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Intelligent Computing

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2006, held in Kunmi... Weiterlesen
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2006, held in Kunming, China, August 2006. The book collects 161 carefully chosen and revised full papers. Topical sections include neural networks, evolutionary computing and genetic algorithms, kernel methods, combinatorial and numerical optimization, multiobjective evolutionary algorithms, neural optimization and dynamic programming, as well as case-based reasoning and probabilistic reasoning.


Neural Networks.- A Balanced Learning CMAC Neural Networks Model and Its Application to Identification.- A Cooperative Evolutionary System for Designing Neural Networks.- A Neural Network Approach to Medical Image Segmentation and Three-Dimensional Reconstruction.- A Neural Network with Finite-Time Convergence for a Class of Variational Inequalities.- A Novel Multi-class Support Vector Machine Based on Fuzzy Theories.- Chaotic Neural Network with Initial Value Reassigned and Its Application.- Chaotic Synchronization of Hindmarsh-Rose Neural Networks Using Special Feedback Function.- A Comparative Study on Improved Fuzzy Support Vector Machines and Levenberg-Marquardt-Based BP Network.- Comparative Study on Input-Expansion-Based Improved General Regression Neural Network and Levenberg-Marquardt BP Network.- Deterministic Convergence of an Online Gradient Method with Momentum.- Fast Kernel Classifier Construction Using Orthogonal Forward Selection to Minimise Leave-One-Out Misclassification Rate.- Gauss-Morlet-Sigmoid Chaotic Neural Networks.- Hidden Markov Models for Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks.- Improved Principal Component Analysis and Neural Network Ensemble Based Economic Forecasting.- Improving the Combination Module with a Neural Network.- Improving the Intelligent Prediction Model for Macro-economy.- Integrated Structure and Parameter Selection for Eng-genes Neural Models.- Meta-Learning Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks Using Cellular Configurations: Experimental Works.- Modeling Based on SOFM and the Dynamic ?-SVM for Fermentation Process.- Neural Network Equalizer.- Novel Delay-Dependent Exponential Stability Analysis for a Class of Delayed Neural Networks.- Orthogonal Relief Algorithm for Feature Selection.- Concept Features Extraction and Text Clustering Analysis of Neural Networks Based on Cognitive Mechanism.- The Learning Algorithm for a Novel Fuzzy Neural Network.- WPSS Communication System Based on CRBF Network Equalizers.- A Big-Neuron Based Expert System.- A Bottom-Up OCR System for Mathematical Formulas Recognition.- A Fast Robust Learning Algorithm for RBF Network Against Outliers.- A Genetic Algorithm for Constructing Wavelet Neural Networks.- A Neural Network Model for Online Handwritten Mathematical Symbol Recognition.- A Novel Boundary Extension Approach for Empirical Mode Decomposition.- Adaptive Controller Based on Wavelets Neural Network for a Class of Nonlinear Systems.- An Algorithm for Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Based on Neural Networks.- An Improved Elman Neural Network with Profit Factors and Its Applications.- Application of Wavelet Network Combined with Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction on the Neural Dipole Localization.- Artificial Neural Network Methodology for Soil Liquefaction Evaluation Using CPT Values.- Compression of Medical Images by Using Artificial Neural Networks.- Constraint K-Segment Principal Curves.- Control of Chaotic Systems with Uncertainties by Orthogonal Function Neural Network.- Exponential Stability of Interval Neural Networks with Variable Delays.- Exponential Synchronization for a Class of Chaotic Neural Network with Time-Delay.- Fault Tolerant Recognition Method of Handwritten Chinese Characters Based on Double Weights Elliptical Neuron.- Global Exponential Stability of Reaction-Diffusion Neural Networks with Both Variable Time Delays and Unbounded Delay.- Global Exponential Stability of T-S Fuzzy Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays.- Gradient Descent and Radial Basis Functions.- Improving Adaptive Boosting with k-Cross-Fold Validation.- Neural Network Metalearning for Credit Scoring.- New Results for Global Exponential Stability of Delayed Cohen-Grossberg Neural Networks.- Nonlinear System Identification Based on Delta-Learning Rules.- Optical Sensing, Logic and Computations in Brillouin-Active Fiber Based Neural Network in Smart Structures.- Passivity Analysis for Neuro Identifier with Different Time-Scales.- Power Quality Identification Based on S-transform and RBF Neural Network.- Probability Model of Covering Algorithm (PMCA).- Robust Control for a Class of Uncertain Neural Networks with Time-Delays on States and Inputs.