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14th century in law

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 46. Chapters: 1302 in law, 1303 in law, 1304 in law, 1305 in law, 1308 in law, 1309 in law, 1311 in law... Weiterlesen
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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 46. Chapters: 1302 in law, 1303 in law, 1304 in law, 1305 in law, 1308 in law, 1309 in law, 1311 in law, 1317 in law, 1318 in law, 1320 in law, 1322 in law, 1323 in law, 1326 in law, 1328 in law, 1329 in law, 1330 in law, 1335 in law, 1337 in law, 1338 in law, 1340 in law, 1343 in law, 1348 in law, 1349 in law, 1350 in law, 1351 in law, 1353 in law, 1354 in law, 1355 in law, 1356 in law, 1357 in law, 1358 in law, 1359 in law, 1360 in law, 1362 in law, 1366 in law, 1368 in law, 1369 in law, 1370 in law, 1372 in law, 1373 in law, 1374 in law, 1375 in law, 1379 in law, 1380 in law, 1382 in law, 1383 in law, 1384 in law, 1385 in law, 1386 in law, 1388 in law, 1390 in law, 1397 in law, 1398 in law, 14th-century treaties, Declaration of Arbroath, Treaty of Stralsund, Ordinances of 1311, Union of Krewo, Great Ordinance of 1357, Boulogne agreement, Ostrów Agreement, Golden Bull of 1356, Treaty of DovydiSkes, Treaty of Salynas, Treaty of Trentschin, Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, Treason Act 1351, Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton, Treaty of Nöteborg, Treaty of Dubysa, Statutes of Kilkenny, Treaty of Königsberg, Treaty of Pyzdry, Treaty of Zadar, Declaration of Rhense, Treaty of Brétigny, Treaty of Kalisz, Statute of York, Treaty of Templin, Treaty of Windsor, Scrope v. Grosvenor, Treaty of Namslau, Leges palatinae, Treaty of Lyck, Treaty of Soldin, Statute of Provisors, Treaty of Leake, Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of 1373, Treaty of Lyubutsk, Ordinance of Labourers 1349, Statute of Labourers 1351, Regulations of the Royal Court, Pleading in English Act 1362, Peace of Caltabellotta, Treaty of Salvaterra, Treason Act 1397, Treaty of Berwick, Pfaffenbrief, Constitutiones Sanctæ Matris Ecclesiæ, Treaty of Novgorod, Treaty of Valognes, Treaty of Neuberg, Haxey's case, Treaty of Mantes, Treaty of London, Fueros of Navarre, Treaty of Pavia, The Prior's Case, Treaty of Torrellas, Privilege of Koszyce, Statute of the Staple, Treaty of Athis-sur-Orge, Treaty of Bolotovo, Treaty of Elche, Carta Mercatoria, Treaty of Bruges, Treaty of Paris, Treaty of Corbeil, Treaty of Kalmar, Vagabonds Act 1383, Engleschrie Act 1340, Heresy Act 1382, Peace of Tournai, Pakenham's Case, Statute of Cambridge 1388. Excerpt: The Ordinances of 1311 were a series of regulations imposed upon King Edward II by the peerage and clergy of the Kingdom of England to restrict the power of the king. The twenty-one signatories of the Ordinances are referred to as the Lords Ordainers, or simply the Ordainers. English setbacks in the Scottish war, combined with perceived extortionate royal fiscal policies, set the background for the writing of the Ordinances in which the administrative prerogatives of the king were largely appropriated by a baronial council. The Ordinances reflect the Provisions of Oxford and the Provisions of Westminster from the late 1250s, but unlike the Provisions, the Ordinances featured a new concern with fiscal reform, specifically redirecting revenues from the king's household to the exchequer. Just as instrumental to their conception were other issues, particularly discontent with the king's favourite, Piers Gaveston, whom the barons subsequently banished from the realm. Edward II accepted the Ordinances only under coercion, and a long struggle for their repeal ensued that did not end until Thomas of Lancaster - the leader of the Ordainers - was executed in 1322. Edward I blessing his son - the future Edward II - prince of Wales.Wh...


Titel: 14th century in law
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