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Advances in Machine Learning and Cybernetics

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Machine learning and cybernetics play an important role in many modern electronic, computer and communications systems. Automated ... Weiterlesen
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Machine learning and cybernetics play an important role in many modern electronic, computer and communications systems. Automated processing of information by these systems requires intelligent analysis of various types of data and optimal decision making. In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid expansion of research and development activities in machine learning and cybernetics. To provide opportunities for researchers in these areas to share their ideas and foster collaborations, the International Conference on Machines and Cybernetics (ICMLC) has been held annually since 2002. The conference series has achieved a great success in attracting a large number of paper submissions and participants and enabling fruitful exchanges among academic and industrial researchers and postgraduate students. In 2005, the conference (ICMLC 2005) received 2461 full paper submissions and the Program Committee selected 1050 of them for presentation. It is especially encouraging that the conference is attracting more and more international attention. This year, there are contributions from 21 countries and 211 universities worldwide. Out of the 1050 papers presented at the conference, we selected 114 papers to be published in this volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Post-proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, ICMLC 2005, held in Guangzhou, China in August 2005

Presents 114 revised full papers, carefully reviewed and selected

Topics include agents and distributed artificial intelligence, control, data mining and knowledge discovery, fuzzy information processing, learning and reasoning, machine learning applications, neural networks and statistical learning methods, pattern recognition, vision and image processing

