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Advances in Artificial Reality and Tele-Existence

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ICAT is the oldest international conference on virtual reality and tele-existence. ICAT 2006 not only looked for innovations in th... Weiterlesen
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ICAT is the oldest international conference on virtual reality and tele-existence. ICAT 2006 not only looked for innovations in the technology itself, but also explored novel ways to transfer and express information and creative ideas to the society and people. The 16th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence was held at the Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou, P. R. China from November 29 to December 1, 2006. The main purpose of the conference is to provide opportunities for researchers and practitioners to present their research findings and exchange opinions on the development and use of such systems. The conference included plenary invited talks, workshops, tutorials, and paper presentation tracks. The main conference received 523 submissions in total from 21 different countries, including China (mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan), USA, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Australia, Canada, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, etc. , of which 138 papers were accepted for this volume and 11 papers were invited to submit extended versions for a special issue of International Journal of Virtual Reality (IJVR, 5(4)).

Anthropomorphic Intelligent Robotics, Artificial Life.- Gesture Recognition Based on Context Awareness for Human-Robot Interaction.- Evolving Creatures in Virtual Ecosystems.- The Application of Affective Virtual Human in Intelligent Web Tutoring System.- Extracting Behavior Knowledge and Modeling Based on Virtual Agricultural Mobile Robot.- Human Motion Interpolation Using Space-Time Registration.- Multi-stream Based Rendering Resource Interception and Reconstruction in D3DPR for High-Resolution Display.- VirtualPhonepad: A Text Input Tool for Virtual Environments.- An Animation System for Imitation of Object Grasping in Virtual Reality.- Generating Different Realistic Humanoid Motion.- Handheld AR for Collaborative Edutainment.- VR-Based Simulation for the Learning of Gynaecological Examination.- Visual Perception Modeling for Intelligent Avatars.- Steering Behavior Model of Visitor NPCs in Virtual Exhibition.- Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality.- Scalable Architecture and Content Description Language for Mobile Mixed Reality Systems.- A Novel Sound Localization Experiment for Mobile Audio Augmented Reality Applications.- A Tangible User Interface for Remote Collaboration System Using Mixed Reality.- Multi-sensor Data Fusion Based on Fuzzy Integral in AR System.- AR Baseball Presentation System with Integrating Multiple Planar Markers.- An Efficient 3D Registration Method Using Markerless Image in AR-Based CNC Machining Simulation.- Shared Design Space: Sketching Ideas Using Digital Pens and a Large Augmented Tabletop Setup.- AR Table Tennis: A Video-Based Augmented Reality Sports Game.- Enhancing Immersiveness in AR-Based Product Design.- Personal Information Annotation on Wearable Computer Users with Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Communication.- An Initialization Tool for Installing Visual Markers in Wearable Augmented Reality.- Increasing Camera Pose Estimation Accuracy Using Multiple Markers.- Exploring Human-Robot Interaction Through Telepresence Board Games.- Projected Reality Content Delivery Right onto Objects of Daily Life.- An Evaluation of an Augmented Reality Multimodal Interface Using Speech and Paddle Gestures.- An Augmented Reality System for Computer Maintenance.- Multi-view Video Composition with Computer Graphics.- Floating Virtual Mirrors: Visualization of the Scene Behind a Vehicle.- Distributed and Collaborative VR System.- A Scalable Framework for Distributed Virtual Reality Using Heterogeneous Processors.- A Collaborative Virtual Reality Environment for Molecular Modeling.- An Interest Filtering Mechanism Based on LoI.- Study on Data Collaboration Service for Collaborative Virtual Geographic Environment.