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Advances in Multimedia Information Processing - PCM 2002

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The2002IEEEPaci?cRimConferenceonMultimedia(PCM2002)isthethird annualconferenceoncutting-edgemultimediatechnologiesandwasheldatTsin... Weiterlesen
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The2002IEEEPaci?cRimConferenceonMultimedia(PCM2002)isthethird annualconferenceoncutting-edgemultimediatechnologiesandwasheldatTsing HuaUniversity,Hsinchu,Taiwan,December16 18,2002.HsinchuCity,located about70kmtothesouthofTaipei,isknownasTaiwan sSiliconValley,where hundredsofsuccessfulhi-techcompanies,twomajornationaluniversities,several research centers, and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) are clusteredtoformandreinforcethe Science-BasedIndustrialPark. Thecon- rencecomplementedthiswonderfulsettingbyprovidingaforumforpresenting andexploringtechnologicalandartisticadvancementsinmultimedia.Technical issues, theory and practice, and artistic and consumer innovations brought - getherresearchers,artists,developers,educators,performers,andpractitioners ofmultimediafromthePaci?cRimandaroundtheworld. Thetechnicalprogramfeaturedacomprehensiveprogramincludingkeynote speeches, tutorials, special sessions, regular paper presentations, and technical demonstrations. We received 224 papers and accepted 154 of them. We ack- wledge the great contribution from all of our committee members and paper reviewerswhodevotedtheirtimetoreviewingsubmittedpapersandproviding valuablecommentsfortheauthors. PCM 2002 could never have been successful without the support and - sistance of several institutions and many people. We sincerely appreciate the supportoftheNationalScienceCouncilandtheMinistryofEducationofT- wans, ROC. The ?nancial sponsorships from the Institute of Applied Science &EngineeringResearchofAcademiaSinica,SunplusTechnologyCo.,Ltd.,the Institute for Information Industry, Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories, AIPTEK International, Inc., the MOE Program for Promoting Academic Excellence of Universities,andOpto-Electronics&SystemsLab/ITRIarealsogratefullya- nowledged. Our sincere gratitude goes to our advisory committee chairs: Prof. Sun-Yuan Kung of Princeton University, Dr. Bor-Shenn Jeng of CHT Labs of Taiwan,andProf.H.Y.MarkLiaoofAcademiaSinicaofTaiwan.Deepthanks gototheIEEESignalProcessingSocietyandtheCircuitsandSystemsSociety fortechnicalco-sponsorship.

Includes supplementary material:

