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Advances in Multimedia Information Processing - PCM 2004. Pt.2

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Welcome to the proceedings of the 5th Paci?c Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM 2004) held in Tokyo Waterfront City, Japan, Novembe... Weiterlesen
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Welcome to the proceedings of the 5th Paci?c Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM 2004) held in Tokyo Waterfront City, Japan, November 30December 3, 2004. Following the success of the preceding conferences, PCM 2000 in Sydney, PCM 2001 in Beijing, PCM 2002 in Hsinchu, and PCM 2003 in Singapore, the ?fth PCM brought together the researchers, developers, practitioners, and educators in the ?eld of multimedia. Theoretical breakthroughs and practical systems were presented at this conference, thanks to the support of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, IEEE Region 10 and IEEE Japan Council, ACM SIGMM, IEICE and ITE. PCM2004featuredacomprehensiveprogramincludingkeynotetalks,regular paperpresentations,posters,demos,andspecialsessions.Wereceived385papers andthenumberofsubmissionswasthelargestamongrecentPCMs.Amongsuch a large number of submissions, we accepted only 94 oral presentations and 176 poster presentations. Seven special sessions were also organized by world-leading researchers. We kindly acknowledge the great support provided in the reviewing of submissions by the program committee members, as well as the additional reviewers who generously gave their time. The many useful comments provided by the reviewing process must have been very valuable for the authors' work. Thisconferencewouldneverhavehappenedwithoutthehelpofmanypeople. We greatly appreciate the support of our strong organizing committee chairs and advisory chairs. Among the chairs, special thanks go to Dr. Ichiro Ide and Dr. Takeshi Naemura who smoothly handled publication of the proceedings with Springer. Dr. Kazuya Kodama did a fabulous job as our Web master.

Includes supplementary material:

