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Property in the Margins

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Analyses South African property law and its development of novel concepts of ownership. Andries van der Walt is the South African ... Weiterlesen
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Analyses South African property law and its development of novel concepts of ownership.


Andries van der Walt is the South African Research Chair in Property Law, at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. His previous publications include Constitutional Property Law (2005).


Having its origins in the process of transformation and land reform that began to take shape in South Africa at the end of the last century, this strikingly original analysis of property starts from deep inside the property regime. Focusing on issues of stability and change in a transformative setting, and on the role of tradition and legal culture in that context, the book argues that a property regime, including the system of property holdings and the rules and practices that entrench and protect them, tends to insulate itself against change through the security- and stability-seeking tendency of tradition and legal culture, including the deep assumptions about security and stability embedded in the rights paradigm, rhetoric, and logic that dominate current legal culture. The rights paradigm tends to stabilize the current distribution of property holdings by securing extant property holdings on the assumption that they are lawfully acquired, socially important, and politically and mo

This book explores the possibility of a theoretical space where justice-inspired changes to the extant property regime can be imagined and discussed.


1 Property in a Transformative Setting I. Facing up to Social and Political Transformation II. Property Theory in a Time of Transformation 2 Property in the Centre: The Rights Paradigm I. Property in the Rights Paradigm II. Three Illustrations 3 Eviction in the Rights Paradigm I. The Right to Evict as an Incident of Ownership II. Eviction, Socio-Economic and Political Power III. The Eviction Challenge 4 Eviction in Landlord-Tenant Law I. Introduction II. Tenant Protection: A Comparative Overview III. Tenant Protection in South African Law IV. Conclusion 5. Eviction of Unlawful Occupiers I. Introduction II. Eviction of Politically Inspired Urban Squatters III. Anti-eviction Protection in South African Land Reform Law IV. Eviction of Gypsies or Travellers V. Conclusion 6 Limitations on Eviction in Other Contexts I. Introduction II. Acquisitive Prescription and Adverse Possession III. Public Access to Private Property IV. Significant Building Encroachments V. Weak Owners VI. Conclusions 7 Conclusions I. Property in the Context of Stability and Change II. Overview of Results III. Property in the Margins


Titel: Property in the Margins
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ISBN: 978-1-84113-963-0
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Jahr: 2009
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