- Genetic Granular Neural Networks.- A Multi-Level Probabilistic Neural Network.- An Artificial Immune Network Model Applied to Data Clustering and Classification.- Sparse Coding in Sparse Winner Networks.- Multi-Valued Cellular Neural Networks and Its Application for Associative Memory.- Emergence of Topographic Cortical Maps in a Parameterless Local Competition Network.- Graph Matching Recombination for Evolving Neural Networks.- Orthogonal Least Squares Based on QR Decomposition for Wavelet Networks.- Implementation of Multi-valued Logic Based on Bi-threshold Neural Networks.- Iteratively Reweighted Fitting for Reduced Multivariate Polynomial Model.- Decomposition Method for Tree Kernels.- An Intelligent Hybrid Approach for Designing Increasing Translation Invariant Morphological Operators for Time Series Forecasting.- Ordering Grids to Identify the Clustering Structure.- An Improve to Human Computer Interaction, Recovering Data from Databases Through Spoken Natural Language.- 3D Reconstruction Approach Based on Neural Network.- A New Method of IRFPA Nonuniformity Correction.- Novel Shape-From-Shading Methodology with Specular Reflectance Using Wavelet Networks.- Attribute Reduction Based on Bi-directional Distance Correlation and Radial Basis Network.- Unbiased Linear Neural-Based Fusion with Normalized Weighted Average Algorithm for Regression.- Discriminant Analysis with Label Constrained Graph Partition.- The Kernelized Geometrical Bisection Methods.- Design and Implementation of a General Purpose Neural Network Processor.- A Forward Constrained Selection Algorithm for Probabilistic Neural Network.- Probabilistic Motion Switch Tracking Method Based on Mean Shift and Double Model Filters.- Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition.- Human Action Recognition Using a Modified Convolutional Neural Network.- Neural Networks Based Image Recognition: A New Approach.- Human Touching Behavior Recognition Based on Neural Networks.- Kernel Fisher NPE for Face Recognition.- A Parallel RBFNN Classifier Based on S-Transform for Recognition of Power Quality Disturbances.- Recognition of Car License Plates Using Morphological Features, Color Information and an Enhanced FCM Algorithm.- Modified ART2A-DWNN for Automatic Digital Modulation Recognition.- Target Recognition of FLIR Images on Radial Basis Function Neural Network.- Two-Dimensional Bayesian Subspace Analysis for Face Recognition.- A Wavelet-Based Neural Network Applied to Surface Defect Detection of LED Chips.- Graphic Symbol Recognition of Engineering Drawings Based on Multi-Scale Autoconvolution Transform.- Driver Fatigue Detection by Fusing Multiple Cues.- Palmprint Recognition Using a Novel Sparse Coding Technique.- Radial Basis Probabilistic Neural Networks Committee for Palmprint Recognition.- A Connectionist Thematic Grid Predictor for Pre-parsed Natural Language Sentences.- Perfect Recall on the Lernmatrix.- A New Text Detection Approach Based on BP Neural Network for Vehicle License Plate Detection in Complex Background.- Searching Eye Centers Using a Context-Based Neural Network.- A Fast New Small Target Detection Algorithm Based on Regularizing Partial Differential Equation in IR Clutter.- The Evaluation Measure of Text Clustering for the Variable Number of Clusters.- Clustering-Based Reference Set Reduction for k-Nearest Neighbor.- A Contourlet-Based Method for Wavelet Neural Network Automatic Target Recognition.- Facial Expression Analysis on Semantic Neighborhood Preserving Embedding.- Face Recognition from a Single Image per Person Using Common Subfaces Method.- SOMs, ICA/PCA.- A Structural Adapting Self-organizing Maps Neural Network.- How Good Is the Backpropogation Neural Network Using a Self-Organised Network Inspired by Immune Algorithm (SONIA) When Used for Multi-step Financial Time Series Prediction?.- Edge Detection Combined Entropy Threshold and Self-Organizing Map (SOM).