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Plasma Instabilities and Nonlinear Effects

  • Kartonierter Einband
  • 236 Seiten
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In recent years the significant progress in satellite-based observations of plasma states and associated electromagnetic phenomena... Weiterlesen
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In recent years the significant progress in satellite-based observations of plasma states and associated electromagnetic phenomena in space has resulted in the accumulation of much evidence of various plasma instabilities. Today plasma instabilities are believed to be responsible for electromagnetic radiation as well as for many of the macroscopic dynamics of plasmas in space. Most students who begin to study plasma physics are intrigued by the unstable nature of plasmas compared with other states of matter; however, they often become frustrated because there are so many in stabilities. Such frustration explains in part why there is no textbook which treats this subject exclusively. A description of plasma instabilities in a systematic way is nontrivial and takes a pertinacious effort. This book is an attempt to provide a basic introduction on the subject and covers most of the important instabilities. However, the author must apologize for any omission of references to contributions of individuals who deserve more credit. The reader is assumed to have a general knowledge of plasma physics obtainable in an undergraduate course. The book is intended to be used as a reference text on the subject of plasma instabilities at the under graduate level as well as for a text in a special course in graduate school. Because the book is part of a series on physics and chemistry in space, emphasis is placed on plasma instabilities relevant in space plasmas.


1. Introduction to Plasma Instabilities.- 1.1 Introduction.- 1.2 Basic Equations.- 1.3 Dispersion Relations.- 1.4 Analysis of Instability.- References for Chapter 1.- 2. Microinstabilities-Instabilities Due to Velocity Space Nonequilibrium.- 2.1 Introduction.- 2.2 Instabilities Due to Two Humped Velocity Distributions..- 2.2a Electrostatic Instabilities.- 2.2b Electromagnetic Instabilities.- 2.2c Effect of Magnetic Mirror.- 2.2d Application to the Field Aligned Current-Anomalous Resistivity.- 2.3 Instabilities Due to Anisotropic Velocity Distributions.- 2.3a Electrostatic Instabilities.- 2.3b Electromagnetic Instabilities.- 2.3c Effect of Nonuniformity on Anisotropic Distributions.- 2.3d Quasi-Linear Diffusion in Velocity Space.- 2.4 Hydromagnetic Instabilities.- 2.4a Introduction.- 2.4b Mirror Instability.- 2.4c.- 2.5 Instabilities in Partially Ionized Plasmas.- 2.5a Introduction.- 2.5b General Properties of Instabilities.- 2.5c Application to Ionospheric Plasma Instabilities.- References for Chapter 2.- 3. Macroinstabilities-Instabilities Due to Coordinate Space Nonequilibrium.- 3.1 Introduction.- 3.2 Drift Wave Instabilities.- 3.2a Low ? Case.- 3.2b Medium ? Case.- 3.2c High ? Case.- 3.2d Notes on the Application of Drift Wave Instabilities.- 3.3 Rayleigh-Taylor Instability.- 3.4 Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability.- 3.4a Hydromagnetic Instability.- 3.4b Electrostatic Instability.- 3.5 Current Pinch Instabilities.- 3.5a Instability of Cylindrical Current with Infinite Conductivity.- 3.5b Instability of a Current with Finite Resistivity: Tearing Mode Instability.- References for Chapter 3.- 4. Nonlinear Effects Associated with Plasma Instabilities.- 4.1a Introduction.- 4.1b Methods of Approach.- 4.2 Nonlinear Effects on Particles.- 4.2a Introduction.- 4.2b Quasilinear Theory.- 4.2c Resonance Broadening.- 4.2d Particle Trapping and Wave Overtaking.- 4.3 Nonlinear Effects on Waves.- 4.3a Introduction.- 4.3b Coherent Three-Wave Interactions.- 4.3c Three Wave Interactions with Random Phase.- 4.3d Nonlinear Two Wave Interactions Due to Scattering by Particles-Nonlinear Landau Damping.- 4.4 Nonlinear Waves and Envelopes.- 4.4a Introduction.- 4.4b Nonlinear Waves-Solitons and Shocks.- 4.4c Nonlinear Envelopes-Envelope Solitons, Envelope Shocks, and Envelope Holes.- 4.4d Modulational Instability.- References for Chapter 4.- General References.- List of Symbols.


Titel: Plasma Instabilities and Nonlinear Effects
EAN: 9783642659829
ISBN: 3642659829
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Anzahl Seiten: 236
Gewicht: 345g
Größe: H233mm x B151mm x T20mm
Jahr: 2011
Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1975

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