Application of Video Browsing to Consumer Video Browsing Products.- Generic Summarization Technology for Consumer Video.- Movie-in-a-Minute: Automatically Generated Video Previews.- Automatic Sports Highlights Extraction with Content Augmentation.- Audio-Assisted Video Browsing for DVD Recorders.- Watermarking (I).- A Robust Image Watermarking Technique for JPEG Images Using QuadTrees.- A Fragile Watermarking Technique for Image Authentication Using Singular Value Decomposition.- Visual Cryptography for Digital Watermarking in Still Images.- A New Object-Based Image Watermarking Robust to Geometrical Attacks.- A Selective Image Encryption Scheme Based on JPEG2000 Codec.- VQ-Based Gray Watermark Hiding Scheme and Genetic Index Assignment.- User Interface (I).- Advanced Paper Document in a Projection Display.- Improving Web Browsing on Small Devices Based on Table Classification.- A Java-Based Collaborative Authoring System for Multimedia Presentation.- Object Tracking and Object Change Detection in Desktop Manipulation for Video-Based Interactive Manuals.- Design of an Integrated Wearable Multimedia Interface for In-Vehicle Telematics.- Content-Based Image Retrieval.- Video Scene Retrieval with Sign Sequence Matching Based on Audio Features.- Architecture and Analysis of Color Structure Descriptor for Real-Time Video Indexing and Retrieval.- Automatic Salient-Object Extraction Using the Contrast Map and Salient Points.- Shape-Based Image Retrieval Using Invariant Features.- Visual Trigger Templates for Knowledge-Based Indexing.- Browsing and Similarity Search of Videos Based on Cluster Extraction from Graphs.- Correlation Learning Method Based on Image Internal Semantic Model for CBIR.- Controlling Concurrent Accesses in Multimedia Databases for Decision Support.- Image Retrieval by Categorization Using LVQ Network with Wavelet Domain Perceptual Features.- A Content-Based News Video Browsing and Retrieval System: NewsBR.- A News Video Browser Using Identical Video Segment Detection.- Pseudo Relevance Feedback Based on Iterative Probabilistic One-Class SVMs in Web Image Retrieval.- Robust Video Similarity Retrieval Using Temporal MIMB Moments.- Complete Performance Graphs in Probabilistic Information Retrieval.- A New MPEG-7 Standard: Perceptual 3-D Shape Descriptor.- News Video Summarization Based on Spatial and Motion Feature Analysis.- Sports (II).- SketchIt: Basketball Video Retrieval Using Ball Motion Similarity.- Implanting Virtual Advertisement into Broadcast Soccer Video.- Automatic Video Summarization of Sports Videos Using Metadata.- Classification of Frames from Broadcasted Soccer Video and Applications.- An Online Learning Framework for Sports Video View Classification.- A Semantic Description Scheme of Soccer Video Based on MPEG-7.- Spatio-temporal Pattern Mining in Sports Video.- Archiving Tennis Video Clips Based on Tactics Information.- Network (III).- Performance Evaluation of High-Speed TCP Protocols with Pacing.- Time-Triggered and Message-Triggered Object Architecture for Distributed Real-Time Multimedia Services.- A Novel Multiple Time Scale Congestion Control Scheme for Multimedia Traffic.- Dynamic Programming Based Adaptation of Multimedia Contents in UMA.- Performance Analysis of MAC Protocol for EPON Using OPNET.- Adaptive FEC Control for Reliable High-Speed UDP-Based Media Transport.- Efficient Overlay Network for P2P Content Sharing Based on Network Identifier.- A Forward-Backward Voice Packet Loss Concealment Algorithm for Multimedia over IP Network Services.- A Delay-Based End-to-End Congestion Avoidance Scheme for Multimedia Networks.- Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Internet Telephony.- Streaming (I).- A Broadcasting Technique for Holographic 3D Movie Using Network Streaming.- Coping with Unreliable Peers for Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming.- Evaluation of Token Bucket Parameters for VBR MPEG Video.- Perceptual Video Streaming by Adaptive Spatial-temporal Scalability.- A Proxy Caching System Based on Multimedia Streaming Service over the Internet.- Simulation and Development of Event-Driven Multimedia Session.- Applying Linux High-Availability and Load Balancing Servers for Video-on-Demand (VOD) Systems.- Visual Content Mining in Multimedia Documents.- Indexing Issues in Supporting Similarity Searching.- Efficient Visual Content Retrieval and Mining in Videos.- Fast and Robust Short Video Clip Search for Copy Detection.- Mining Large-Scale Broadcast Video Archives Towards Inter-video Structuring.- Sample Selection Strategies for Relevance Feedback in Region-Based Image Retrieval.- Compression (I).- Comparison of Two Different Approaches to Detect Perceptual Noise for MPEG-4 AAC.- Optimum End-to-End Distortion Estimation for Error Resilient Video Coding.- Enhanced Stochastic Bit Reshuffling for Fine Granular Scalable Video Coding.- High-Performance Motion-JPEG2000 Encoder Using Overlapped Block Transferring and Pipelined Processing.- Low-Power Video Decoding for Mobile Multimedia Applications.- Adaptive Macro Motion Vector Quantization.