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Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2006

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This book and its sister volumes constitute the Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Neural Networks (ISNN 2006) he... Weiterlesen
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This book and its sister volumes constitute the Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Neural Networks (ISNN 2006) held in Chengdu in southwestern China during May 2831, 2006. After a successful ISNN 2004 in Dalian and ISNN 2005 in Chongqing, ISNN became a well-established series of conferences on neural computation in the region with growing popularity and improving quality. ISNN 2006 received 2472 submissions from authors in 43 countries and regions (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Qatar, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Demark, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria, and Tunisia) across six continents (Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania). Based on rigorous reviews, 616 high-quality papers were selected for publication in the proceedings with the acceptance rate being less than 25%. The papers are organized in 27 cohesive sections covering all major topics of neural network research and development. In addition to the numerous contributed papers, ten distinguished scholars gave plenary speeches (Robert J. Marks II, Erkki Oja, Marios M. Polycarpou, Donald C. Wunsch II, Zongben Xu, and Bo Zhang) and tutorials (Walter J. Freeman, Derong Liu, Paul J. Werbos, and Jacek M. Zurada).

Refereed proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Neural Networks, ISNN 2006

Volume II of a three-volume set presenting 616 revised papers

Coverage includes a broad range of topics

Pattern Classification.- Design an Effective Pattern Classification Model.- Classifying Unbalanced Pattern Groups by Training Neural Network.- A Modified Constructive Fuzzy Neural Networks for Classification of Large-Scale and Complicated Data.- A Hierarchical FloatBoost and MLP Classifier for Mobile Phone Embedded Eye Location System.- Iris Recognition Using LVQ Neural Network.- Minimax Probability Machine for Iris Recognition.- Detecting Facial Features by Heteroassociative Memory Neural Network Utilizing Facial Statistics.- Recognizing Partially Damaged Facial Images by Subspace Auto-associative Memories.- A Facial Expression Classification Algorithm Based on Principle Component Analysis.- Automatic Facial Expression Recognition.- Facial Expression Recognition Using Active Appearance Model.- Facial Expression Recognition Based on BoostingTree.- KDA Plus KPCA for Face Recognition.- Face Recognition Using a Neural Network Simulating Olfactory Systems.- Face Recognition Using Neural Networks and Pattern Averaging.- Semi-supervised Support Vector Learning for Face Recognition.- Parts-Based Holistic Face Recognition with RBF Neural Networks.- Combining Classifiers for Robust Face Detection.- Face Detection Method Based on Kernel Independent Component Analysis and Boosting Chain Algorithm.- Recognition from a Single Sample per Person with Multiple SOM Fusion.- Investigating LLE Eigenface on Pose and Face Identification.- Multimodal Priority Verification of Face and Speech Using Momentum Back-Propagation Neural Network.- The Clustering Solution of Speech Recognition Models with SOM.- Study on Text-Dependent Speaker Recognition Based on Biomimetic Pattern Recognition.- A New Text-Independent Speaker Identification Using Vector Quantization and Multi-layer Perceptron.- Neural Net Pattern Recognition Equations with Self-organization for Phoneme Recognition.- Music Genre Classification Using a Time-Delay Neural Network.- Audio Signal Classification Using Support Vector Machines.- Gender Classification Based on Boosting Local Binary Pattern.- Multi-view Gender Classification Using Local Binary Patterns and Support Vector Machines.- Gender Recognition Using a Min-Max Modular Support Vector Machine with Equal Clustering.- Palmprint Recognition Using ICA Based on Winner-Take-All Network and Radial Basis Probabilistic Neural Network.- An Implementation of the Korean Sign Language Recognizer Using Neural Network Based on the Post PC.- Gait Recognition Using Wavelet Descriptors and Independent Component Analysis.- Gait Recognition Using Principal Curves and Neural Networks.- An Adjacent Multiple Pedestrians Detection Based on ART2 Neural Network.- Recognition Method of Throwing Force of Athlete Based on Multi-class SVM.- A Constructive Learning Algorithm for Text Categorization.- Short-Text Classification Based on ICA and LSA.- Writer Identification Using Modular MLP Classifier and Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Features Selection.