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Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2004

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This book constitutes the proceedings of the International Symposium on Neural N- works (ISNN 2004) held in Dalian, Liaoning, Chin... Weiterlesen
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the International Symposium on Neural N- works (ISNN 2004) held in Dalian, Liaoning, China duringAugust 1921, 2004. ISNN 2004 received over 800 submissions from authors in ?ve continents (Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania), and 23 countries and regions (mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, - nezuela, Chile, andAustralia). Based on reviews, the Program Committee selected 329 high-quality papers for presentation at ISNN 2004 and publication in the proceedings. The papers are organized into many topical sections under 11 major categories (theo- tical analysis; learning and optimization; support vector machines; blind source sepa- tion,independentcomponentanalysis,andprincipalcomponentanalysis;clusteringand classi?cation; robotics and control; telecommunications; signal, image and time series processing; detection, diagnostics, and computer security; biomedical applications; and other applications) covering the whole spectrum of the recent neural network research and development. In addition to the numerous contributed papers, ?ve distinguished scholars were invited to give plenary speeches at ISNN 2004. ISNN 2004 was an inaugural event. It brought together a few hundred researchers, educators,scientists,andpractitionerstothebeautifulcoastalcityDalianinnortheastern China. It provided an international forum for the participants to present new results, to discuss the state of the art, and to exchange information on emerging areas and future trends of neural network research. It also created a nice opportunity for the participants to meet colleagues and make friends who share similar research interests.