- Face, Gesture, and Behavior (II).- Automatic, Effective, and Efficient 3D Face Reconstruction from Arbitrary View Image.- Recognition and Retrieval of Face Images by Semi-supervised Learning.- 3-D Facial Expression Recognition-Synthesis on PDA Incorporating Emotional Timing.- Probabilistic Face Tracking Using Boosted Multi-view Detector.- Face Samples Re-lighting for Detection Based on the Harmonic Images.- A Dictionary Registration Method for Reducing Lighting Fluctuations in Subspace Face Recognition.- Applications (I).- A 3D-Dialogue System Between Game Characters to Improve Reality in MMORPG.- A Hybrid Approach to Detect Adult Web Images.- A Hierarchical Dynamic Bayesian Network Approach to Visual Tracking.- A Hybrid Architectural Framework for Digital Home Multimedia Multi-modal Collaboration Services.- E-learning as Computer Games: Designing Immersive and Experiential Learning.- Event-Based Surveillance System for Efficient Monitoring.- A Collaborative Multimedia Authoring System Based on the Conceptual Temporal Relations.- Multimedia Integration for Cooking Video Indexing.- Teleconference System with a Shared Working Space and Face Mouse Interaction.- User Interface (II).- Performance Analysis for Serially Concatenated FEC in IEEE802.16a over Wireless Channels.- Successive Interference Cancellation for CDMA Wireless Multimedia Services.- SCORM-Based Contents Collecting Using Mobile Agent in M-Learning.- Improved Bit-by-Bit Binary Tree Algorithm in Ubiquitous ID System.- Automatic Synchronized Browsing of Images Across Multiple Devices.- An Intelligent Handoff Protocol for Adaptive Multimedia Streaming Service in Mobile Computing Environment.- Platform Architecture for Seamless MMS Service over WLAN and CDMA2000 Networks.- Make Stable QoS in Wireless Multimedia Ad Hoc Network with Transmission Diversity.- Gaze from Motion: Towards Natural User Interfaces.- The Development of MPEG-4 Based RTSP System for Mobile Multimedia Streaming Services.- Seamless Mobile Service for Pervasive Multimedia.- Transformation of MPEG-4 Contents for a PDA Device.- Semantic Retrieval in a Large-Scale Video Database by Using Both Image and Text Feature.- Image Analysis (II).- Performance of Correlation-Based Stereo Algorithm with Respect to the Change of the Window Size.- Consideration of Illuminant Independence in MPEG-7 Color Descriptors.- Improvement on Colorization Accuracy by Partitioning Algorithm in CIELAB Color Space.- Gabor-Kernel Fisher Analysis for Face Recognition.- Film Line Scratch Detection Using Neural Network.- A Simplified Half Pixel Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on the Spatial Correlation.- A New Tracking Mechanism for Semi-automatic Video Object Segmentation.- A Visual Model for Estimating the Perceptual Redundancy Inherent in Color Images.- Selective Image Sharpening by Simultaneous Nonlinear-Diffusion Process with Spatially Varying Parameter Presetting.- Directonal Weighting-Based Demosaicking Algorithm.- A New Text Detection Algorithm in Images/Video Frames.- Automatic Video Object Tracking Using a Mosaic-Based Background.- Audio Analysis.- Semantic Region Detection in Acoustic Music Signals.- Audio Classification for Radio Broadcast Indexing: Feature Normalization and Multiple Classifiers Decision.- Dominant Feature Vectors Based Audio Similarity Measure.- Moving from Content to Concept-Based Image/Video Retrieval.- Generative Grammar of Elemental Concepts.- Learning Image Manifold Using Web Data.- Novel Concept for Video Retrieval in Life Log Application.- Content-Based Retrieval of 3D Head Models Using a Single Face View Query.- Region-Based Image Retrieval with Perceptual Colors.- H.264.- Converting DCT Coefficients to H.264/AVC Transform Coefficients.- An Adaptive Hybrid Mode Decision Scheme for H.264/AVC Video.- Workload Characterization of the H.264/AVC Decoder.- An Efficient Traffic Smoothing Method for MPEG4 Part10 AVC/H.264 Bitstream over Wireless Network.- An Error Resilience Scheme for Packet Loss Recover of H.264 Video.- Key Techniques of Bit Rate Reduction for H.264 Streams.- Face, Gesture, and Behavior (III).- Salient Region Detection Using Weighted Feature Maps Based on the Human Visual Attention Model.- An Attention-Based Decision Fusion Scheme for Multimedia Information Retrieval.- Approximating Inference on Complex Motion Models Using Multi-model Particle Filter.- Human Activity Recognition in Archaeological Sites by Hidden Markov Models.- An HMM Based Gesture Recognition for Perceptual User Interface.- Vision-Based Sign Language Recognition Using Sign-Wise Tied Mixture HMM.


Titel: Advances in Multimedia Information Processing - PCM 2004. Pt.2
Untertitel: 5th Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia, Tokyo, Japan, November 30 - December 3, 2004, Proceedings, Part II
EAN: 9783540239772
ISBN: 978-3-540-23977-2
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1051
Gewicht: 1600g
Größe: H235mm x B235mm
Jahr: 2004
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2005

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