- Self-generation ART Neural Network for Character Recognition.- Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Low Rank Approximation Based Competitive Neural Network.- Multifont Arabic Characters Recognition Using HoughTransform and Neural Networks.- Recognition of English Calling Card by Using Multiresolution Images and Enhanced ART1-Based RBF Neural Networks.- A Method of Chinese Fax Recipient's Name Recognition Based on Hybrid Neural Networks.- Fast Photo Time-Stamp Recognition Based on SGNN.- Hierarchical Classification of Object Images Using Neural Networks.- Structured-Based Neural Network Classification of Images Using Wavelet Coefficients.- Remote Sensing Image Classification Algorithm Based on Hopfield Neural Network.- Tea Classification Based on Artificial Olfaction Using Bionic Olfactory Neural Network.- Distinguishing Onion Leaves from Weed Leaves Based on Segmentation of Color Images and a BP Neural Network.- Bark Classification Based on Textural Features Using Artificial Neural Networks.- Automated Spectral Classification of QSOs and Galaxies by Radial Basis Function Network with Dynamic Decay Adjustment.- Feed-Forward Neural Network Using SARPROP Algorithm and Its Application in Radar Target Recognition.- Computer Vision.- Camera Calibration and 3D Reconstruction Using RBF Network in Stereovision System.- A Versatile Method for Omnidirectional Stereo Camera Calibration Based on BP Algorithm.- Evolutionary Cellular Automata Based Neural Systems for Visual Servoing.- Robust Visual Tracking Via Incremental Maximum Margin Criterion.- An Attention Selection System Based on Neural Network and Its Application in Tracking Objects.- Human Motion Tracking Based on Markov Random Field and Hopfield Neural Network.- Skin-Color Based Human Tracking Using a Probabilistic Noise Model Combined with Neural Network.- Object Detection Via Fusion of Global Classifier and Part-Based Classifier.- A Cartoon Video Detection Method Based on Active Relevance Feedback and SVM.- Morphological Neural Networks of Background Clutter Adaptive Prediction for Detection of Small Targets in Image Data.- Two Important Action Scenes Detection Based on Probability Neural Networks.- Local Independent Factorization of Natural Scenes.- Search Region Prediction for Motion Estimation Based on Neural Network Vector Quantization.- Hierarchical Extraction of Remote Sensing Data Based on Support Vector Machines and Knowledge Processing.- Eyes Location Using a Neural Network.- Image Processing.- Gabor Neural Network for Endoscopic Image Registration.- Isomap and Neural Networks Based Image Registration Scheme.- Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using an Iterative Entropy Regularized Likelihood Learning Algorithm.- An Improvement on Competitive Neural Networks Applied to Image Segmentation.- Image Segmentation by Deterministic Annealing Algorithm with Adaptive Spatial Constraints.- A Multi-scale Scheme for Image Segmentation Using Neuro-fuzzy Classification and Curve Evolution.- A Robust MR Image Segmentation Technique Using Spatial Information and Principle Component Analysis.- Adaptive Segmentation of Color Image for Vision Navigation of Mobile Robots.- Image Filtering Using Support Vector Machine.- The Application of Wavelet Neural Network with Orthonormal Bases in Digital Image Denoising.- A Region-Based Image Enhancement Algorithm with the Grossberg Network.- Contrast Enhancement for Image Based on Wavelet Neural Network and Stationary Wavelet Transform.- Learning Image Distortion Using a GMDH Network.- An Edge Preserving Regularization Model for Image Restoration Based on Hopfield Neural Network.- High-Dimensional Space Geometrical Informatics and Its Applications to Image Restoration.- Improved Variance-Based Fractal Image Compression Using Neural Networks.- Associative Cubes in Unsupervised Learning for Robust Gray-Scale Image Recognition.- A Novel Graph Kernel Based SVM Algorithm for Image Semantic Retrieval.- Content Based Image Retrieval Using a Bootstrapped SOM Network.- Unsupervised Approach for Extracting the Textural Region of Interest from Real Image.- Image Fakery and Neural Network Based Detection.- Object Detection Using Unit-Linking PCNN Image Icons.- Robust Image Watermarking Using RBF Neural Network.- An Interactive Image Inpainting Method Based on RBF Networks.- No-Reference Perceptual Quality Assessment of JPEG Images Using General Regression Neural Network.- Minimum Description Length Shape Model Based on Elliptic Fourier Descriptors.- Neural Network Based Texture Segmentation Using a Markov Random Field Model.- Texture Segmentation Using SOM and Multi-scale Bayesian Estimation.- Recognition of Concrete Surface Cracks Using the ART1-Based RBF Network.- Signal Processing.- SVM-Enabled Voice Activity Detection.- A Robust VAD Method for Array Signals.