- Robust Stability in Interval Delayed Neural Networks of Neutral Type.- Segmenting Images of Occluded Humans Using a Probabilistic Neural Network.- Simulation Line Design Using BP Neural Network.- Springback and Geometry Prediction - Neural Networks Applied to the Air Bending Process.- Stability Conditions for Discrete Hopfield Neural Networks with Delay.- Subnet Weight Modification Algorithm for Ensemble.- The Mixture of Neural Networks Adapted to Multilayer Feedforward Architecture.- The Neural Network for Solving Convex Nonlinear Programming Problem.- Evolutionary Computing and Genetic Algorithms.- A Hybrid Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithm.- A Hybrid Quantum-Inspired Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Scheduling.- An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Cell Placement.- Conflict Detection in Role-Based Access Control Using Multiple-Attractor Cellular Automata.- Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Background Generation for Robust Object Detection.- Fuzzy Anomaly Detection System for IPv6 (FADS6): An Immune-Inspired Algorithm with Hash Function.- Mechanism Design and Analysis of Genetic Operations in Solving Traveling Salesman Problems.- MURMOEA: A Pareto Optimality Based Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-UAV Reconnaissance Problem.- Research on Autonomous Planning for AUV in Unstructured Environment.- Research on Reactive Power Optimization Based on Immunity Genetic Algorithm.- Stereo-Matching Techniques Optimisation Using Evolutionary Algorithms.- Weighted Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Based on Double Coding Genetic Algorithm.- A Genetic Algorithm with Age and Sexual Features.- A New Algorithm of Evolutionary Computation: Bio-Simulated Optimization.- Application of a Novel Evolutionary Neural Network for Macro-cell Placement Optimization in VLSI Physical Design.- An Integration Method of Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm for Structure Design of a Scooter.- Digital Filter Design Using Evolvable Hardware Chip for Image Enhancement.- Efficient Sigmoid Function for Neural Networks Based FPGA Design.- Evolutionary Image Enhancement for Impulsive Noise Reduction.- Expected Value Model and Algorithm for Network Bottleneck Capacity Expansion Under Fuzzy Environment.- Face Recognition: An Optimized Localization Approach and Selected PZMI Feature Vector Using SVM Classifier.- Genetic Algorithm Based Restructuring of Web Applications Using Web Page Relationships and Metrics.- Genetic Algorithm-Based Clustering and Its New Mutation Operator.- Genetic Algorithm-Based Watermarking in Discrete Wavelet Transform Domain.- Genetic Algorithms for Improving Material Utilization in Manufacturing.- Improved Differential Evolution with Dynamic Population Size.- Redundant Space Manipulator Optimization Design Based on Genetic Algorithm of Immunity.- Two Artificial Intelligence Heuristics in Solving Multiple Allocation Hub Maximal Covering Problem.- Kernel Methods.- Kernel Principal Component Analysis for Large Scale Data Set.- Kernel-Based Reinforcement Learning.- A Fast Feature Extraction Method for Kernel 2DPCA.- Least Squares Support Vector Machine Based Partially Linear Model Identification.- S-transform Based LS-SVM Recognition Method for Identification of PQ Disturbances.- Combinatorial and Numerical Optimization.- A Global Optimization Method Based on Simulated Annealing and Evolutionary Strategy.- A Hybrid Heuristic for PWB Capacity Expansion Problem.- A New Efficient Parallel Revised Relaxation Algorithm.- An Improved Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Maximum Independent Set Problem.- Exponential Convergence Flow Control Model for Congestion Control.- Feature Extraction and Evolution Based Pattern Recognition.- Partner Selection for Renewable Resources in Construction Supply Chain.- Time Based Congestion Control (TBCC) for High Speed High Delay Networks.- A DEA-Benchmarking Optimization Model and Method Based on the Theory of Maximum Entropy.- A Two Step Approach for the Integrated Production and Distribution Planning of a Supply Chain.- An Enhanced Heuristic Searching Algorithm for Complicated Constrained Optimization Problems.- Further Research on Node Based Bottleneck Improvement Problem for Multicut.- Global Optimization Algorithms Using Fourier Smoothing.- Heuristics to Convex Quadratic Knapsack Problems in Sorted ADP.- Local Optima Properties and Iterated Local Search Algorithm for Optimum Multiuser Detection Problem.- Multi-objective Optimal Strategy for Individual Consumption-Investment with Fuzzy Coefficients.- On Auxiliary Algorithm for the Simplex Method by H. Luh and R. Tsaih.- Fast Discrimination of Juicy Peach Varieties by Vis/NIR Spectroscopy Based on Bayesian-SDA and PCA.- Rolling Partial Rescheduling with Efficiency and Stability Based on Local Search Algorithm.- Sudoku Solver by Q'tron Neural Networks.- Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms.- A Simulation-Based Process Evaluation Approach to Enterprise Business Process Intelligence.- Multi-objective PSO Algorithm Based on Fitness Sharing and Online Elite Archiving.- An Intelligent Algorithm for Modeling and Optimizing Dynamic Supply Chains Complexity.- Neural Optimization and Dynamic Programming.- Design of Data Association Filter Using Neural Networks for Multi-Target Tracking.- Algorithm Analysis and Application Based on Chaotic Neural Network for Cellular Channel Assignment.- A Capacitated Production Planning with Outsourcing: A General Model and Its Algorithm.- Case Based Reasoning and Probabilistic Reasoning.- A Case-Based Seat Allocation System for Airline Revenue Management.- Feature-Weighted CBR with Neural Network for Symbolic Features.- Object Detection Using Context-Based Cascade Classifier.- Research on a Case-Based Decision Support System for Aircraft Maintenance Review Board Report.- Objects Relationship Modeling for Improving Object Detection Using Bayesian Network Integration.- The Embodiment of Autonomic Computing in the Middleware for Distributed System with Bayesian Networks.- Special Session on Computational Intelligence Approaches and Methods for Security Engineering.- Adaptable Designated Group Signature.- Performance Analysis of Adaptive Digital FPU Transmission System in Fading Environment.- A Component for Management System and Ubiquitous Environment.- A Novel Feature Extraction Approach to Face Recognition Based on Partial Least Squares Regression.- A Novel Feature Fusion Approach Based on Blocking and Its Application in Image Recognition.- A Social-Intelligence-Inspired Security Integrated Model for Network Information Flow.- A Study on the Improvement of Military Logistics System Using RFID.- Performance Improvement of Intelligent UWB-IR Communication System in Multipath Channel.- A Study on the Performance Improvement of UWB-IR System for Intelligent High Speed Multimedia Service.- A Vulnerability Assessment Tool Based on OVAL in System Block Model.- Bark Classification Based on Contourlet Filter Features Using RBPNN.- Community for Ubiquitous Medical Information System.- Design and Implementation of a Fast DIO (Digital I/O) and Motion Control System.- G.711-Based Adaptive Speech Information Hiding Approach.- Mobile Phone Number Management System Using an X-internet Approach.- Performance Analysis of Multimedia Communication System with Enhanced STTD Technique for USN.- U-Logistic Services in Military Using RFID and Mobile Sensor Network.- Web Based Learning Application for LMS.- Special Session on Advances in Intelligent Computing with Applications in Multimedia Systems.- Application of a Strong Tracking Finite-Difference Extended Kalman Filter to Eye Tracking.- Fast Affine Transform for Real-Time Machine Vision Applications.- Multi-modal Feature Integration for Secure Authentication.- Three-View Shape Recovery and Incremental Registration of 3D Point Sets.- An Efficient Arbitrary View Generation Method Using Panoramic-Based Image Morphing.- Audio Content Analysis for Understanding Structures of Scene in Video.- Independent Components Analysis for Representation Interest Point Descriptors.- New Color Correction Approach to Multi-view Images with Region Correspondence.- Research of Chaos Theory and Local Support Vector Machine in Effective Prediction of VBR MPEG Video Traffic.- Special Session on Emerging Intelligent Methods for Nonlinear System Modelling.- A New Principal Curve Algorithm for Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis.- Statistical Processes Monitoring Based on Improved ICA and SVDD.- A Novel Personalized Paper Search System.- An Expert System for the Identification of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.- Fuzzy Modeling of a Medium-Speed Pulverizer Using Improved Genetic Algorithms.- Least Squares Support Vector Machines Based on Support Vector Degrees.- Staged Neural Modeling with Application to Prediction of NOx Pollutant Concentrations in Urban Air.- T-S Fuzzy Modeling Based on Support Vector Learning.- Other Topics.- The Research of an Intelligent Object-Oriented Prototype for Data Warehouse.- Improving Data Availability in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.- Routing Algorithm Using GPSR and Fuzzy Membership for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Autocontrol of Performance Measurement for RhombShape Achromatic Phase Retarder.


Titel: Intelligent Computing
Untertitel: International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2006, Kunming, China, August 16-19, 2006, Proceedings, Part I
EAN: 9783540372738
Format: E-Book (pdf)
Hersteller: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: IT & Internet
Veröffentlichung: 01.09.2006
Digitaler Kopierschutz: Wasserzeichen
Dateigrösse: 22.43 MB
Anzahl Seiten: 1333

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