- VCS: A Virtual Collaborative Space Based on Immersive Teleconferencing.- A Scalable HLA-Based Distributed Simulation Framework for VR Application.- Location-Based Device Ensemble Architecture for a Spatial Reality Enhancement of Distributed Multimedia Presentation.- Haptics, Human Factors of VR.- Air-Jet Button Effects in AR.- Perceptualizing a Haptic Edge with Varying Stiffness Based on Force Constancy.- Multi-sensory Perception of Roughness: Empirical Study on Effects of Vibrotactile Feedback and Auditory Feedback in Texture Perception.- The Research of Spiritual Consolation Object with the Function of Affective Computing.- Real Time Dynamics and Control of a Digital Human Arm for Reaching Motion Simulation.- Emotion Recognition Using Physiological Signals.- Innovative Applications of VR.- Animation Preserving Simplification for MPEG Based Scalable Virtual Human.- A Virtual Reality Training System for Robot Assisted Neurosurgery.- The Experiment of Improving Students' Spatial Ability by Using VGLS.- Sketch Based 3D Animation Copy.- Extracting Space Welding Seam for Virtual Teach-In of Robotic Welding System.- Primary-Color-Based Spatial Layout Features and New Image Matching Algorithm Based on Dual Features.- Ridge-Valley Lines Smoothing and Optimizing.- Mynews: Personalization of Web Contents Transcoding for Mobile Device Users.- Visualization Application in Clothing Biomechanical Design.- Motion Tracking.- Robot Position Estimation and Tracking Using the Particle Filter and SOM in Robotic Space.- Robust Motion Tracking in Video Sequences Using Particle Filter.- Fast Motion Estimation Using Spatio-temporal Correlations.- Bi-directional Passenger Counting on Crowded Situation Based on Sequence Color Images.- Moving Object Detection Based on a New Level Set Algorithm Using Directional Speed Function.- An Integrated Robot Vision System for Multiple Human Tracking and Silhouette Extraction.- Disparity Weighted Histogram-Based Object Tracking for Mobile Robot Systems.- Towards Robust 3D Reconstruction of Human Motion from Monocular Video.- Wavelet Scalable Video Coding with Minimal Average Temporal Distance for Motion Estimation.- Single Camera Remote Eye Gaze Tracking Under Natural Head Movements.- Real Time Computer Simulation.- High-Quality Shear-Warp Volume Rendering Using Efficient Supersampling and Pre-integration Technique.- A Simple, Efficient Method for Real-Time Simulation of Smoke Shadow.- Reducing Interrupt Latency at Linux Kernel Level for Real-Time Network.- Investigation of Surface Integrity in the Case of Chemical Mechanical Polishing Silicon Wafer by Molecular Dynamics Simulation Method.- Independent Component Analysis Approach for the Neurobiological Recording Data.- Real-Time Virtual Surgery Simulation Employing MM-Model and Adaptive Spatial Hash.- Creating Dynamic Panorama Using Particle Swarm Optimization.- Real-Time and Realistic Simulation of Large-Scale Deep Ocean Surface.- Exploiting Frame-to-Frame Coherence for Rendering Terrain Using Continuous LOD.- Light Field Modeling and Its Application to Remote Sensing Image Simulation.- Simple and Fast Terrain Rendering Using Graphics Hardware.- Animating Grass in Real-Time.- Gaussian Mixture Model in Improved HLS Color Space for Human Silhouette Extraction.- Geometry Compression Using Spherical Wavelet.- Tools and Technique for Modeling VR Systems.- Dynamic Radiosity on Multi-resolution Models.- Mesh Simplification Algorithm Based on N-Edge Mesh Collapse.- 3-D Personalized Face Reconstruction Based on Multi-layer and Multi-region with RBFs.- Recognition and Location of Fruit Objects Based on Machine Vision.- A New Algorithm of Gray Watermark Embedding.- A Semiautomatic Nonrigid Registration in Liver Cancer Treatment with an Open MR System.- Example-Based Realistic Terrain Generation.- Bayesian Mesh Reconstruction from Noisy Point Data.- Efficient Retrieval of 3D Models Based on Integer Medial Axis Skeleton.- Implicit Surface Boolean Operations Based Cut-and-Paste Algorithm for Mesh Models.- Meshes Simplification Based on Reverse Subdivision.- Kd-Tree Based OLS in Implicit Surface Reconstruction with Radial Basis Function.- Retrieving 3D CAD Model with Regional Entropy Distributions.