Agents and Distributed AI.- Backward-Chaining Flexible Planning.- RRF: A Double-Layer Reputation Mechanism with Rating Reputation Considered.- A Vickrey-Type Multi-attribute Auction Model.- Strategy Coordination Approach for Safe Learning About Novel Filtering Strategies in Multi Agent Framework.- Modeling and Design of Agent Grid Based Open Decision Support System.- Negotiating Agent: Concept, Architecture and Communication Model.- Intelligent Control (I).- Particle Filter Method for a Centralized Multisensor System.- Design and Analysis of a Novel Load-Balancing Model Based on Mobile Agent.- Fuzzy Output Tracking Control and Its Application to Guidance Control for Lunar Gravity-Turn.- Motion Planning for Climbing Robot Based on Hybrid Navigation.- Hierarchical Fuzzy Behavior-Based Control Method for Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation.- Intelligent Control (II).- An LMI Approach to Robust Fault Detection Filter Design for Uncertain State-Delayed Systems.- Input-to-State Stability Analysis of a Class of Interconnected Nonlinear Systems.- Construction and Simulation of the Movable Propeller Turbine Neural Network Model.- Research on the Control and Application of Chaos in an Electrical System.- Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (I).- Research and Application of Data Mining in Power Plant Process Control and Optimization.- Extended Negative Association Rules and the Corresponding Mining Algorithm.- An Ant Clustering Method for a Dynamic Database.- An Efficient Algorithm for Incremental Mining of Sequential Patterns.- A Clustering Algorithm Based on Density Kernel Extension.- Associative Classification with Prediction Confidence.- Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (II).- Exploring Query Matrix for Support Pattern Based Classification Learning.- From Clusters to Rules: A Hybrid Framework for Generalized Symbolic Rule Induction.- Trail-and-Error Approach for Determining the Number of Clusters.- Unifying Genetic Algorithm and Clustering Method for Recognizing Activated fMRI Time Series.- Repeating Pattern Discovery from Audio Stream.- A Study on Information Extraction from PDF Files.- Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (III).- The Study of a Knowledge-Based Constraints Network System (KCNS) for Concurrent Engineering.- Rule Induction for Complete Information Systems in Knowledge Acquisition and Classification.- A Method to Eliminate Incompatible Knowledge and Equivalence Knowledge.- Constructing Ontologies for Sharing Knowledge in Digital Archives.- A Similarity-Aware Multiagent-Based Web Content Management Scheme.- Information Assistant: An Initiative Topic Search Engine.- Improving Retrieval Performance with the Combination of Thesauri and Automatic Relevance Feedback.- Fuzzy Information Processing (I).- Choquet Integrals with Respect to Fuzzy Measure on Fuzzy ?Algebra.- Robust H??? Control with Pole Placement Constraints for T-S Fuzzy Systems.- A Kind of Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm Based on Rule and Its Performance Research.- The Absolute Additivity and Fuzzy Additivity of Sugeno Integral.- The Axiomatization for 0-Level Universal Logic.- Fuzzy Portfolio Selection Problems Based on Credibility Theory.- Fuzzy Information Processing (II).- Fuzzy Multiple Reference Models Adaptive Control Scheme Study.- Selection of Optimal Technological Innovation Projects Combining Value Engineering with Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation.- The Hierarchical Fuzzy Evaluation System and Its Application.- A Solution to a System of Linear Equations with Fuzzy Numbers.- Evolutionary Synthesis of Micromachines Using Supervisory Multiobjective Interactive Evolutionary Computation.- Application of Weighted Ideal Point Method to Environmental/Economic Load Dispatch.- Learning and Reasoning (I).- Reasoning the Spatiotemporal Relations Between Time Evolving Indeterminate Regions.- Using Special Structured Fuzzy Measure to Represent Interaction Among IF-THEN Rules.- Novel Nonlinear Signals Separation of Optimized Entropy Based on Adaptive Natural Gradient Learning.- Training Conditional Random Fields with Unlabeled Data and Limited Number of Labeled Examples.- An Effective and Efficient Two Stage Algorithm for Global Optimization.- Learning and Reasoning (II).- Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm with Preference for Mechanical Design.- A New Adaptive Crossover Operator for the Preservation of Useful Schemata.- Refinement of Fuzzy Production Rules by Using a Fuzzy-Neural Approach.- A Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Approach to Tackling Simulation Optimization of Stochastic, Large-Scale and Complex Systems.- Combination of Multiple Nearest Neighbor Classifiers Based on Feature Subset Clustering Method.- Learning and Reasoning (III).- A Statistical Confidence-Based Adaptive Nearest Neighbor Algorithm for Pattern Classification.- Automatic 3D Motion Synthesis with Time-Striding Hidden Markov Model.- Learning from an Incomplete Information System with Continuous-Valued Attributes by a Rough Set Technique.- Reduction of Attributes in Ordinal Decision Systems.- On the Local Reduction of Information System.- Machine Learning Applications (I).- Spectral Analysis of Protein Sequences.- Volatility Patterns of Industrial Stock Price Indices in the Chinese Stock Market.- Data Migration in RAID Based on Stripe Unit Heat.- Distribution Channel Coordination Through Penalty Schemes.- Automatic Keyphrases Extraction from Document Using Neural Network.- A Novel Fuzzy Anomaly Detection Method Based on Clonal Selection Clustering Algorithm.- Machine Learning Applications (II).- An Anti-worm with Balanced Tree Based Spreading Strategy.- EFIS: Evolvable-Neural-Based Fuzzy Inference System and Its Application for Adaptive Network Anomaly Detection.- Fast Detection of Worm Infection for Large-Scale Networks.- Empirical Study on Fusion Methods Using Ensemble of RBFNN for Network Intrusion Detection.- A Covariance Matrix Based Approach to Internet Anomaly Detection.- Use of Linguistic Features in Context-Sensitive Text Classification.- Machine Learning Applications (III).- Using Term Relationships in a Structured Document Retrieval Model Based on Influence Diagrams.- Kernel-Based Metric Adaptation with Pairwise Constraints.- Generating Personalized Answers by Constructing a Question Situation.- A Multi-stage Chinese Collocation Extraction System.- Monitoring Glaucomatous Progression: Classification of Visual Field Measurements Using Stable Reference Data.- Neural Networks and Statistical Learning Methods (I).- A New Intelligent Diagnostic Method for Machine Maintenance.- Prediction of Human Behaviour Using Artificial Neural Networks.- Iterative Learning Controller for Trajectory Tracking Tasks Based on Experience Database.- MGPC Based on Hopfield Network and Its Application in a Thermal Power Unit Load System.- Neural Networks and Statistical Learning Methods (II).- Solving the Minimum Crossing Number Problem Using an Improved Artificial Neural Network.- The Design of a Fuzzy-Neural Network for Ship Collision Avoidance.- A Genetic Algorithm-Based Neural Network Approach for Fault Diagnosis in Hydraulic Servo-Valves.- Sensitivity Analysis of Madalines to Weight Perturbation.- Neural Networks and Statistical Learning Methods (III).- Fault Diagnosis for the Feedwater Heater System of a 300MW Coal-Fired Power Generating Unit Based on RBF Neural Network.- The Application of Modified Hierarchy Genetic Algorithm Based on Adaptive Niches.- Construction of High Precision RBFNN with Low False Alarm for Detecting Flooding Based Denial of Service Attacks Using Stochastic Sensitivity Measure.- Context-Sensitive Kernel Functions: A Distance Function Viewpoint.- A Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Inverse Problem of Support Vector Machines.- Neural Networks and Statistical Learning Methods (IV).- Short Term Load Forecasting Model Based on Support Vector Machine.- Evaluation of an Efficient Parallel Object Oriented Platform (EPOOP) for Control Intensive Intelligent Applications.- Location of Tropical Cyclone Center with Intelligent Image Processing Technique.- A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm/Particle Swarm Approach for Evaluation of Power Flow in Electric Network.- Pattern Recognition (I).- A Method to Construct the Mapping to the Feature Space for the Dot Product Kernels.- An Edge Detection Method by Combining Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network.- Fast Face Detection Integrating Motion Energy into a Cascade-Structured Classifier.- Adaptive Online Multi-stroke Sketch Recognition Based on Hidden Markov Model.- To Diagnose a Slight and Incipient Fault in a Power Plant Thermal System Based on Symptom Zoom Technology and Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Method.- Mandarin Voice Conversion Using Tone Codebook Mapping.- Pattern Recognition (II).- Continuous Speech Recognition Based on ICA and Geometrical Learning.- Underwater Target Recognition with Sonar Fingerprint.- Multi-stream Articulator Model with Adaptive Reliability Measure for Audio Visual Speech Recognition.- Optical Font Recognition of Chinese Characters Based on Texture Features.- Some Characteristics of Fuzzy Integrals as a Multiple Classifiers Fusion Method.- Vision and Image Processing (I).- Error Concealment Based on Adaptive MRF-MAP Framework.- Spatial Video Watermarking Based on Stability of DC Coefficients.- A Learning-Based Spatial Processing Method for the Detection of Point Targets.- CTFDP: An Affine Invariant Method for Matching Contours.- A De-noising Algorithm of Infrared Image Contrast Enhancement.- Vision and Image Processing (II).- Speckle Suppressing Based on Fuzzy Generalized Morphological Filter.- Research of Vehicle License Plate Location Algorithm Based on Color Features and Plate Processions.- Fast Measuring Particle Size by Using the Information of Particle Boundary and Shape.- A Statistical Image Fusion Scheme for Multi Focus Applications.


Titel: Advances in Machine Learning and Cybernetics
Untertitel: 4th International Conference, ICMLC 2005, Guangzhou, China, August 18-21, 2005, Revised Selected Papers
EAN: 9783540335849
ISBN: 978-3-540-33584-9
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1110
Gewicht: 1641g
Größe: H238mm x B158mm x T60mm
Jahr: 2006
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2006. 2006

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