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Advances in Databases: Concepts, Systems and Applications

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The 12th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA), organized jointly by the Asian Institute... Weiterlesen
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The 12th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA), organized jointly by the Asian Institute of Technology, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center and Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, sought to provide information to users and practitioners of database and database systems on advanced applications. The DASFAA conference series has already established itself and it continues to attract, each year, participants from all over the world. In this context, it may be recalled that the previous DASFAA conferences were successfully held in Seoul, Korea (1989), Tokyo, Japan (1991), Daejeon, Korea (1993), Singapore (1995), Melbourne, Australia (1997), Taiwan, ROC (1999), Hong Kong (2001), Kyoto, Japan (2003), Jeju Island, Korea (2004), Beijing, China (2005) and Singapore (2006). Thailand had the opportunity to host this prestigious and important international conference and join the league. This conference provides an international forum for academic exchanges and technical discussions among researchers, developers and users of databases from academia, business and industry. DASFAA focuses on research in database theory, development of advanced DBMS technologies and their advanced applications. It also promotes research and development activities in the field of databases among participants and their institutions from Pacific Asia and the rest of the world .

Invited Talks.- 'Socio Sense' and 'Cyber Infrastructure' for Information Explosion Era': Projects in Japan.- Is (Your) Database Research Having Impact?.- I: Full Papers.- Improving Quality and Convergence of Genetic Query Optimizers.- Cost-Based Query Optimization for Multi Reachability Joins.- A Path-Based Approach for Efficient Structural Join with Not-Predicates.- RRPJ: Result-Rate Based Progressive Relational Join.- GChord: Indexing for Multi-Attribute Query in P2P System with Low Maintenance Cost.- ITREKS: Keyword Search over Relational Database by Indexing Tuple Relationship.- An MBR-Safe Transform for High-Dimensional MBRs in Similar Sequence Matching.- Mining Closed Frequent Free Trees in Graph Databases.- Mining Time-Delayed Associations from Discrete Event Datasets.- A Comparative Study of Ontology Based Term Similarity Measures on PubMed Document Clustering.- An Adaptive and Efficient Unsupervised Shot Clustering Algorithm for Sports Video.- A Robust Feature Normalization Scheme and an Optimized Clustering Method for Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection System.- Detection and Visualization of Subspace Cluster Hierarchies.- Correlation-Based Detection of Attribute Outliers.- An Efficient Histogram Method for Outlier Detection.- Efficient k-Anonymization Using Clustering Techniques.- Privacy Preserving Data Mining of Sequential Patterns for Network Traffic Data.- Privacy Preserving Clustering for Multi-party.- Privacy-Preserving Frequent Pattern Sharing.- K n Best - A Balanced Request Allocation Method for Distributed Information Systems.- The Circular Two-Phase Commit Protocol.- Towards Timely ACID Transactions in DBMS.- BioDIFF: An Effective Fast Change Detection Algorithm for Biological Annotations.- An Efficient Implementation for MOLAP Basic Data Structure and Its Evaluation.- Monitoring Heterogeneous Nearest Neighbors for Moving Objects Considering Location-Independent Attributes.- Similarity Joins of Text with Incomplete Information Formats.- Self-tuning in Graph-Based Reference Disambiguation.- Probabilistic Nearest-Neighbor Query on Uncertain Objects.- Making the Most of Cache Groups.- Construction of Tree-Based Indexes for Level-Contiguous Buffering Support.- A Workload-Driven Unit of Cache Replacement for Mid-Tier Database Caching.- J?+?-Tree: A New Index Structure in Main Memory.- CST-Trees: Cache Sensitive T-Trees.- Specifying Access Control Policies on Data Streams.- Protecting Individual Information Against Inference Attacks in Data Publishing.- Quality Aware Privacy Protection for Location-Based Services.- Implementation of Bitmap Based Incognito and Performance Evaluation.- Prioritized Active Integrity Constraints for Database Maintenance.- Using Redundant Bit Vectors for Near-Duplicate Image Detection.- OLYBIA: Ontology-Based Automatic Image Annotation System Using Semantic Inference Rules.- OntoDB: An Ontology-Based Database for Data Intensive Applications.- Continuously Maintaining Sliding Window Skylines in a Sensor Network.- Bayesian Reasoning for Sensor Group-Queries and Diagnosis.- Telescope: Zooming to Interesting Skylines.- Eliciting Matters Controlling Skyline Sizes by Incremental Integration of User Preferences.