- Virtual Tang-Style Timber-Frame Building Complex.- An Accelerating Rendering Method of Hybrid Point and Polygon for Complex Three-Dimensional Models.- User Mediated Hypermedia Presentation Generation on the Semantic Web Framework.- Progressive Transmission of Vector Map Data Based on Polygonal Chain Simplification.- Image-Based Fast Small Triangle Rasterization.- On Volume Distribution Features Based 3D Model Retrieval.- Personalized Model Deformation Based on Slice Space Representation.- Flexible Camera Setup for Visual Based Registration on 2D Interaction Surface with Undefined Geometry Using Neural Network.- Painterly Rendering with Vector Field Based Feature Extraction.- Ubiquitous/Wearable Computing.- Reducing Time Cost of Distributed Run-Time Infrastructure.- Wearable Multimodal Interface for Helping Visually Handicapped Persons.- Personalized Primary Port: Analysis of User View for the Smart Environment.- Mobile Information Presentation Schemes for Supra-adaptive Logistics Applications.- Interactive Collaborative Scene Assembly Using AR on Mobile Phones.- Design of the Multimedia Communication Protocol and System for Wireless LAN.- Virtual Heritage, Virtual Medicine and Health Science.- Representation of Color in Ancient Noh Masks.- Modeling and Immersive Display of Cultural Heritage.- Personalized Content Presentation for Virtual Gallery.- Accessible Information from Radiated Sound of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotriptor for Improving Fragmentation Efficiency.- Visualization of Segmented Color Volume Data Using GPU.- Research on Segmentation Algorithm of 3d Medical Data.- Kidney Diseases Diagnosis System for Sensation Type Using Physiological Signal Analysis.- A Computer-Aided Driving Posture Prediction System Based on Driver Comfort.- Height-Based Deformation and Ray Supersampling for Colon Unfolding.- Content-Based Retrieval of Cultural Relic Images in Digital Museum.- Virtual Biology Modeling Method Based on Validity Confirmation Mechanism.- Virtual Reality.- Virtual Reconstruction of Two Types of Traffic Accident by the Tire Marks.- A Seamless Visualizaton Model of the Global Terrain Based on the QTM.- Photographs Alignment and High Dynamic Range Image Composition Based on Varying Exposure Levels.- Elastic Algorithm: A New Path Planning Algorithm About Auto-navigation in 3D Virtual Scene.- Mental Representation of Spatial Structure in a Virtual Room-Sized Space.- A Novel Planar Walking Algorithm for Virtual Walking Machine.- An Interactive System of Virtual Face Pose Estimation.- An Efficient Manipulation of Game Contents on Heterogeneous Platforms Using MR Interface.- Manipulation of Field of View for Hand-Held Virtual Reality.- Hierarchical 3D Data Rendering System Synchronizing with HTML.- Fragment Indexing of XML-Based Metadata for Digital TV Contents.- Using a MyoKinetic Synthesizer to Control of Virtual Instruments.- VR Interaction and Navigation Techniques.- View-Dependent Simplification of Complex Urban Scenes Using Weighted Quadtrees.- Indoor Environment Modeling for Interactive VR Based Robot Security Service.- Research on Mass Terrain Data Storage and Scheduling Based on Grid GIS.- Multi-touch Interaction for Table-Top Display.- Reliable Omnidirectional Depth Map Generation for Indoor Mobile Robot Navigation Via a Single Perspective Camera.- Enhanced 3D Interaction with Augmented Visual Information.- Research and Application of Virtual Reality in the Field of Web-Based Education.- Indoor/Outdoor Pedestrian Navigation with an Embedded GPS/RFID/Self-contained Sensor System.- A Communication Model of Scents Mediated by Sense-Descriptive Adjectives.- Hand Shape Recognition Using a Mean-Shift Embedded Active Contour (MEAC).


Titel: Advances in Artificial Reality and Tele-Existence
Untertitel: 16th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence, ICAT 2006, Hangzhou, China, November 28 - December 1, 2006, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540497769
ISBN: 3540497765
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1400
Gewicht: 2085g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T74mm
Jahr: 2006
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2006

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