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Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications

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The International Conference on Intelligent Computing (ICIC) was formed to provide an annual forum dedicated to the emerging and c... Weiterlesen
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The International Conference on Intelligent Computing (ICIC) was formed to provide an annual forum dedicated to the emerging and challenging topics in artificial intel- gence, machine learning, pattern recognition, image processing, bioinformatics, and computational biology. It aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to share ideas, problems, and solutions related to the m- tifaceted aspects of intelligent computing. ICIC 2010, held in Changsha, China, August 18-21, 2010, constituted the 6th - ternational Conference on Intelligent Computing. It built upon the success of ICIC 2009, ICIC 2008, ICIC 2007, ICIC 2006, and ICIC 2005 that were held in Ulsan, Korea, Shanghai, Qingdao, Kunming and Hefei, China, respectively. This year, the conference concentrated mainly on the theories and methodologies as well as the emerging applications of intelligent computing. Its aim was to unify the picture of contemporary intelligent computing techniques as an integral concept that highlights the trends in advanced computational intelligence and bridges theoretical research with applications. Therefore, the theme for this conference was Advanced Intelligent Computing Technology and Applications. Papers focusing on this theme were solicited, addressing theories, methodologies, and applications in science and technology.

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Neural Networks.- Design of a Novel Six-Dimensional Force/Torque Sensor and Its Calibration Based on NN.- Incremental-Based Extreme Learning Machine Algorithms for Time-Variant Neural Networks.- Global Exponential Robust Stability of Hopfield Neural Networks with Reaction-Diffusion Terms.- Direct Inverse Model Control Based on a New Improved CMAC Neural Network.- Further Research on Extended Alternating Projection Neural Network.- Global Synchronization in an Array of Hybrid Coupling Neural Networks with Multiple Time-Delay Components.- Colour Image Segmentation Based on a Spiking Neural Network Model Inspired by the Visual System.- The White Noise Impact on the Optimal Performance of the Hopfield Neural Network.- The Study and Realization of Virtual Organization File System Based on DHT Technology.- Evolutionary Learning and Genetic Algorithms.- A Novel Quantum Genetic Algorithm for PID Controller.- Research on Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms with Differential Evolution and GUO Tao Algorithm Based on Orthogonal Design.- An Improved Evolution Strategy for Constrained Circle Packing Problem.- Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Research on Multi-robot Avoidance Collision Planning Based on XCS.- Fuzzy Theory and Models.- An Integrated Method for the Construction of Compact Fuzzy Neural Models.- Scalarization of Type-1 Fuzzy Markov Chains.- Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing.- Applying Fuzzy Differential Equations to the Performance Analysis of Service Composition.- Lattice Structures of Fuzzy Soft Sets.- A Predicate Formal System of Universal Logic with Projection Operator.- A Neuro-Evolutive Interval Type-2 TSK Fuzzy System for Volatile Weather Forecasting.- A Soft Computing Approach for Obtaining Transition Regions in Satellite Images.- Particle Swarm Optimization and Niche Technology.- Particle Swarm Optimization for Two-Stage Fuzzy Generalized Assignment Problem.- A Novel Cyclic Discrete Optimization Framework for Particle Swarm Optimization.- Economic Dispatch Considering Ancillary Service Based on Revised Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm.- Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Extremum Seeking Control.- Image Contour Extraction Based on Ant Colony Algorithm and B-snake.- Supervised and Semi-supervised Learning.- An Improved Hidden Markov Model for Literature Metadata Extraction.- Discriminative Training of Subspace Gaussian Mixture Model for Pattern Classification.- Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning.- A Stage by Stage Pruning Algorithm for Detecting the Number of Clusters in a Dataset.- Adaptive Independent Component Analysis by Modified Kernel Density Estimation.- Combinatorial and Numerical Optimization.- Cross System Bank Branch Evaluation Using Clustering and Data Envelopment Analysis.- He's Variational Iteration Method for Solving Convection Diffusion Equations.- GRASP for Low Autocorrelated Binary Sequences.- miRNA Target Prediction Method Based on the Combination of Multiple Algorithms.- Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm for Solving a Dynamic Cell Formation Problem with Production Planning.- Systems Biology and Computational Biology.- Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Profiling in 40 Breast Cancer Cell Lines.- GRIDUISS A Grid Based Universal Immune System Simulator Framework.- Performance Comparison of Tumor Classification Based on Linear and Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction Methods.- Neural Computing and Optimization.- PH Optimal Control in the Clarifying Process of Sugar Cane Juice Based on DHP.- Nature Inspired Computing and Optimization.- Parameter-Free Deterministic Global Search with Simplified Central Force Optimization.- Comparison of Optimality and Robustness between SA, TS and GRASP Metaheuristics in FJSP Problem.- Hardware Emulation of Bacterial Quorum Sensing.- Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.- Finding Research Community in Collaboration Network with Expertise Profiling.- The Ideal Data Representation for Feature Extraction of Traditional Malay Musical Instrument Sounds Classification.- Mining Reputation of Person/Product from Comment and Reply on UCC/Internet Article.- Interaction Analysis for Adaptive User Interfaces.- Unsupervised Subjectivity-Lexicon Generation Based on Vector Space Model for Multi-Dimensional Opinion Analysis in Blogosphere.- Enhancing Negation-Aware Sentiment Classification on Product Reviews via Multi-Unigram Feature Generation.- Building Associated Semantic Overlay for Discovering Associated Services.- Artificial Life and Artificial Immune Systems.- Immunity-Based Model for Malicious Code Detection.- Sparse Representation-Based Face Recognition for One Training Image per Person.- Semi-supervised Local Discriminant Embedding.- Orthogonal Discriminant Local Tangent Space Alignment.- Intelligent Computing in Image Processing.- Separating Pigment Components of Leaf Color Image Using FastICA.- Fast Algorithm for Multisource Image Registration Based on Geometric Feature of Corners.- Newborn Footprint Recognition Using Subspace Learning Methods.- Plant Classification Using Leaf Image Based on 2D Linear Discriminant Analysis.- Palmprint Recognition Combining LBP and Cellular Automata.- Dual Unsupervised Discriminant Projection for Face Recognition.- Applying Wikipedia-Based Explicit Semantic Analysis for Query-Biased Document Summarization.- Special Session on New Hand-Based Biometric Methods.- A New Approach for Vein Pattern-Based Recognition.- Study of Hand-Dorsa Vein Recognition.- DHV Image Registration Using Boundary Optimization.- Special Session on Recent Advances in Image Segmentation.- A Novel Level Set Model Based on Local Information.- A Multi-Descriptor, Multi-Nearest Neighbor Approach for Image Classification.- Orthogonal Locally Discriminant Projection for Palmprint Recognition.- Special Session on Theories and Applications in Advanced Intelligent Computing.- OPC UA Based Information Modeling for Distributed Industrial Systems.- Voting-Averaged Combination Method for Regressor Ensemble.- Face Recognition Using the Feature Fusion Technique Based on LNMF and NNSC Algorithms.- A PDOC Method for Topology Optimization Design.- Special Session on Search Based Software Engineering.- A Decision Support System Based on GIS for Grain Logistics Vehicle Routing Problem.- On Database Normalization Using User Interface Normal Form.- Special Session on Bio-inspired Computing and Applications.- Improved Particle Swarm Optimizers with Application on Constrained Portfolio Selection.- An Improved Image Rectification Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm Optimization.- Particle Swarm Optimizer Based on Small-World Topology and Comprehensive Learning.- Multi-Objective PSO Based on Evolutionary Programming.- Special Session on Advance in Dimensionality Reduction Methods and Its Applications.- Two-Dimensional Sparse Principal Component Analysis for Palmprint Recognition.- Discovery of Protein's Multifunction and Diversity of Information Transmission.- Special Session on Protein and Gene Bioinformatics: Methods and Applications.- Identification and Analysis of Binding Site Residues in Protein Complexes: Energy Based Approach.- Density Based Merging Search of Functional Modules in Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) Networks.- Topology Prediction of ?-Helical and ?-Barrel Transmembrane Proteins Using RBF Networks.- Palmprint Recognition Based on Neighborhood Rough Set.- Increasing Reliability of Protein Interactome by Combining Heterogeneous Data Sources with Weighted Network Topological Metrics.- Predicting Protein Stability Change upon Double Mutation from Partial Sequence Information Using Data Mining Approach.- Inference of Gene Expression Regulation via microRNA Transfection.- A Residual Level Potential of Mean Force Based Approach to Predict Protein-Protein Interaction Affinity.


Titel: Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications
Untertitel: 6th International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2010, Changsha, China, August 18-21, 2010, Proceedings
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