- Optimizing Moving Queries over Moving Object Data Streams.- MIME: A Dynamic Index Scheme for Multi-dimensional Query in Mobile P2P Networks.- Interval-Focused Similarity Search in Time Series Databases.- Adaptive Distance Measurement for Time Series Databases.- Clustering Moving Objects in Spatial Networks.- The Tornado Model: Uncertainty Model for Continuously Changing Data.- ClusterSheddy: Load Shedding Using Moving Clusters over Spatio-temporal Data Streams.- Evaluating MAX and MIN over Sliding Windows with Various Size Using the Exemplary Sketch.- CLAIM: An Efficient Method for Relaxed Frequent Closed Itemsets Mining over Stream Data.- Capture Inference Attacks for K-Anonymity with Privacy Inference Logic.- Schema Mapping in P2P Networks Based on Classification and Probing.- ABIDE: A Bid-Based Economic Incentive Model for Enticing Non-cooperative Peers in Mobile-P2P Networks.- An Efficient Encoding and Labeling for Dynamic XML Data.- An Original Semantics to Keyword Queries for XML Using Structural Patterns.- Lightweight Model Bases and Table-Driven Modeling.- An Efficient Index Lattice for XML Query Evaluation.- A Development of Hash-Lookup Trees to Support Querying Streaming XML.- Efficient Integration of Structure Indexes of XML.- Efficient Support for Ordered XPath Processing in Tree-Unaware Commercial Relational Databases.- On Label Stream Partition for Efficient Holistic Twig Join.- Efficient XML Query Processing in RDBMS Using GUI-Driven Prefetching in a Single-User Environment.- Efficient Holistic Twig Joins in Leaf-to-Root Combining with Root-to-Leaf Way.- TwigList: Make Twig Pattern Matching Fast.- II: Short Papers.- CircularTrip: An Effective Algorithm for Continuous kNN Queries.- Optimizing Multiple In-Network Aggregate Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Visible Nearest Neighbor Queries.- On Query Processing Considering Energy Consumption for Broadcast Database Systems.- Mining Vague Association Rules.- An Optimized Process Neural Network Model.- Clustering XML Documents Based on Structural Similarity.- The Multi-view Information Bottleneck Clustering.- Web Service Composition Based on Message Schema Analysis.- SQORE: A Framework for Semantic Query Based Ontology Retrieval.- Graph Structure of the Korea Web.- EasyQuerier: A Keyword Based Interface for Web Database Integration System.- Anomalies Detection in Mobile Network Management Data.- Security-Conscious XML Indexing.- Framework for Extending RFID Events with Business Rule.- Approximate Similarity Search over Multiple Stream Time Series.- WT-Heuristics: A Heuristic Method for Efficient Operator Ordering.- An Efficient and Scalable Management of Ontology.- Estimating Missing Data in Data Streams.- AB-Index: An Efficient Adaptive Index for Branching XML Queries.- Semantic XPath Query Transformation: Opportunities and Performance.- TGV: A Tree Graph View for Modeling Untyped XQuery.- Indexing Textual XML in P2P Networks Using Distributed Bloom Filters.- Towards Adaptive Information Merging Using Selected XML Fragments.- III: Posters.- LAPIN: Effective Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithms by Last Position Induction for Dense Databases.- Spatial Clustering Based on Moving Distance in the Presence of Obstacles.- Tracing Data Transformations: A Preliminary Report.- QuickCN: A Combined Approach for Efficient Keyword Search over Databases.- Adaptive Join Query Processing in Data Grids: Exploring Relation Partial Replicas and Load Balancing.- Efficient Semantically Equal Join on Strings.- Integrating Similarity Retrieval and Skyline Exploration Via Relevance Feedback.- An Image-Semantic Ontological Framework for Large Image Databases.- Flexible Selection of Wavelet Coefficients for Continuous Data Stream Reduction.- Versioned Relations: Support for Conditional Schema Changes and Schema Versioning.- Compatibility Analysis and Mediation-Aided Composition for BPEL Services.- Expert Finding in a Social Network.- Efficient Reasoning About XFDs with Pre-image Semantics.- IV: Industrial Track.- Context RBAC/MAC Access Control for Ubiquitous Environment.- Extending PostgreSQL to Support Distributed/Heterogeneous Query Processing.- Geo-WDBMS: An Improved DBMS with the Function of Watermarking Geographical Data.- V: Demonstrations Track.- TinTO: A Tool for the View-Based Analysis of Streams of Stock Market Data.- Danaïdes: Continuous and Progressive Complex Queries on RSS Feeds.- OntoDB: It Is Time to Embed Your Domain Ontology in Your Database.


Titel: Advances in Databases: Concepts, Systems and Applications
Untertitel: 12th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, DASFAA 2007, Bangkok, Thailand, April 9-12, 2007 Proceedings
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ISBN: 978-3-540-71702-7
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Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
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Jahr: 2007
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