- A Flexible Algorithm for Extracting Periodic Signals.- A Neural Network Method for Blind Signature Waveform Estimation of Synchronous CDMA Signals.- A Signal-Dependent Quadratic Time Frequency Distribution for Neural Source Estimation.- Neural Network Channel Estimation Based on Least Mean Error Algorithm in the OFDM Systems.- Higher-Order Feature Extraction of Non-Gaussian Acoustic Signals Using GGM-Based ICA.- Automatic Removal of Artifacts from EEG Data Using ICA and Exponential Analysis.- Identification of Vibrating Noise Signals of Electromotor Using Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network.- Fractional Order Digital Differentiators Design Using Exponential Basis Function Neural Network.- Multivariate Chaotic Time Series Prediction Based on Radial Basis Function Neural Network.- Time Series Prediction Using LS-SVM with Particle Swarm Optimization.- A Regularized Minimum Cross-Entropy Algorithm on Mixtures of Experts for Time Series Prediction.- Prediction for Chaotic Time Series Based on Discrete Volterra Neural Networks.- System Modeling.- A New Pre-processing Method for Regression.- A New On-Line Modeling Approach to Nonlinear Dynamic Systems.- Online Modeling of Nonlinear Systems Using Improved Adaptive Kernel Methods.- A Novel Multiple Neural Networks Modeling Method Based on FCM.- Nonlinear System Identification Using Multi-resolution Reproducing Kernel Based Support Vector Regression.- A New Recurrent Neurofuzzy Network for Identification of Dynamic Systems.- Identification of Dynamic Systems Using Recurrent Fuzzy Wavelet Network.- Simulation Studies of On-Line Identification of Complex Processes with Neural Networks.- Consecutive Identification of ANFIS-Based Fuzzy Systems with the Aid of Genetic Data Granulation.- Two-Phase Identification of ANFIS-Based Fuzzy Systems with Fuzzy Set by Means of Information Granulation and Genetic Optimization.- A New Modeling Approach of STLF with Integrated Dynamics Mechanism and Based on the Fusion of Dynamic Optimal Neighbor Phase Points and ICNN.- Control Systems.- Adaptive Neural Network Control for Nonlinear Systems Based on Approximation Errors.- Adaptive Neural Network Control for Switched System with Unknown Nonlinear Part by Using Backstepping Approach: SISO Case.- Adaptive Neural Control for a Class of MIMO Non-linear Systems with Guaranteed Transient Performance.- Adaptive Neural Compensation Control for Input-Delay Nonlinear Systems by Passive Approach.- Nonlinear System Adaptive Control by Using Multiple Neural Network Models.- Implementable Adaptive Backstepping Neural Control of Uncertain Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems.- A Discrete-Time System Adaptive Control Using Multiple Models and RBF Neural Networks.- Robust Adaptive Neural Network Control for Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems Via Small-Gain Approaches.- Neural Network Based Robust Adaptive Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems.- Robust H??? Control for Delayed Nonlinear Systems Based on Standard Neural Network Models.- SVM Based Nonlinear Self-tuning Control.- SVM Based Internal Model Control for Nonlinear Systems.- Fast Online SVR Algorithm Based Adaptive Internal Model Control.- A VSC Method for MIMO Systems Based on SVM.- Identification and Control of Dynamic Systems Based on Least Squares Wavelet Vector Machines.- A Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Strategy Using Multiple Neural Network Models.- Predictive Control Method of Improved Double-Controller Scheme Based on Neural Networks.- Discrete-Time Sliding-Mode Control Based on Neural Networks.- Statistic Tracking Control: A Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm.- Minimum Entropy Control for Stochastic Systems Based on the Wavelet Neural Networks.- Stochastic Optimal Control of Nonlinear Jump Systems Using Neural Networks.- Performance Estimation of a Neural Network-Based Controller.- Some Key Issues in the Design of Self-Organizing Fuzzy Control Systems.- Nonlinear System Stabilisation by an Evolutionary Neural Network.- Neural Network Control Design for Large-Scale Systems with Higher-Order Interconnections.- Adaptive Pseudo Linear RBF Model for Process Control.- An Improved BP Algorithm Based on Global Revision Factor and Its Application to PID Control.- Neuro-fuzzy Generalized Predictive Control of Boiler Steam Temperature.- Model-Free Control of a Nonlinear ANC System with a SPSA-Based Neural Network Controller.- Robust Control for AC-Excited Hydrogenerator System Using Adaptive Fuzzy-Neural Network.- Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Network Control for Transient Dynamics of Magneto-rheological Suspension with Time-Delay.- Adaptive Fuzzy Basis Function Network Based Fault-Tolerant Stable Control of Multi-machine Power Systems.