- Hierarchical SOMs: Segmentation of Cell-Migration Images.- Network Anomaly Detection Based on DSOM and ACO Clustering.- Hybrid Pipeline Structure for Self-Organizing Learning Array.- CSOM for Mixed Data Types.- The Application of ICA to the X-Ray Digital Subtraction Angiography.- Relative Principle Component and Relative Principle Component Analysis Algorithm.- The Hybrid Principal Component Analysis Based on Wavelets and Moving Median Filter.- Recursive Bayesian Linear Discriminant for Classification.- Histogram PCA.- Simultaneously Prediction of Network Traffic Flow Based on PCA-SVR.- An Efficient K-Hyperplane Clustering Algorithm and Its Application to Sparse Component Analysis.- A PCA-Combined Neural Network Software Sensor for SBR Processes.- Symmetry Based Two-Dimensional Principal Component Analysis for Face Recognition.- A Method Based on ICA and SVM/GMM for Mixed Acoustic Objects Recognition.- ICA Based Super-Resolution Face Hallucination and Recognition.- Principal Component Analysis Based Probability Neural Network Optimization.- A Multi-scale Dynamically Growing Hierarchical Self-organizing Map for Brain MRI Image Segmentation.- Biomedical Applications.- A Study on How to Classify the Security Rating of Medical Information Neural Network.- Detecting Biomarkers for Major Adverse Cardiac Events Using SVM with PLS Feature Selection and Extraction.- Hybrid Systems and Artificial Immune Systems: Performances and Applications to Biomedical Research.- NeuroOracle: Integration of Neural Networks into an Object-Relational Database System.- Discrimination of Coronary Microcirculatory Dysfunction Based on Generalized Relevance LVQ.- Multiple Signal Classification Based on Genetic Algorithm for MEG Sources Localization.- Registration of 3D FMT and CT Images of Mouse Via Affine Transformation with Bayesian Iterative Closest Points.- Automatic Diagnosis of Foot Plant Pathologies: A Neural Networks Approach.- Phase Transitions Caused by Threshold in Random Neural Network and Its Medical Applications.- Multiresolution of Clinical EEG Recordings Based on Wavelet Packet Analysis.- Comparing Analytical Decision Support Models Through Boolean Rule Extraction: A Case Study of Ovarian Tumour Malignancy.- Human Sensibility Evaluation Using Neural Network and Multiple-Template Method on Electroencephalogram (EEG).- A Decision Method for Air-Pressure Limit Value Based on the Respiratory Model with RBF Expression of Elastance.- Hand Tremor Classification Using Bispectrum Analysis of Acceleration Signals and Back-Propagation Neural Network.- A Novel Ensemble Approach for Cancer Data Classification.- Biological Sequence Data Preprocessing for Classification: A Case Study in Splice Site Identification.- A Method of X-Ray Image Recognition Based on Fuzzy Rule and Parallel Neural Networks.- Detection of Basal Cell Carcinoma Based on Gaussian Prototype Fitting of Confocal Raman Spectra.- Prediction of Helix, Strand Segments from Primary Protein Sequences by a Set of Neural Networks.- A Novel EPA-KNN Gene Classification Algorithm.- A Novel Method for Prediction of Protein Domain Using Distance-Based Maximal Entropy.- The Effect of Recording Reference on EEG: Phase Synchrony and Coherence.- Biological Inspired Global Descriptor for Shape Matching.- Fuzzy Support Vector Machine for EMG Pattern Recognition and Myoelectrical Prosthesis Control.- Classification of Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Neural Networks.


Titel: Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2007
Untertitel: 4th International Symposium on Neutral Networks, ISNN 2007 Nanjing, China, June 3-7, 2007. Proceedings, Part II
EAN: 9783540723929
ISBN: 3540723927
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1376
Gewicht: 2050g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T72mm
Jahr: 2007
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2007

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