Mobile Multimedia.- Leveraging Information Appliances: A Browser Architecture Perspective in the Mobile Multimedia Age.- Seamless Service Handoff for Ubiquitous Mobile Multimedia.- Design of Secure Mobile Application on Cellular Phones.- Ubiquitous Displays for Cellular Phone Based Personal Information Environments.- Context-Aware Service Delivery to Mobile Users.- The Design and Implementation of Network Service Platform for Pervasive Computing.- Digital Watermarking and Data Hiding.- Improved Error Detection Method for Real-Time Video Communication Using Fragile Watermarking.- Digital Geographical Map Watermarking Using Polyline Interpolation.- Watermarking MPEG-4 2D Mesh Animation in Multiresolution Analysis.- Rotation, Scaling, and Translation Resilient Image Watermarking with Side Information at Encoder.- A High Capacity Data Hiding Scheme Based on DFT.- An Algorithm for Data Hiding Using Median Cut Segmentation.- An Optimized Spatial Data Hiding Scheme Combined with Convolutional Codes and Hilbert Scan.- Research on Technology of Chaos Secrecy Communications in Digital Watermarking.- Motion Analysis.- EFBLA: A Two-Phase Matching Algorithm for Fast Motion Estimation.- A New Adaptive Return Prediction Search Algorithm for Block Matching.- A 2-Stage Partial Distortion Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation.- A Fast Block-Matching Motion Estimation Algorithm with Motion Modeling and Motion Analysis.- Video Coding Using Supplementary Block for Reliable Communication.- A Robust, Efficient, and Fast Global Motion Estimation Method from MPEG Compressed Video.- Multimedia Retrieval Techniques.- Querying Image Database by Video Content.- An ICA-Based Illumination-Free Texture Model and Its Application to Image Retrieval.- A Novel Hierarchical Approach to Image Retrieval Using Color and Spatial Information.- A Semantic Model for Video Description and Retrieval.- A Texture Segmentation Method Using Hierarchical Correlations of Wavelet Coefficients.- An Abstraction of Low Level Video Features for Automatic Retrievals of Explosion Scenes.- A Region-Based Image Retrieval System Using Salient Point Extraction and Image Segmentation.- Effects of Codebook Sizes, Codeword Dimensions, and Colour Spaces on Retrieval Performance of Image Retrieval Using Vector Quantization.- A Stochastic Model for Content-Based Image Retrieval.- Audio Retrieval with Fast Relevance Feedback Based on Constrained Fuzzy Clustering and Stored Index Table.- Semi-automatic Video Content Annotation.- Shot Classification of Sports Video Based on Features in Motion Vector Field.- Movie Content Retrieval and Semi-automatic Annotation Based on Low-Level Descriptions.- An Index Model for MPEG-2 Streams.- MORF: A Distributed Multimodal Information Filtering System.- Personalization of Interactive News through J2EE, XML, XSLT, and SMIL in a Web-Based Multimedia Content Management System.- Deploy Multimedia-on-Demand Services over ADSL Networks.- An Experiment on Generic Image Classi.cation Using Web Images.- An Authoring Tool Generating Various Video Abstractions Semi-automatically.- Motion Activity Based Semantic Video Similarity Retrieval.- Content-Based Audio Classification with Generalized Ellipsoid Distance.- A Motion-Aided Video Shot Segmentation Algorithm.- MPEG IPMP Concepts and Implementation.- Image Processing.- A Visual Model for Estimating Perceptual Redundancy Inherent in Color Image.- Simultaneous Color Clipping and Luminance Preserving for High Quality Entertainment Movie Coding.- A Dynamic Color Palette for Color Images Coding.- A Two-Stage Switching-Based Median Filter.- A Fast and Efficient Noise Reduction Method Suitable for Low Noise Density.- A Cross-Type Peak-and-Valley Filter for Error Prevention and Resilience in Image Communications.- Adaptive-Hierarchical-Filtering Technique for Image Enhancement.- A Design Method for Compactly Supported Sampling Function Generator.- A Smooth Interpolation Method for Nonuniform Samples Based on Sampling Functions Composed of Piecewise Polynomials.- Motion Vector Based Error Concealment Algorithms.- Multimedia Security.- A New Steganalysis Approach Based on Both Complexity Estimate and Statistical Filter.- Quantization Watermarking Schemes for MPEG-4 General Audio Coding.- Asymptotic Analyses of Visual Distortions: A New Approach to Defining Transparency.- An Information Hiding Technique for Binary Images in Consideration of Printing Process.- Image Watermarking Synchronization by Significant MSB Plane Matching.- Secure Watermark Verification Scheme.- Image Coding.- A Foveation-Based Rate Shaping Mechanism for MPEG Videos.- A Stereo Image Coding Using Hierarchical Basis.- A Method on Tracking Unit Pixel Width Line Segments for Function Approximation-Based Image Coding.- Object Assisted Video Coding for Video Conferencing System.- Inter-subband Redundancy Prediction Using Neural Network for Video Coding.- Multimedia Learning.- Building the Software Infrastructure for Smart Classroom: From Open Agent Architecture (OAA) to Smart Platform.- Self-Guided Adaptive and Interactive Hypermedia Courseware System.- Combining Hybrid Media Tools for Web-Based Education.- X-WALTZ: The Framework of an Interactive Multimedia Math E-learning.- Hybrid Learning Schemes for Multimedia Information Retrieval.- Lecturer Position Detection for Distribution System Using High Resolution Partial Images.- Audio Signal Processing.- Boosting Speech/Non-speech Classi.cation Using Averaged Mel-Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients Features.- Statistical Analysis of Musical Instruments.- Text-to-Visual Speech Synthesis for General Objects Using Parameter-Based Lip Models.- Speaker Verification from Coded Telephone Speech Using Stochastic Feature Transformation and Handset Identification.- Recognition of Visual Speech Elements Using Hidden Markov Models.- Robust and Inaudible Multi-echo Audio Watermarking.- Kernel-Based Probabilistic Neural Networks with Integrated Scoring Normalization for Speaker Verification.- An On-the-Fly Mandarin Singing Voice Synthesis System.- Popular Song Retrieval Based on Singing Matching.- Improving Audio Watermark Robustness Using Stretched Patterns against Geometric Distortion.- A Digital Audio Watermarking Using Two Masking Effects.