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9/11 in American Culture

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Norman Denzin is professor of sociology and communications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is co-editor of ... Weiterlesen
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Norman Denzin is professor of sociology and communications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is co-editor of The Handbook of Qualitative Research, 2/e, co-editor of Qualitative Inquiry, editor of Cultural Studies - Critical Methodologies, and series editor of Studies in Symbolic Interaction; Yvonna Lincoln is Professor of Education at Texas A&M University. She is the co-author of Effective Evaluation, Naturalistic Inquiry, and Fourth Generation Evaluation, the editor of Organisational Theory and Inquiry, the co-editor of the newly-released Handbook of Qualitative Research, 2nd Edition, and co-editor of the international journal, Qualitative Inquiry.


In response to the events following September 11, a number of leading cultural studies and interpretive qualitative researchers write from their own experiences and hearts. From the poetic to the personal, the theoretical to the historical, their essays_by noted scholars Kellner, Fine, McLaren, Richardson, Denzin, Giroux, and others_are collected in this volume, and were written in crisis within days and weeks of September 11. The immediacy of their writing is refreshing, and reflects the varied emotional and critical responses that bring meaning to this cataclysmal event.

Presents a collection of essays by noted scholars such as Kellner, Fine, McLaren, Richardson, Denzin and Giroux, in response to the events following September 11.


Acknowledgments; Introduction: 9/11 in American Culture; PART ONE: 9-11 AS EVENT; Politics, Democracy and America; "Blood", "Under the World, 9/22/01" - Mary Weems, 9/22/01; Terrorism and the Fate of Democracy After September 11th - Henry A. Giroux, 9/24/01; September 11, Terrorism, and Blowback - Douglas Kellner, 10/01/01; The Dialectics of Terrorism: A Marxist Response to September 11 (Part One: Remembering to Forget) - Peter McLaren, 12/15/01; Cultural studies, immanent war, everyday life - Jack Z. Bratich, 9/24/01; What Relevance Cultural Studies Post-September 11th? - Arnold Shepperson & Keyan G. Tomaselli, 11/29/01; PART TWO: 9-11 AS NARRATIVE, POETICS, AND PERSONAL STORIES; One Face in the Crowd, Aftermath - Mary Weems, 10/09/01; Bafflement, Terror, the Search for Meaning; Posts Post September 11 - Patricia T. Clough, 9/22/01; The Mourning After - Michelle Fine, 10/11/01; Grief in an Appalachian Register - Yvonna Lincoln, 9/24/01; Listening to the Heartbeat of New York Poems - Joanne Robertson, 2/20/02; Relationships - Responsibilities, Once Removed and Ever Connected - Karen Staller, 2/15/02; Some Thoughts on Recovery - Greg Dimitriadis, 9/20/01; What is Over? Ruminations From One Who Has Already Lived Through Another September 11 - Angharad Valdivia, 12/14/01; What Will We Tell the Children? - Norman K. Denzin, 12/13/01; Media Matters; Small World - Laurel Richardson, 9/20/01; Week Four - Norman K. Denzin, 11/26/01; Drawing a Line in the Fog - Jack Z. Bratich, 12/13/01; Policing the Porous: Electronic Civil Disobedience after 9/11 - Heidi Marie Brush, 12/12/01; Thank the Lord, It's a War to End all Wars... Or, How I Learned to Suspend Judgment and Love the Bomb - Bob McChesney, 12/05/01; Coming Apart at the Seam - Dierdre Glenn Paul, 12/11/01; 9/11, Iran, and Americans' Knowledge of the U.S. Role in the World - Joe L. Kincheloe, 12/11/01; French Fries, Fezzes, and Minstrels: The Hollywoodization of Islam - Shirley Steinberg, 12/13/01; The WTC image complex: A critical view on a culture of the shifting image - Birgit Richard, 12/10/01; The Voices of Cultural Studies, Medicine and Interpretive Social Science; After 9/11: Thinking About the Global, Thinking About the Post Colonial - Cameron McCarthy, 12/17/01; Working It Through: Interpretive Sociology After 9/11/01 - Virginia Olesen, 11/12/01; Higher Education and September 11th - Cary Nelson, 12/05/01; George Bush, Apocalypse Sometime Soon, And The American Imperium - Peter McLaren, 2/22/02; The 'Axis of Evil,' Operation Infinite War, and Bush's Attacks on Democracy - Douglas Kellner, 2/18/02; September 11 and the Global Implications of Interpretive Inquiry - Kenneth J. Gergen, 11/13/01; A Time for Butterflies and Salmon - Will Miller, 11/12/01; The Heart of the Matter - Anton Kuzel, 11/12/01; September 11, 2001: Changing the Ways of the World - Mary Gergen, 11/15/01; Tenets of Terror - Kathy Charmaz, 11/12/01; Alone and Together: A Reflection for Qualitative Inquiry on the Terror Attack - Davydd Greenwood, 10/13/01; Educating Students from Abroad: Possibilities for Peace and Research - Shulamit Reinharz, 11/16/01; PART THREE: LIVING IN THE PRESENT; War Games - Stacey Ann Chin, 11/11/01; Thoughts Beyond Fear - Lois Weis, 11/15/01; Love Survives - Arthur P. Bochner, 11/17/01; Take No Chances - Carolyn Ellis, 11/15/01; Show Me a Sign, Torn Shawl, Pipers - Ivan Brady, 10/08/01; A Walk in the Olive Grove - William Tierney, 11/26/01; From Sea to Shining Sea: Stories, Counterstories, and the Discourse of Patriotism - Gerardo R. Lopez, 11/19/01; Fieldnotes from Our War Zone: Living in America During the Aftermath of September Eleventh - H.L. Goodall, Jr., 11/15/01; What Kind of Mother...? An Ethnographic Short Story - Karen Scott-Hoy, 10/11/01; Poetry - Tracy Lewis, 11/14/01; Happy - Patricia Geist Martin, 11/06/01; 9/11, Who are We? - James Joseph Sheurich, 1/03/02; The Death of Ordinariness: Living, Learning, and Relating in the Age of Anxiety - Christopher N. Poulos, 1/05/02; Democracy, Terrorism, and the Culture of Fear: The Politics of Public Time versus Em


Titel: 9/11 in American Culture
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