- Simulation Research on Applying Fault Tolerant Control to Marine Diesel Engine in Abnormal Operation.- Hybrid Neural Network and Genetic Algorithms for Self-tuning of PI Controller in DSPM Motor Drive System.- An Efficient DC Servo Motor Control Based on Neural Noncausal Inverse Modeling of the Plant.- A Dynamic Time Delay Neural Network for Ultrasonic Motor Identification and Control.- Application of PSO-Optimized Generalized CMAC Control on Linear Motor.- PID Control of Nonlinear Motor-Mechanism Coupling System Using Artificial Neural Network.- Design and Simulation of a Neural-PD Controller for Automatic Balancing of Rotor.- PD Control of Overhead Crane Systems with Neural Compensation.- A Study on Intelligent Control for Hybrid Actuator.- Double Inverted Pendulum Control Based on Support Vector Machines and Fuzzy Inference.- Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network Friction Compensation of Mechanical Systems.- Robotic Systems.- Application of Collective Robotic Search Using Neural Network Based Dual Heuristic Programming (DHP).- RBF Neural Network Based Shape Control of Hyper-redundant Manipulator with Constrained End-Effector.- Robust Adaptive Neural Networks with an Online Learning Technique for Robot Control.- A Particle Swarm Optimized Fuzzy Neural Network Control for Acrobot.- Adaptive Control Based on Recurrent Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Network and Its Application on Robotic Tracking Control.- Dynamic Tracking Control of Mobile Robots Using an Improved Radial Basis Function Neural Network.- Grasping Control of Robot Hand Using Fuzzy Neural Network.- Position Control Based on Static Neural Networks of Anthropomorphic Robotic Fingers.- Control of Voluntary Movements in an Anthropomorphic Robot Finger by Using a Cortical Level Neural Controller.- Learning Control for Space Robotic Operation Using Support Vector Machines.- Neural Networks for Mobile Robot Navigation: A Survey.- Fault Diagnosis for Mobile Robots with Imperfect Models Based on Particle Filter and Neural Network.- Adaptive Neural Network Path Tracking of Unmanned Ground Vehicle.- Power Systems.- A Nuclear Power Plant Expert System Using Artificial Neural Networks.- Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Mutual Information and Artificial Neural Network.- Short Term Load Forecasting by Using Neural Networks with Variable Activation Functions and Embedded Chaos Algorithm.- Short Term Load Forecasting Using Neural Network with Rough Set.- Application of Neural Network Based on Particle Swarm Optimization in Short-Term Load Forecasting.- Study of Neural Networks for Electric Power Load Forecasting.- A Neural Network Approach to m-Daily-Ahead Electricity Price Prediction.- Next-Day Power Market Clearing Price Forecasting Using Artificial Fish-Swarm Based Neural Network.- Application of Evolutionary Neural Network to Power System Unit Commitment.- Application of BP Neural Network in Power Load Simulator.- Feeder Load Balancing Using Neural Network.- A Neural Network Based Particle Swarm Optimization for the Transformers Connections of a Primary Feeder Considering Multi-objective Programming.- 3-D Partial Discharge Patterns Recognition of Power Transformers Using Neural Networks.- Design of Self-adaptive Single Neuron Facts Controllers Based on Genetic Algorithm.- Generalized Minimum Variance Neuro Controller for Power System Stabilization.- Adaptive Control for Synchronous Generator Based on Pseudolinear Neural Networks.- A Research and Application of Chaotic Neural Network for Marine Generator Modeling.- Ship Synchronous Generator Modeling Based on RST and RBF Neural Networks.- A New Control Strategy of a Wind Power Generation and Flywheel Energy Storage Combined System.- Wavelet-Based Intelligent System for Recognition of Power Quality Disturbance Signals.- Recognition and Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Based on Self-adaptive Wavelet Neural Network.- Vibration Fault Diagnosis of Large Generator Sets Using Extension Neural Network-Type 1.- Fault Data Compression of Power System with Wavelet Neural Network Based on Wavelet Entropy.- Intelligent Built-in Test (BIT) for More-Electric Aircraft Power System Based on Hybrid Generalized LVQ Neural Network.- Low Voltage Risk Assessment in Power System Using Neural Network Ensemble.- Risk Assessment of Cascading Outages in Power Systems Using Fuzzy Neural Network.


Titel: Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2006
Untertitel: Third International Symposium on Neural Networks, ISNN 2006, Chengdu, China, May 28 - June 1, 2006, Proceedings, Part II
EAN: 9783540344377
ISBN: 3540344373
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Genre: Informatik
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Jahr: 2006
Auflage: 2006

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