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A War on Terror?

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Not all countries have reacted the same to the threat of terror. This book covers the response to terrorism of numerous countries ... Weiterlesen
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Not all countries have reacted the same to the threat of terror. This book covers the response to terrorism of numerous countries without using the US as a benchmark. Topics range from criminal law and police procedure to immigration law and human rights.

Marianne Wade and Almir Maljevi? Although the worries about terrorism paled in comparison to the economic crisis as a topic during the last US election, one can find plenty of grounds to assume that they remain issue number one in the minds of politicians in Europe. As the German houses of Parliament prepare to call in the mediation committee in the discussion of legislation which would provide the Federal Police - thus far mandated purely with the post-facto investigation of crime - with powers to act to prevent acts of terrorism, Spain's struggle with ETA and the British Government licks its wounds after a resounding defeat of its latest anti-terrorist proposals by the House of Lords, one cannot but wonder whether post 9/11, the Europeans are not even more concerned with terrorism than their US counterparts. A look at media reports, legislative and judicial activities in either Britain or Germany clearly underlines that those two countries are deeply embroiled in anti-terrorist activity. Can it be that Europe is embroiled in the "War on Terror"; constantly providing for new arms in this conflict? Or is it a refusal to participate in the "War on Terror" that fuels a constant need for Parliaments to grapple with the subject; begrudgingly conceding one increasingly draconian measure after the other? The question as to where Europe stands in the "War on Terror" is a fascinating one, but one, which is difficult to answer.


The events of September 11, 2001, have galvanized anti-terrorist efforts far beyond Ground Zero-particularly in Europe, where state responses to terror threats vary widely. In A War on Terror? The European Stance on a New Threat, Changing Laws and Human Rights Implications, an international panel of experts analyzes current trends and new developments in law enforcement and legal systems throughout the continent, including material from non-English-speaking countries that is seldom available to the broader academic community. Offering a succinct overview with special focus on criminal law, police procedure, immigration law, and human rights, the book provides unique insight into what the war on terror means to EU member and non-member countries; state supporters and critics of American anti-terrorist policy; nations with recent histories of outside terrorist attacks and those facing threats from homegrown entities. This comparative approach gives readers three levels of understanding: by country, as affecting the European Union as a whole, and in the context of the UN. Key areas covered in the book: Anti-terrorist policies across Europe, from England, Germany, France, and Spain to Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Frontline issues: threat assessment, terror funding, the use of secret service agencies, effects on Muslim communities, and more. Technological developments, including cyber-terrorism and biometric surveillance. The conflict between human rights and heightened security measures (e.g., extraordinary renditions). The emerging intersection of criminal law with the law of war. While A War on Terror? is geared to specialists and students in the field, it will be of great interest to the wider legal community. Its synthesis of salient findings and expert perspectives enhances the ongoing debate on issues that have the potential to shape the future of global politics and policy.

A New Threat.- International Terrorism German Police Perspective: The Current Threat Environment and Counterstrategies from the German Police Perspective.- Terrorism and the Internet: New Threats Posed by Cyberterrorism and Terrorist Use of the Internet.- The International Front.- The Role of the United Nations in the Prevention and Repression of International Terrorism.- The European Union as an Actor in the Fight Against Terrorism.- Instruments of International Law: Against Terrorist Use of the Internet.- Victims of Terrorism Policies: Should Victims of Terrorism Be Treated Differently?.- The Law Between War and Crime.- Anti-Terrorism Related Criminal Law Reforms and Human Rights in Slovenia.- Extraordinary Renditions Shadow Proceedings, Human Rights, and the Algerian six: The War on Terror in Bosnia and Herzegovina.- Terrorist Attacks: Criminal Prosecution or National Defence?.- The Evolution of the Antiterror Legal and Institutional Framework in Croatia.- Muslims Communities and Counterterrorism: The Dynamics of Exclusion and Possibilities of Inclusion.- Disappearing Rights.- Control Orders: Borders to the Freedom of Movement or Moving the Borders of Freedom?.- Telephone-Tap Evidence and Administrative Detention in the UK.- Fighting Terrorism the Unprincipled Approach: the UK, the War on Terror and Criminal Law.- Balancing Liberty and Security? A Legal Analysis of UK Anti-Terrorist Legislation.- Limiting Fundamental Rights in the Fight Against Terrorism in Spain.- The Fight Against Terrorism and Human Rights: The French Perspective.- The Secret Service's Influence on Criminal Proceedings.


Titel: A War on Terror?
Untertitel: The European Stance on a New Threat, Changing Laws and Human Rights Implications
EAN: 9781461413950
ISBN: 1461413958
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Anzahl Seiten: 554
Gewicht: 855g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T30mm
Jahr: 2011
Auflage: 1st Edition