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

VI Robotics and Control.- Application of RBFNN for Humanoid Robot Real Time Optimal Trajectory Generation in Running.- Full-DOF Calibration-Free Robotic Hand-Eye Coordination Based on Fuzzy Neural Network.- Neuro-Fuzzy Hybrid Position/Force Control for a Space Robot with Flexible Dual-Arms.- Fuzzy Neural Networks Observer for Robotic Manipulators Based on H ??? Approach.- Mobile Robot Path-Tracking Using an Adaptive Critic Learning PD Controller.- Reinforcement Learning and ART2 Neural Network Based Collision Avoidance System of Mobile Robot.- FEL-Based Adaptive Dynamic Inverse Control for Flexible Spacecraft Attitude Maneuver.- Multivariable Generalized Minimum Variance Control Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Gaussian Process Models.- A Neural Network Based Method for Solving Discrete-Time Nonlinear Output Regulation Problem in Sampled-Data Systems.- The Design of Fuzzy Controller by Means of CI Technologies-Based Estimation Technique.- A Neural Network Adaptive Controller for Explicit Congestion Control with Time Delay.- Robust Adaptive Control Using Neural Networks and Projection.- Design of PID Controllers Using Genetic Algorithms Approach for Low Damping, Slow Response Plants.- Neural Network Based Fault Tolerant Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Input Time Delay.- Run-to-Run Iterative Optimization Control of Batch Processes Based on Recurrent Neural Networks.- Time-Delay Recurrent Neural Networks for Dynamic Systems Control.- Feedforward-Feedback Combined Control System Based on Neural Network.- Online Learning CMAC Neural Network Control Scheme for Nonlinear Systems.- Pole Placement Control for Nonlinear Systems via Neural Networks.- RBF NN-Based Backstepping Control for Strict Feedback Block Nonlinear System and Its Application.- Model Reference Control Based on SVM.- PID Controller Based on the Artificial Neural Network.- Fuzzy Predictive Control Based on PEMFC Stack.- Adaptive Control for Induction Servo Motor Based on Wavelet Neural Networks.- The Application of Single Neuron Adaptive PID Controller in Control System of Triaxial and Torsional Shear Apparatus.- Ram Velocity Control in Plastic Injection Molding Machines with Neural Network Learning Control.- Multiple Models Neural Network Decoupling Controller for a Nonlinear System.- Feedback-Assisted Iterative Learning Control for Batch Polymerization Reactor.- Recent Developments on Applications of Neural Networks to Power Systems Operation and Control: An Overview.- A Novel Fermentation Control Method Based on Neural Networks.- Modeling Dynamic System by Recurrent Neural Network with State Variables.- Robust Friction Compensation for Servo System Based on LuGre Model with Uncertain Static Parameters.- System Identification Using Adjustable RBF Neural Network with Stable Learning Algorithms.- A System Identification Method Based on Multi-layer Perception and Model Extraction.- Complex Model Identification Based on RBF Neural Network.- VII Telecommunications.- A Noisy Chaotic Neural Network Approach to Topological Optimization of a Communication Network with Reliability Constraints.- Space-Time Multiuser Detection Combined with Adaptive Wavelet Networks over Multipath Channels.- Optimizing Sensor Node Distribution with Genetic Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network.- Fast De-hopping and Frequency Hopping Pattern (FHP) Estimation for DS/FHSS Using Neural Networks.- Autoregressive and Neural Network Model Based Predictions for Downlink Beamforming.- Forecast and Control of Anode Shape in Electrochemical Machining Using Neural Network.- A Hybrid Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm Approach for Multicast QoS Routing.- Performance Analysis of Recurrent Neural Networks Based Blind Adaptive Multiuser Detection in Asynchronous DS-CDMA Systems.- Neural Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Acquisition.- Multi-stage Neural Networks for Channel Assignment in Cellular Radio Networks.- Experimental Spread Spectrum Communication System Based on CNN.- Neural Congestion Control Algorithm in ATM Networks with Multiple Node.- Neural Compensation of Linear Distortion in Digital Communications.- On the Performance of Space-Time Block Coding Based on ICA Neural Networks.- ICA-Based Beam Space-Time Block Coding with Transmit Antenna Array Selection.- Nonlinear Dynamic Method to Suppress Reverberation Based on RBF Neural Networks.- VIII Signal, Image, and Time Series Processing.- A New Scheme for Detection and Classification of Subpixel Spectral Signatures in Multispectral Data.- A Rough-Set-Based Fuzzy-Neural-Network System for Taste Signal Identification.- A Novel Signal Detection Subsystem of Radar Based on HA-CNN.- Real-Time Detection of Signal in the Noise Based on the RBF Neural Network and Its Application.- Classification of EEG Signals Under Different Brain Functional States Using RBF Neural Network.- Application of a Wavelet Adaptive Filter Based on Neural Network to Minimize Distortion of the Pulsatile Spectrum.- Spectral Analysis and Recognition Using Multi-scale Features and Neural Networks.- A Novel Fuzzy Filter for Impulse Noise Removal.- Neural Network Aided Adaptive Kalman Filter for Multi-sensors Integrated Navigation.- Solely Excitatory Oscillator Network for Color Image Segmentation.- Image De-noising Using Cross-Validation Method with RBF Network Representation.- Ultrasonic C-scan Image Restoration Using Radial Basis Function Network.- Automatic Image Segmentation Based on a Simplified Pulse Coupled Neural Network.- Face Pose Estimation Based on Eigenspace Analysis and Fuzzy Clustering.- Chaotic Time Series Prediction Based on Local-Region Multi-steps Forecasting Model.- Nonlinear Prediction Model Identification and Robust Prediction of Chaotic Time Series.- Wavelet Neural Networks for Nonlinear Time Series Analysis.- IX Biomedical Applications.- Neural Networks Determining Injury by Salt Water for Distribution Lines.- EEG Source Localization Using Independent Residual Analysis.- Classifying G-protein Coupled Receptors with Support Vector Machine.- A Novel Individual Blood Glucose Control Model Based on Mixture of Experts Neural Networks.- Tracking the Amplitude Variation of Evoked Potential by ICA and WT.- A Novel Method for Gene Selection and Cancer Classification.- Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for EEG Signal Classification.- A Novel Clustering Analysis Based on PCA and SOMs for Gene Expression Patterns.- Feedback Selective Visual Attention Model Based on Feature Integration Theory.- Realtime Monitoring of Vascular Conditions Using a Probabilistic Neural Network.- Capturing Long-Term Dependencies for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction.- A Method for Fast Estimation of Evoked Potentials Based on Independent Component Analysis.- Estimation of Pulmonary Elastance Based on RBF Expression.