- On the Possibility of Only Using Long Windows in MPEG-2 AAC Coding.- Wireless Multimedia Networks.- A Call Admission Control Algorithm Based on Stochastic Performance Bound for Wireless Networks.- Management of Multiple Mobile Routers for Continuous Multimedia in Mobile WLANs.- VoIP Quality Evaluation in Mobile Wireless Networks.- Connection Removal Algorithms for Multimedia CDMA Wireless Networks.- Integration of GPRS and Wireless LANs with Multimedia Applications.- Adaptive Multimedia System Architecture for Improving QoS inWireless Networks.- Multimedia Processing Techniques.- A New Improvement of JPEG Progressive Image Transmission Using Weight Table of Quantized DCT Coefficient Bits.- MediaView : A Semantic View Mechanism for Multimedia Modeling.- The Connection between Pyramidal Algorithm and Wavelet Series.- A Hybrid Motion Data Manipulation: Wavelet Based Motion Processing and Spacetime Rectification.- Image Segmentation.- Foreground Segmentation Using Motion Vectors in Sports Video.- Color Image Segmentation Using Anisotropic Diffusion and Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering.- Extraction of Text Regions and Recognition of Characters from Video Inputs.- Target Tracking via Region-Based Confidence Computation with the CNN-UM.- Improved Scheme for Object Searching Using Moment Invariants.- Segmenting People in Meeting Videos Using Mixture Background and Object Models.- A Framework for Background Detection in Video.- High Speed Road Boundary Detection with CNN-Based Dynamic Programming.- Multimedia Streaming.- A New Error Resilient Coding Scheme for H.263 Video Transmission.- A Bit-Plane Coding Scheme of MPEG-4 FGS with High Efficiency Based on the Distribution of Significant Coefficients.- A VBR Rate Control Using MINMAX Criterion for Video Streaming.- Implementation of Real-Time MPEG-4 FGS Encoder.- MPEG-4 Video Streaming with Drift-Compensated Bitstream Switching.- Multimedia Systems in Internet.- Flexible and Efficient Switching Techniques between Scalable Video Bitstreams.- Robust Video Transmission Using RSE-Code-Based FEC.- A Peer-to-Peer Communication System.- A Project Management Model for Multimedia System Development.- TCP-Friendly Congestion Control Algorithm on Self-Similar Traffic Network.- Adaptive Call Admission Control for Mobile Multimedia Network.- Providing Multimedia Traffic with Predictability.- Dynamic Service Extensibility through Programmable Network in a Mobility Context.- The Adaptive Feedback Scheduling Framework for Streaming VBR Videos with Wireless ATM ABR Service.- Support Vector Machine Learning for Music Discrimination.- Dynamic Network Adaptation Framework Employing Layered Relative Priority Index for Adaptive Video Delivery.- Peer-to-Peer Support for File Transfer and Caching Mechanism.- Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for Multi-constrained Path Selection Problem.- W-CoSIM (Web-Based Hardware-Software CoSimulator) - A Design-Time Simulation Tool for Estimating the Performance of Online Multimedia Applications.- Distance Education Based on a Multimedia Mix Provided by a Virtual Organization.- Distance Education with Multimedia Techniques.- Media-on-Demand for Agent-Based Collaborative Tutoring Systems on the Web.- Design a Web-Based Assessment Tool with Multiple Presentation Styles for Language Training.- Design and Development of a Multimedia Interactive Lab for Distance Learning Applications in the WWW.- The System Resource Management in a Distributed Web-Based E-learning Platform.- The Design and Implementation of a Web-Based Discovery-Based Instruction Model.- A Quantitative Assessment Method with Course Design Model for Distance Learning.- Internet Security.- On (In)security of A Robust Image Authentication Method.- A Software Protection System for Internet Commerce.- Design of a New Cryptography System.- Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality.- Texture Extraction and Blending without Prior Knowledge of Lighting Conditions.- Sharp and Dense Disparity Maps Using Multiple Windows.- Interpolation of CT Slices for 3-D Visualization by Maximum Intensity Projections.- Responsive Transmission of 3D Scenes over Internet.- Using Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions for 3D Geometry Processing.- Multimodal Gumdo Game: The Whole Body Interaction with an Intelligent Cyber Fencer.- An Enhanced Transmission Service with 3-Priority Queue Management for Real-Time Interaction in Virtual World.- Enhancing 3D Graphics on Mobile Devices by Image-Based Rendering.- A Guided Interaction Approach for Architectural Design in a Table-Type VR Environment.- Object Tracking Techniques.- A Gaze-Direction Controlled Wavelet Packet Based Image Coder.- Qualitative Camera Motion Classification for Content-Based Video Indexing.- Feature-Based Object Tracking with an Active Camera.- A Depth Measurement System Associated with a Mono-camera and a Rotating Mirror.- Human Behavior Recognition for an Intelligent Video Production System.- A Robust Algorithm for Video Based Human Motion Tracking.- Face Analysis.- Estimating Head Pose from Spherical Image for VR Environment.- An Efficient Algorithm for Detecting Faces from Color Images.- An Illumination-Insensitive Face Matching Algorithm.- Facial Expression Analysis under Various Head Poses.- Region-of-Interest Video Coding Based on Face Detection.- MPEG 4.- An Error Resilient Scheme for MPEG-4 FGS Video over Packet Erasure Channel That Exhibits Graceful Degradation.- MPEG4 Compatible Video Browsing and Retrieval over Low Bitrate Channel.- Multiple Granularity Access to Navigated Hypermedia Documents Using Temporal Meta-information.- Authoring Temporal Scenarios in Interactive MPEG-4 Contents.- Implementation of Live Video Transmission in MPEG-4 3D Scene.


Titel: Advances in Multimedia Information Processing - PCM 2002
Untertitel: Third IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia Hsinchu, Taiwan, December 16-18, 2002 Proceedings
EAN: 9783540002628
ISBN: 3540002626
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1308
Gewicht: 1950g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T69mm
Jahr: 2002
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2002

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