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On With The Game

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Many of the earliest books! particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before! are now extremely scarce and increasingly exp... Weiterlesen
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Klappentext Many of the earliest books! particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before! are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable! high quality! modern editions! using the original text and artwork.


ON WITH THE GAME BY A. F. S. TALYARKHAN HIND KITAdS PUBLISHERS BOMBAY PRINTED AT THE BANGALORE PRESS, BANGALORE CITY BY G. SR IN IV AS A RAO, SUPERINTENDENT AND PUBLISHED BY V. KULKARNI, HIND KITABS, HORNBY ROAD, BOMBAY AUTHORS NOTE This publication is only a token response to the coaxings of many kind friends who have always wanted me to write books on Sport. But in this little book I have done no more than reproduced and somewhat revised several of my contributions, which apparently attracted much attention at the lipae, and which, I am told, still occasion interest, end my only object in presenting them under one over is the hope that they may help to while away an odd hour. Much of, what appears here has seen the light of day in the columns of newspapers, magazines and other publications to which I have had both the pleasure and privilege to contribute from time to time and my thanks for the permission to reproduce them are due to The Sunday Standard The Evening News oj India Blitz Newsmagazine The Bharat Jyoti The Bombav Sentinel The Publishers of Log 43 The Bombay Chronicle The Home Librarv A. F. S. T. CONTENTS PAGE 1 . BRAIN OR BRAWN . . . . 5 2. INDIAS HOCKEY ON THE DECLINE . . 8 3. THE AMARNATH INCIDENT . . . . 13 4. WHY NOT, MRS NAIDU . . 22 5. MERCHANT OR HAZARE .. .. .. 27 6. GAMA COMES TO TOWN . . . . .. 31 7. ON THE COMMUNAL WATER FRONT . . 35 8. MERCHANT THE MASTER Poem . . . . 40 9. AMATEUR PROFESSIONALS OR PROFESSIONAL AMATEURS . . . . . . 42 10. THE PASSING OF AMU . . . . . . 47 11. WHEN MOHAMMEDAN SPORTING WERE BEATEN TO A FRAZZLE . . . . . . 52 12. C. K. NAYUDU AS WE KNOW HIM . . 57 13. WILL THERE BE AN INDIA .. .. 61 14. IF ON THE PLAYING FIELDS OF ETON . . 65 1.BRAIN OR BRAWN True, there was a time, now almost forgotten, when it was said even of Kipling that 4 he poured out his soul on the oaf in the goal and the flannelled fool at the wicket. . . . Those were the days when tennis was a casus foederis of every vicarage tea-party, when badminton was the swiping of a shuttle-cock with a battledore and when ping-pong was yet unmated to science to give birth to the lusty table-tennis infant of today. Yes, those were without doubt times when the playing of games was not the deadly serious business it is these days. But a tremendous change has completely overcome sport and all that pertains thereto. Youth has taken a hand and that has been one of the chief reasons why most games have been speeded up to an extent that would have been considered impos sible years ago. To combat this vastly enhanced tempo and to be able at least to keep up with the times, the playing of games now calls for a great measure of thought and scientific study. In fact the acute speeding up of almost all sports is in itself due to careful study apart from the invasion of youth. It is now no longer a question of merely running or... walking, or kicking or hitting or pushing a ball. The days when muscle alone counted are past it is now the day of intense concentration and study a day when brain must control muscle, limb and wind. It should not be thought that I am merely outlining 6 ON WITH THE GAME the requirements of world champions. For active partici pation in everyday games, for the thorough enjoyment of these pastimes, it is now necessary to bring ones intelligence to bear on ones physical movements. And can anyone hope to control ones body, to build up stamina, to learnanticipation and concentration, without using ones brain I will even go to the length of stating that it is easier to pass the most difficult literary test than to master the numerous intricacies of modern sport. If there is one sphere of human activity and endeavour in which theory is one thing and practice is another it is sport. An individual may have learned by heart every move and law of a certain game. But that is no indication of his actual sporting worth...


Titel: On With The Game
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Format: Kartonierter Einband
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