- Binary Input Encoding Strategy Based Neural Network for Globulin Protein Inter-residue Contacts Map Prediction.- Genetic Regulatory Systems Modeled by Recurrent Neural Network.- A New Computational Model of Biological Vision for Stereopsis.- A Reconstruction Approach to CT with Cauchy RBFs Network.- X Detection, Diagnostics, and Computer Security.- Fault Diagnosis on Satellite Attitude Control with Dynamic Neural Network.- A New Strategy for Fault Detection of Nonlinear Systems Based on Neural Networks.- Non-stationary Fault Diagnosis Based on Local-Wave Neural Network.- Hybrid Neural Network Based Gray-Box Approach to Fault Detection of Hybrid Systems.- Application of Enhanced Independent Component Analysis to Leak Detection in Transport Pipelines.- Internet-Based Remote Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System.- Rough Sets and Partially-Linearized Neural Network for Structural Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery.- Transient Stability Assessment Using Radial Basis Function Networks.- An Optimized Shunt Hybrid Power Quality Conditioner Based on an Adaptive Neural Network for Power Quality Improvement in Power Distribution Network.- Cyclic Statistics Based Neural Network for Early Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Element Bearings.- Application of BP Neural Network for the Abnormity Monitoring in Slab Continuous Casting.- A TVAR Parametric Model Applying for Detecting Anti-electric-Corona Discharge.- The Study on Crack Diagnosis Based on Fuzzy Neural Networks Using Different Indexes.- Blind Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for Integrated Circuit Based on the CPN Neural Networks.- A Chaotic-Neural-Network-Based Encryption Algorithm for JPEG2000 Encoded Images.- A Combined Hash and Encryption Scheme by Chaotic Neural Network.- A Novel Symmetric Cryptography Based on Chaotic Signal Generator and a Clipped Neural Network.- A Neural Network Based Blind Watermarking Scheme for Digital Images.- Color Image Watermarking Based on Neural Networks.- A Novel Intrusion Detection Method Based on Principle Component Analysis in Computer Security.- A Novel Wavelet Image Watermarking Scheme Combined with Chaos Sequence and Neural Network.- Quantum Neural Network for Image Watermarking.- An NN-Based Malicious Executables Detection Algorithm Based on Immune Principles.- The Algorithm for Detecting Hiding Information Based on SVM.- An E-mail Filtering Approach Using Neural Network.- XI Other Applications.- Topography-Enhanced BMU Search in Self-Organizing Maps.- Nonlinear Optimal Estimation for Neural Networks Data Fusion.- Improvement of Data Visualization Based on SOM.- Research on Neural Network Method in GPS Data Transformation.- Dynamic File Allocation in Storage Area Networks with Neural Network Prediction.- Competitive Algorithms for Online Leasing Problem in Probabilistic Environments.- Wavelet Network for Nonlinear Regression Using Probabilistic Framework.- A Neural Network Approach for Indirect Shape from Shading.- A Hybrid Radial Basis Function Neural Network for Dimensional Error Prediction in End Milling.- Bayesian Neural Networks for Life Modeling and Prediction of Dynamically Tuned Gyroscopes.- Furnace Temperature Modeling for Continuous Annealing Process Based on Generalized Growing and Pruning RBF Neural Network.- A Learning-Based Contact Model in Belt-Grinding Processes.- Application of General Regression Neural Network to Vibration Trend Prediction of Rotating Machinery.- A Novel Nonlinear Projection to Latent Structures Algorithm.- Inversing Reinforced Concrete Beams Flexural Load Rating Using ANN and GA Hybrid Algorithm.- Determining of the Delay Time for a Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Plant Using Two Weighted Neural Network Approach.- Intelligent Forecast Procedures for Slope Stability with Evolutionary Artificial Neural Network.- Structural Reliability Analysis via Global Response Surface Method of BP Neural Network.- Modeling Temperature Drift of FOG by Improved BP Algorithm and by Gauss-Newton Algorithm.- A Novel Chaotic Neural Network for Automatic Material Ratio System.- Finite Element Analysis of Structures Based on Linear Saturated System Model.- Neural Network Based Fatigue Cracks Evolution.- Density Prediction of Selective Laser Sintering Parts Based on Artificial Neural Network.- Structure Optimization of Pneumatic Tire Using an Artificial Neural Network.- A Multiple RBF NN Modeling Approach to BOF Endpoint Estimation in Steelmaking Process.- Application of Neural Network on Wave Impact Force Prediction.- RBF Neural Networks-Based Software Sensor for Aluminum Powder Granularity Distribution Measurement.- A Technological Parameter Optimization Approach in Crude Oil Distillation Process Based on Neural Network.- A Neural Network Modeling Method for Batch Process.- Modelling the Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Lycopene from Tomato Paste Waste Using Neuro-Fuzzy Approaches.- Detection of Weak Targets with Wavelet and Neural Network.- An Artificial Olfactory System Based on Gas Sensor Array and Back-Propagation Neural Network.- Consumer Oriented Design of Product Forms.- An Intelligent Simulation Method Based on Artificial Neural Network for Container Yard Operation.- A Freeway Traffic Incident Detection Algorithm Based on Neural Networks.- Radial Basis Function Network for Chaos Series Prediction.- Feature Extraction and Identification of Underground Nuclear Explosion and Natural Earthquake Based on FMmlet Transform and BP Neural Network.- A Boosting-Based Framework for Self-Similar and Non-linear Internet Traffic Prediction.- Traffic Flow Forecasting Based on Parallel Neural Network.- A High Precision Prediction Method by Using Combination of ELMAN and SOM Neural Networks.- Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Using Expanded Bayesian Network for Incomplete Data.- Highway Traffic Flow Model Using FCM-RBF Neural Network.- Earthquake Prediction by RBF Neural Network Ensemble.- Rainfall-Runoff Correlation with Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm.- A Study of Portfolio Investment Decision Method Based on Neural Network.- Portfolio Optimization for Multi-stage Capital Investment with Neural Networks.- Efficient Option Pricing via a Globally Regularized Neural Network.- Effectiveness of Neural Networks for Prediction of Corporate Financial Distress in China.- A Neural Network Model on Solving Multiobjective Conditional Value-at-Risk.- DSP Structure Optimizations A Multirate Signal Flow Graph Approach.


Titel: Advances in Neural Networks - ISNN 2004
Untertitel: International Symposium on Neural Networks, Dalian, China, August 19-21, 2004, Proceedings, Part II
EAN: 9783540228431
ISBN: 978-3-540-22843-1
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1024
Gewicht: 1556g
Größe: H236mm x B236mm x T157mm
Jahr: 2004
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2004. 2004

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